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Welcome to our collection of house plans with a Jack and Jill bathroom.

I’ve never lived in a house with a Jack and Jill bathroom but my childhood friend did. I always that that house layouts with a Jack and Jill bathroom were really cool.  It sure was convenient for my friend and his brother who he shared it with. It beats tromping down a hall, that’s for sure.

It’s no surprise Jack and Jill bathrooms are popular. However, it only really works well with two bedrooms.  For example, if there are three kids’ rooms upstairs, unless the third has its own, that person is outta luck with respect to a bathroom.  I guess it’s possible to create a third access but that’s not so easy with bathrooms; there aren’t a lot of door options.  The better solution is another bathroom but that’s not exactly a good budget-friendly option.

Regardless, if it’s two bedrooms for kids on a level, a Jack and Jill bathroom is ideal.