50 Kitchens with White Appliances (Photos)

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Close-up kitchen with a white refrigerator

While certainly not as popular as stainless steel or black appliances, white kitchen appliances can look good especially a white-panelled refrigerator which you can see in the above kitchen.

If you want that solid white look, white appliances are a must, especially the paneling surface for the fridge.

The kitchen features top-of-the-line appliances and has a white couch and a club chair.

Another look of the kitchen showcasing hardwood center island and pure white kitchen features.
The U-shaped kitchen features a large center island with marble countertops and stylish hardwood kitchen built along with white appliances.

Rustic kitchen with rustic pendant lights and wood-beamed ceiling.
White kitchen with island that has breakfast eating area on end with white upholstered wood stools.

Poll: What’s your favorite appliance color?

Pros and cons of white appliances


Clean looking:  White is popular because it feels clean and minimalist.

Different:  Everyone has stainless steel appliances; going with white gives your kitchen a unique look.

Modern:  If you like the sleek modern kitchen design, all white with glossy finish does that in spades.

Less smudging:  Stainless steel appliances smudge.  It’s a big problem unless you get smudge-proof appliances.


Less selection:  Because it’s not nearly as popular as stainless steel, there’s much less selection.

Lacks contrast:  If your cabinets and/or counter surface is white, you lack contrast in the kitchen which can result in too much white (unless all white is the look you want).

Not as popular: If you plan to sell your home one day, there’s always resale value to consider.  Stainless steel are most in demand.  I’m not saying white would be a deal-breaker; I’m just saying more people these days prefer stainless steel.

Do you need to get all appliances in white?

No, not at all.  In fact many kitchens in our photo gallery above have a white fridge and dishwasher with white oven, microwave and range.  You can also a black and white combo where some appliances are black and others are white for the classic black and white kitchen color scheme.

Should you do it?

It really is a personal matter.  While I think some of the photo examples above look great and I’m all for unique interiors, I’m with the hordes in preferring stainless steel.

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