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50 Kitchen Layout Ideas

Luxury white kitchen with pendant lighting over the central island, a breakfast area by the windows, and a walk-in pantry.

Food and sustenance are one of the most basic human needs. This makes the kitchen a very important part of the house. It has to be functional with every space maximized and it has to account for freedom of movement for various reasons. There are also several more factors to consider which is why a lot of people end up redoing their kitchen to fit more to their use. All of these result in making the family’s everyday meal, not just a way to sustain a human need, but to make it a warm experience filled with love. Let us help you look for that perfect kitchen with these kitchen floor plans that would give you all the information you need to make a decision.

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Kitchen 01

Kitchen 01 layout

This social-friendly kitchen set-up is ideal for large families and those who love entertaining thanks to its wide kitchen island that offers room for five bar seats. Use the ample counter space next to the kitchen sink to prepare your dishes and simply swivel around to the oven behind you to finish your dishes.

Kitchen 02

Kitchen 02 layout

Don’t have a lot of space to work with? Then take advantage of the simplicity of Kitchen 02 layout. This layout is designed to give the person with a small kitchen the easiest access to all of their primary kitchen appliances.

Kitchen 03

Kitchen 03 layout

Sleek, modern, and versatile — these are the words that best describe this kitchen layout. With the dishwasher located so neatly to the right of the sink, owners of this layout will enjoy how easy it is to wash one’s dishes and throw them in the dishwasher.

Kitchen 04

Kitchen 04 layout

The dark color of these countertops is sure to please those looking for a more modern aesthetic. In fact, there’s a lot about this kitchen layout that those who like modern layouts will love, including the dual design of the included stovetop.

Kitchen 05

Kitchen 05 layout

Need a set-up where your laundry equipment is in the kitchen? Then this kitchen design is ideal for you as you’ll enjoy having the washer and dryer tucked conveniently in the corner of this design. Plus, this kitchen design features two convenient doors for versatile access and wraparound cabinets for extra storage.

Kitchen 06

Kitchen 06 layout

This unique kitchen set-up features a large space for a walk-in pantry where owners can store all of their food goods. That pantry is conveniently located between the refrigerator and a breakfast nook. If you have kids you’ll love how this set-up makes those at the nook part of the kitchen but not in the kitchen.

Kitchen 07

Kitchen 07 layout

Storage, storage, and more storage, that’s what this kitchen layout is all about! When you choose this kitchen layout, you’ll enjoy food storage in a nicely laid-out pantry opposite the refrigerator, plenty of dish and spice rack overhead storage, and even some storage beneath the countertops.

Kitchen 08

Kitchen 08 layout

This roomy kitchen layout makes it possible to place a breakfast table or even a larger kitchen table within the kitchen itself. The bay windows behind the table bring in plenty of light, making this a very open and inviting room. Additionally, you’ll enjoy plenty of overhead cabinetry.

Kitchen 09

Kitchen 09 layout

Who needs a standard layout when you can get this kitchen layout that boasts both beautiful form and function. Here, you get space for bar stools, a sink that is equidistant from all major counter space areas, and a huge pantry storage area.

Kitchen 10

Kitchen 10 layout

Big families need big kitchens. With this layout, you can fit both a refrigerator and an extra freezer to store all of your big family food needs. This layout also includes an area for barstools so the chef can entertain as they utilize the various appliances within this kitchen to prepare and serve food.

Kitchen 11

Kitchen 11 layout

If you have an open layout in which the dining room or living room flows into the kitchen, then this is a great kitchen layout to consider. Here, just about the entirety of one end of the layout is left open to allow those in the kitchen to easily communicate with those in the rest of the home.

Kitchen 12

Kitchen 12 layout

In this kitchen, the table stands at the center, making the family gathering area the most important facet of the room. Best of all, there are two sets of windows that bring in the sunshine and fresh air for bright and comfortable eating space.

Kitchen 13

Kitchen 13 layout

Huge dining table, huge counters, and convenient door access, this kitchen has a ton to offer. We also love the two well-placed windows that nicely bring in plenty of natural light and further open up the room.

Kitchen 14

Kitchen 14 layout

Working around stairs can be hard, but this nifty kitchen layout makes it not only a breeze but a joy. This is an incredible space-saving kitchen that will really open up the flow of a home. Both tile and wooden flooring would look great in this kitchen layout.

Kitchen 15

Kitchen 15 layout

This kitchen features two sets of counters and overhead cabinetry that offers so much storage options that you don’t need to worry about a pantry. At the center of this kitchen is a kitchen island where family members and guests can pull up their barstools and enjoy conversation while food is getting prepared.

