30+ Custom Cozy Kitchen Dining Nooks with Built-In Seating

These are awesome. 30+ custom kitchen dining nooks with built-in seating. The perfect casual and cozy family dining designs.
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Nook dining table with built-in bench in kitchen

You’re in for a treat if you like cozy nook seating.

This is our premium, custom-built kitchen dining nook gallery.  While you can buy breakfast and dining nooks, you’ll notice the custom designed and built varieties are truly spectacular.

Not only do they look nicer, but they’re much larger so that you don’t give up comfort with a nook dining area.

While some dining rooms have built-in seating, this type of set up is far more common in kitchens.  The most common arrangement is off to the side of the kitchen built under a large window, in a corner or in a bay window area.

That said, we also do feature some innovative kitchen island nook seating arrangements.  These are really cool too.

Here’s our full and growing photo gallery of nook dining tables.  Be sure to bookmark this page because we regularly add to this.

Photo Gallery

Dining nook in kitchen

Dining nook in kitchen. Leads to huge deck and then the sandy beach on Lake Michigan.  See entire home here.

What is a dining nook?

The issue we faced when planning out this gallery was deciding on how broad to interpret dining nooks (a.k.a. breakfast nooks).  The broader definition would be some small, cozy dining area off the side of a kitchen, often in a corner or bay window area so that it’s a dining area in a nook style.

However, determining precisely whether a dining area is actually a nook without some built-in component is too vague.

Besides, in our view, when people are looking for nook dining designs, they really want the built-in table with bench in a kitchen.  This is the narrow view of nook dining and since it’s more precise (in our humble opinion), that’s what we included.

However, we totally understand if you disagree with our narrow definition and so we also published a complementary gallery featuring “in-kitchen dining designs” which includes all other in-kitchen dining arrangements.  This way we cater to everyone with a more narrow view as well as those of you with a broader view.

By splitting up the galleries, we are of the view it’s much easier for everyone to find exactly what they want.

Finally, if you wish to check out 1,000’s of amazing kitchens, check out our full kitchen design gallery.

Pros and Cons


  • Space-saving dining area.  Because they’re often in nooks such as bay windows or corners, they don’t take up as much space.  The built-in beach seating definitely helps with this.
  • Looks so cool.  Even if you don’t like sitting in booths, you have to admit that when done well, they look great.  It’s a novel kitchen design element.
  • Kids love them.  Kids get a kick out of booth seating so you if you have young kids, they’ll get a kick out of your nook dining area.
  • Comfortable.  If built large enough, it’s hard to beat plush booth seating when it comes to comfort.
  • More people in less space.  Since some of the seating is bench seating, you can usually squeeze in an extra person.
  • Convenient.  Because it’s in the kitchen, it’s very convenient to set the table, deliver food and clean up.
  • Storage.  Some built-in benches include storage underneath.  Anytime you can add storage to your home, that’s a big plus.
  • Plenty of light. Because they’re typically built in bay window nooks or in corners with plenty of surrounding of windows, the natural light is plentiful.


  • Uncomfortable. If too small, they can be very uncomfortable especially for bigger people.
  • It’s permanent. You’re stuck with it.  If you end up not liking it or prefer a larger dining table in your kitchen, you’re kind of stuck because it’s built in.  Of course you can rip it out, but that’s not as easy as swapping tables.
  • Expensive.  Custom built nook dining areas can be costly.
  • More space than breakfast bars.  While nook dining is efficient space-wise, they do take up more space than a breakfast bar on an island or peninsula.

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