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Welcome to our collection house plans that include a garage.

See house plans with a 4-car garage here.

House plans with a garage are popular, particularly in colder regions. Whether you want more storage, protection for your vehicles, space to practice a hobby, or a flexible accessory dwelling unit, house plans with a garage provide many practical options. Which type of garage is right for you?

House Plans With A Garage

Garages protect vehicles from damage, but a garage can also add options for expanding your home’s functional spaces or maximizing an odd-shaped lot. Here are some of the most common uses for house plans with a garage.

House Plans With An Oversized Garage

Oversized garages offer significant benefits for homeowners who own multiple vehicles, recreational vehicles, or other toys like boats, jet skis, and snowmobiles. But they also provide extra space for home mechanics, woodworkers, ceramic artists, and other hobbyists who need an enclosed space that is not in the house itself.

An oversized garage provides additional storage, especially for bulky items like sports equipment, heirloom furniture, seldom-used items, and car collections.

Two-car garages have been commonplace for decades, but according to U.S. Census data, house plans with garages that can hold three or more vehicles have doubled in the past 25 years, especially in specific regions of the United States.

Drive-Under Garage Plans

Maximize a sloping lot with house plans featuring a garage on the basement level. A drive-under garage sits beneath the house. The garage may stand alone or sit next to a walk-out basement. House plans with a drive-under garage vary in their exact layouts, but usually, homeowners access parking from the front of the home. Stairs lead upstairs from the garage to the home’s living spaces.

Installing a drive-under garage maximizes steep lots commonly found in hilly regions by building across multiple levels. By their nature, house plans with a drive-under garage also provide opportunities for expanded outdoor living. Many house plans include a patio on the walk-out level with a porch upstairs and a deck or balcony above the garage. House plans with a drive-under garage often feature Craftsman-style designs.

House Plans With A Detached Garage

The most popular house plans usually feature an attached garage. But a detached garage can offer even more flexibility in use and function. A detached garage can provide a buffer for noisy pursuits like working with power tools, noisy equipment, or practicing with your garage band. A detached garage can offer added living space, and house plans with a detached garage can easily accommodate a small apartment or loft above the main storage space. Detached garages in cold-weather regions often include in-floor heating for added comfort during the long winter months.