Kitchen 16

Kitchen 16 layout

Lots of stovetop options with this kitchen layout. If you have a big family or you simply love cooking, then you’ll love this layout. Plus, having the door located downwards fro the stoves make it easy to bring in some ventilation and prevent the kitchen from becoming overly hot.

Kitchen 17

Kitchen 17 layout

This is a pretty unique layout that won’t work for everyone, but for the right person or family, it’s perfect. The sink located in a separate area ss the rest of the kitchen makes it so that the food prep area is more streamlined and serves as a good food presentation area.

Kitchen 18

Kitchen 18 layout

This is a huge kitchen layout that will take up the entirety of the width of a home. One of the big advantages of this is that you’ll enjoy windows on either side of the room which bring in light and often needed ventilation when you’re really cooking up a storm.

Kitchen 19

Kitchen 19 layout

The huge sink in this kitchen paired with the center kitchen island gives this layout a more country farmhouse vibe. There’s also the long cabinetry on the right that’s boarded by the two doors and provides the perfect space for storing dry goods and canning supplies.

Kitchen 20

Kitchen 20 layout

This is another country-esque kitchen layout but with a little less pantry space and a good compromise for those homes with less square footage. Instead of the long extra line of standing cabinetry, this layout comes with wraparound overhead cabinets.

Kitchen 21

Kitchen 21 layout

Have big refrigeration needs? Want to better organize your cleaning? Then you’ll love this kitchen layout that incorporates a double-sized kitchen and an oversized kitchen sink that makes rising, washing, and drying dishes a breeze. This layout also boasts a massive oven and stove beneath windows.

Kitchen 22

Kitchen 22 layout

Overlooking a patio, this kitchen layout incorporates a long storage cabinet that’s inset into the wall to improve the physical space within the kitchen. This layout also includes a central kitchen island with seating options. It also has a nice nook for the refrigerator.

Kitchen 23

Kitchen 23 layout

This is the best kitchen for entertainers, for those who want the kitchen to be the heart of the home and family. That’s because, with this kitchen, you get an island with bar seats, space for a breakfast table, and even a side space for a little office or play area set-up.

Kitchen 24

Kitchen 24 layout

Hate dining room tables? Prefer having everyone sit in the kitchen itself? Then line up the chairs and the family and enjoy this marble-floored kitchen layout. In addition to a massive center island that is more like a table, you’ll enjoy a massive window wall that brings in a ton of natural light.

Kitchen 25

Kitchen 25 layout

Sleek yet simple, this layout is great for those with open home layouts in which the kitchen borders the living room. It’s easy to see how well traffic will flow into this open kitchen with its massive floor space and tons of cabinets both standing and overhead.

Kitchen 26

Kitchen 26 layout

it’s all about walking space in this kitchen. If you hate clutter and aren’t concerned about pantry space, then this is a good kitchen that offers a nice balance of appliance and counter space. Note that it does come with a small closet ideal for storing cleaning supplies.

Kitchen 27

Kitchen 27 layout

Don’t let the unique flooring of this kitchen layout district you. This kitchen layout nicely incorporates a table with the countertop spaces that give it a nice flow. A double set of doors leads into the kitchen and two windows give the room plenty of natural light.

Kitchen 28

Kitchen 28 layout

Four chairs can be easily placed around this kitchen’s island. Where similar layouts to this are integrated into an open floor layout, this kitchen is designed as its own room. It includes a massive stovetop as well as a solid oven and double-doored refrigerator.

Kitchen 29

Kitchen 29 layout

This is a small kitchen layout perfect for those who don’t have a lot of square footage to work with but who want to make the most out of the square footage they have. Inside this layout, you’ll find space to add your own preferred extra cabinets and a double-sized refrigerator.

Kitchen 30

Kitchen 30 layout

This is a really open floor kitchen with two walls and two open sides. When you incorporate it, you’ll get four massive under-counter cabinets and the counter they’re under wraps around to double as an eating area. This set-up also incorporates a matching kitchen island.

Kitchen 31

Kitchen 31 layout

This small kitchen design is open on two sides and enclosed on two sides. There aren’t any windows incorporated into this design and so its a great layout for those needing a layout for a kitchen in a condo, apartment, otherwise constrained home.

Kitchen 32

Kitchen 32 layout

This is another no-window kitchen layout that’s good for those wanting to redesign their condo or similar space. Here, however, you’ll have more space to work with and can enjoy an elongated, wraparound counter space that opens up to the dining room or living room. It also includes a center island with oven set-up.

