1250 Medium-Sized Kitchen Ideas for 2019

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This is our medium-sized kitchen design gallery where you can browse thousands of photos or filter down your search with the options below.  We hope you find your inspiration here.  We add new designs every week.

Most homes in the United States have medium-sized kitchens, whether they are in newly constructed houses or older homes. Out of 581, 968 kitchens in a recent design survey, approximately 48% of them were medium-sized. If you want help with medium-sized kitchen design ideas, here are some suggestions.

Kitchen Layouts

Almost any type of layout works well for medium-sized kitchens, depending on how you utilize the space. If the kitchen has the cabinetry and a sink along one wall, with the stove and refrigerator perpendicular to it, then you can add an island as a food prep area. With an overlapping side, it can also serve as a spot for your family to eat breakfast or lunch.

Instead of an island, you can have a U-shaped peninsula installed to increase storage space and to define the meal preparation are of the kitchen. With shorter sides on either side of the peninsula, you won’t have one side of the kitchen closed off, but you will be able to walk through it to access other rooms of your house.

U-shaped peninsulas were found in 209, 172 out of 580, 913 kitchens in the previously mentioned design survey. Here are some U-shaped kitchen designs to consider for your home.

Anything Goes

Medium-styles kitchens can be designed in any style that you like, such as the farmhouse, rustic, contemporary, tropical, or a host of other styles. The only limitations you may have are your imagination and your budget.

The only design element you may wish to stay away from is dark paint colors as they can visually shrink the spaces in which they are utilized. However, if there is a dark color, you must have in your kitchen, such as black or deep red, paint just one wall as a focal point for the room.

Add a Nook

Since many homeowners want eat-in kitchens, you can easily have one in your medium-sized space by adding a breakfast nook. Instead of buying a table with chairs, which could take up valuable space in the kitchen, place padded benches and a table in a sunny corner of the room.

Not only does it make a good place for your family to eat their meals, but it creates a cozy place for having coffee with your partner when you need a break from chores or the kids.

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