85+ Kitchens with Chandelier Lighting

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Chandeliers aren’t often equated as kitchen lighting but when you check out our examples of kitchens with a chandelier below, I believe you’ll agree with me that it’s not a bad lighting source for a kitchen.

However, any time you incorporate a chandelier into a kitchen, keep in mind you’re moving toward the more formal look.  Pendant lights, especially more contemporary types of pendant lights, are less formal.

Chandeliers are becoming more popular ceiling lights in kitchens for two reasons.  First, new houses have higher ceilings so there’s sufficient clearance for smaller chandeliers such as mini-chandeliers.  Second, there are a lot of different styles, shapes and sizes of chandeliers which gives you good options for the kitchen.

Photo Gallery

The kitchen features a large center island and bright ceiling lights along with smooth white countertops.



The kitchen feature beautiful countertops and a center island offering a place for the breakfast bar. There's also a dine-in table in the corner near the glass window.

The kitchen features walnut cabinets and marble countertops lighted by recessed ceiling lights.

Pendant lights vs. Chandelier for the Kitchen

Most kitchens these days, especially if they have an island, use pendant lighting.  I’m sure you’ve seen it, 2 to 4 pendant lights along the length of the island.  It’s a great look.

The rest of the space is often illuminated with recessed lights.

Since pendants are so popular, is there any place for a chandelier in the kitchen?

I think there is and this gallery is a testament to that.  You can skip the pendants and go for something more grand such as a chandelier over the island.  Or, if you have in-kitchen dining, put a chandelier above the in-kitchen dining table.  You’ll see several examples of that in our kitchen chandelier gallery above or our main kitchen photo gallery here.

Which type of light is best above the island?

It boils down to personal choice.  You can get long chandeliers that run a good chunk of the island length.  So it really is a personal choice.  The chandelier, even a more casual design, will be more formal looking than pendant lights.

Where should the chandelier go in the kitchen?

It should be suspended above a counter such as island or peninsula.  This is space you don’t walk and so it can hang down a bit without getting in the way.

Can you have recessed lights and a chandelier in the kitchen?

Yes, definitely.  In fact, 2 light sources is a great idea in a kitchen.  I’d throw in under-cabinet lighting to boot.  You need your kitchen well lit and a combination of higher end lights is much better than fluorescent lights.

What’s the best kitchen chandelier style?

I’d definitely go with something more casual such as a rustic, craftsman, modern/contemporary, sputnik or transitional style.  I think glamorous, grand chandeliers are out of place in kitchens because a kitchen is a utility room of sorts and so putting a crystal, waterfall or empire style in a kitchen look odd.

Buying Kitchen Chandeliers

Below is a short list of online retailers with excellent chandelier selection:

1. Wayfair.com

2. 1800Lighting.com

3. Homedepot.com

4. Amazon.com

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