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2-Bedroom Floor & House Plans

Welcome to our collection of two-bedroom house floor plans.

Two bedroom homes a great choice for many homeowners. They are economical and possess plenty of curb appeal. A basement or garage can offer needed storage space. They allow for flexibility, working well with a wide range of home styles. They can be larger luxurious homes or tiny homes.


What is a Two-bedroom Floor Plan?

A two-bedroom floor plan is a plan that contains only two bedrooms. They are often smaller homes. However, it is possible to build a larger two-bedroom home as well.

What are the Common Characteristics of a Two-bedroom Floor Plan?

The only hard and fast architectural rule for a two-bedroom home is that it must contain two bedrooms. Typically, the home will have one large primary bedroom and one smaller bedroom. The primary bedroom often includes an ensuite bathroom.

What are the Benefits of a Two-bedroom Floor Plan?

A two-bedroom floor plan offers everything you need and nothing you don’t. If you are single or a couple, a two-bedroom home can be a perfect fit. It gives you a primary bedroom and a smaller room that can function as a guest room. It’s also a good choice for families that don’t plan on having more than one child, and empty nesters.

Two-bedroom homes can be more economical to build and maintain. Less square footage lowers utility costs, and there’s less effort needed to maintain the home as well. Another benefit is many people tend to use a spare bedroom as storage, which can create unnecessary clutter in your home. These homes take a less is more approach.

What Styles are Commonly Found in Two Bedroom Floor Plans?

Many styles of home can be built as a two bedroom, but some styles seem designed for two-bedroom homes. Ranch, Cape Cod, Cabin, Cottage, Tidewater, and bungalow homes are all excellent choices when choosing a two-bedroom floor plan.

How Many Stories do Two Bedroom Homes Have?

Most two-bedroom homes are one story. However, two-story two bedroom homes have their charms as well. Some two-story two bedroom homes will have the primary bedroom on the main level, with the other bedroom on the top level. This floor plan will often include an office or a bonus room on the top floor as well. This plan also works well with a cathedral ceiling over the living area, which is popular with cabin homes.

Other two-story homes have both bedrooms on the top level, with the living area on the bottom level. This makes it easy to entertain guests and maintain your privacy. It also offers plenty of space for the living area and the bedrooms.

Can Two Bedroom Homes be Built on a Sloping Lot?

Yes, two-bedroom homes can easily be built on a sloping lot. These homes will often have a daylight basement or an under the home garage.

Do Two Bedroom Floor Plans Have a Basement?

Many two-bedroom floor plans include a basement. A basement is an excellent investment, and it can offer needed space for a den, office, or storage.

What is the Cost Per Square Foot for a Two Bedroom home?

The cost per square foot is $100-$200. It will vary widely based on the location of your home and the quality of construction materials you choose.

Do Two Bedroom Floor Plans Have a Garage?

Many two-bedroom homes have a garage. It can be the perfect solution for extra storage space in addition to a place to park your car. Attached garages are often preferred for convenience, but many people love the aesthetic of a detached garage.

It’s also possible to choose a two-bedroom floor plan for a garage apartment. This is an excellent way to design a guest house for family visits or bring in extra income.

Can Two Bedroom Homes be Open Concept?

Many two-bedroom homes are open concept. They are typically smaller homes. Open concept homes provide more space for the square footage because they have fewer walls. In addition to providing more usable space in the home, they also make the home look and feel bigger.

Smaller homes benefit from an open concept. With larger homes, the home might feel too large with an open floor plan.

Do Two Bedroom Floor Plans Have a Porch?

Yes, two-bedroom homes often include a porch. A porch can add an outdoor area to your home as well as curb appeal. Cottage style homes often have a small front porch. Ranch style homes often have generous porches that extend most of the length of the home. Tidewater style homes often include a wrap-around porch perfect for enjoying summer evenings.

Can a Two Bedroom Home be a Luxury Home or Mansion?

A two-bedroom mansion, while technically possible, is highly unlikely. However, there are certainly two-bedroom luxury floor plans. Bigger isn’t always better. In fact, a two-bedroom home can give you room in your budget for luxuries you wouldn’t be able to include otherwise.

In short, a sprawling two-bedroom mansion isn’t likely. However, bringing the luxury and qualities found in a mansion into your home is certainly possible.

Can a Two Bedroom Home be a Tiny Home?

The answer here is an emphatic yes. In fact, two-bedroom tiny homes are very popular. These small scale homes can feel spacious and be very economical. They are often chosen by those who want to live a simpler life, and find that a simpler and smaller home is part of that. In addition to the simplicity, tiny homes are very economical.

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