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White Kitchen Ideas

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This is our white kitchen design gallery where you can browse hundreds of photos or filter down your search with the options below.  We hope you find your inspiration here.  We add new designs every week.

White Kitchens Photo Gallery









The kitchen boasts granite countertop and walnut finish cabinets along with stainless steel appliances and tiles flooring.Trulia

Another look of the kitchen focuses mainly on the beautiful granite countertop and the stainless steel appliance.Trulia

Pure white kitchen with tray ceiling and laminated flooring together with marble countertop and multiple cabinets.Zillow Digs TM

The dine-in kitchen is absolutely stunning with its shiny multiple ceiling lights brightening the area. The room also features a breakfast bar with a granite countertops and custom cabinets in metallic chrome finish.Trulia

Another look of the jaw-dropping dine-in kitchen focusing on the granite countertop breakfast bar and the beautiful view of the Manhattan's green space outside of the glass windows.Trulia

The kitchen looks elegant as well with the perfect combination of white walls and hardwood flooring together with sub-zero appliances and granite counters.Trulia

Huge dine-in kitchen with white marble walls and table top along with candle light chandelier and stainless steel appliances.Zillow Digs TM

Another look at the kitchen focusing the white cabinets and the marble counter top as well as the silver furniture.Trulia

The simple kitchen boast the stainless steel appliances while the hardwood flooring matches the white theme.Trulia

The dine-in kitchen features a stainless steel fridge and oven with built-in shelves and has a doorway leading to the property's garden.Trulia

The kitchen's rustic style fits well with the well-designed marble counter top and silver appliances. The tiles flooring looks good in the kitchen as well.Trulia

The kitchen's white walls perfectly blends with the lighting and the tiles flooring while the table for two dining set fits perfectly in the kitchen.Trulia

Another look of Michael Hall's kitchen focusing the table for two, silver appliance and multiple cabinets.Trulia

While the theme of the house remains in mid-century style, the mansion's kitchen features a more modern look with its stylish wall and laminated cabinet doors. The hardwood flooring is perfect with the whiteness of the area.Trulia

This kitchen is not ordinary as it is a custom-built chef kitchen. From the marble top table and wall to the ceiling lights, are all jaw-dropping.Trulia

Kris Jenner's kitchen looks traditional with a nice pendant and recessed lighting on the cathedral ceiling. The hardwood floors keeps the room stay classy.Trulia

Another look at Kris Jenner's dine-in kitchen. The elegance of this kitchen comes from the perfectly installed lighting along with the laminated wood cabinets.Trulia

White country kitchen with solid oak hardwood flooring, red area rug and glass table vase and elegant chandelier.Source: Wayfair

White country kitchen with blue breakfast island and classy pendant lighting. Source: Wayfair

White cottage kitchen with 4-light chandelier, marble breakfast island, bar stools, stainless steel appliances and hardwood flooring. Source: Wayfair

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White is the runner up most popular kitchen design color, with 18.85% of respondents to our survey finding it worthy of incorporation into their kitchen. In this article, we’ll give you a few white kitchen design ideas and offer a few tips on how to implement your dream kitchen’s color.

A Piece Of Heaven

White kitchens are elegant above all else. Or they have the potential to be elegant, at least. The trick to maintaining elegance when using white in your kitchen design is to keep the use of other colors consistent in their texture and their saturation.

If your cabinets are white, but your cups are pastel pink, your teapot should also be a pastel color that’s of similar color saturation to the pink. This means that wood can often pair extremely well with white kitchen designs because it brings consistent texture and color in the same package and can be used to accentuate the cleanliness of the white.

Draw Attention To The Light, Or Reflect It Away?

White kitchen designs tend to reflect natural light awkwardly, and often too much. Likewise, white kitchen designs don’t always handle artificial light as well as they could.

The question that you’ll need to answer while designing your white kitchen is whether to embrace the reflection by including other light reflective objects like metallic or chrome appliances or try to dampen it by introducing wooden or faded turquoise surfaces which aren’t as reflective but are more colorful.

Double Down, Or Casually Incorporate?

The final question you’ll need to answer before finalizing your white kitchen design idea is whether to double down on the concept of a white kitchen design or to simply build white into your kitchen as one color component of many others.

Doubling down could result in an operating-room like whirlwind of light and brightness—perfect for making breakfast in the mornings, but perhaps a bit hard to make look perfectly clean after dinner. Casually incorporating white into your kitchen design is the more traveled route, using items like white table cloths, cushions, runners, or even candles.

You can also easily incorporate white into your appliances, dishes, and cookware, though its tendency to show dirt can be frustrating. Because of this, it’s probably best to avoid making your countertops white if you go the route of partial white design.

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