Kitchen 33

Kitchen 33 layout

It’s windows galore in this kitchen with three windows set along two walls as well as a door. The fourth, no-window, no-door wall opens up to the rest of the home. This layout has a ton of countertop space and includes overhead cabinetry for extra, extra storage space.

Kitchen 34

Kitchen 34 layout

What’s better than a sink with a window above it? A sink with two windows over it! This kitchen layout includes a corner kitchen sink that boasts two windows and two long sets of countertops with overhead countertops for dry goods and dish and other item storage.

Kitchen 35

Kitchen 35 layout

This kitchen has a very retro feel with its L-shaped counter and barstool area. It doesn’t feature a lot of appliances, but it does have tons of counters and cabinetry. There is also two open walls so that this kitchen can readily flow into the rest of the home. However, you will have to put the refrigerator and freezer elsewhere or install it underneath the counters.

Kitchen 36

Kitchen 36 layout

If you have a mid-sized kitchen square footage to work with, then this is a good choice of layout. It’s also a good choice for those in a condo with a windowed wall. That’s because the flow of this kitchen makes it so you walk into the kitchen and have the appliances and table to your right and the living room in front of you.

Kitchen 37

Kitchen 37 layout

This kitchen layout has all of the popular design facets. There’ the double sink beneath a double-set of windows, a cozy bar sitting area, and room for a nicely sized oven with stovetop and refrigerator. Larger families, however, may find that there is not enough kitchen cabinetry for all of their home good needs.

Kitchen 38

Kitchen 38 layout

The floor tile in this kitchen layout really pops out and with the design, it makes one reminiscent of kitchens from the Golden Era. This layout incorporates the separate area refrigerator and the u-shaped design of the countertops and cabinetry in which the sink nicely fits at the top-center.

Kitchen 39

Kitchen 39 layout

This is kitchen design utilizes that corner look in which the sink is nicely set diagonally with two gorgeous windows above. The tile here is light and is nicely brightened by the two windows and overhead lighting (hanging lights over the kitchen island and barstools would be ideal)

Kitchen 40

Kitchen 40 layout

There’s tons of walking space in this kitchen with one mostly fully open wall and a second partially opened wall. There is, however, just room for one window and so a greater choice in a constrained area. This layout also allows room for both full refrigeration and freezer.

Kitchen 41

Kitchen 41 layout

Don’t have a perfect square-shaped foundation or home? Then check out how this unique design takes advantage of a diagonally-placed threshold to open the kitchen space up. The stone floor of this kitchen also has a nice contrast with the modern appliances.

Kitchen 42

Kitchen 42 layout

Tons of natural light for this kitchen design and with its patio door and four windows along one end of the kitchen, this design should probably be reserved only for homes where the kitchen faces the backyard. This way, owners can enjoy all the advantages of having the windows open without worrying about nosy neighbors.

Kitchen 43

Kitchen 43 layout

Here, the front door opens up into the kitchen, which many consider as the heart of the home. This layout features tons of counter space but isn’t outfitted for a full refrigerator. Although, you could fit a small freezer or refrigerator beneath or instead of some of the cabinets.

Kitchen 44Kitchen 44 layout

Black and white are the colors of choice for this austere kitchen design. There are also no doors in this layout but there are a partially opened wall and a wall that is mostly windows.

Kitchen 45

Kitchen 45 layout

This is a kitchen layout that includes all of the essentials. Here, you’ve got the double-door refrigerator, the sink, dishwasher, and a modern oven and stove.

Kitchen 46

Kitchen 46 layout

Kitchen layouts don’t have to be huge to be functional. Here, instead of a ton of cabinet spaces, you get a huge pantry and easy access to an outdoor patio where you can fit a breakfast table.

Kitchen 47

Kitchen 47 layout

Marble floors and tons of counter space define this kitchen layout. While there aren’t’ any windows included in this layout, there are two doors and one open wall that offers a nice home flow.

Kitchen 48

Kitchen 48 layout

Simple but functional, that’s a great way to describe this kitchen layout. Here, a two-seat table abuts a kitchen island where owners can prepare and plate meals. The darker stone or marble flooring incorporated in this layout would be nicely offset with hanging lights.

Kitchen 49

Kitchen 49 layout

If you don’t have space for a full dining room table, then this kitchen offers some nice compromises. Here, the layout includes both a mini two-seat table and a bar room table for four. There’s also a nice amount of counter space that includes fitting for a refrigerator and oven.

Kitchen 50

Kitchen 50 layout

This modern kitchen layout uniquely puts the oven and not the kitchen sink in the kitchen island. Opposite the odd-shaped kitchen island is ample counter space as well as a short refrigerator and full sink.

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