Florida Style House Floor Plans

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How much do Florida style houses cost per square feet (approximately)?

The cost to build a Florida style home varies depending on where you build it and the type of foundation used. Using a slab foundation costs about $100 to $200 per square foot, according to HomeAdvisor. Stilt homes are a popular version of the Florida home though and these home use posts, piers or pilings as the foundation method, adding about $20,000 to $60,000 the cost of the home design. These homes typically get built on beaches or lake lots where the cost of building and living can cost much more. For example, building on a beach such as Southampton can increase costs to that of building in New York City which costs about $400 per square foot. Four items influence building costs – land prices, home design, materials chosen, and labor costs.

Are there Florida style floor plans with a detached garage?  Is it possible?

You can build a Florida style home with a detached garage as well as other options. At ArchitecturalDesigns.com, 14 plans exist with detached garages. Most stilt designs feature carports as the first floor. You simply drive under the home to park, a simple process since the home is usually elevated five or six feet on stilts.

Does Florida style house usually come with a garage?

If you choose a Florida style home modeled after a Mediterranean style, it features an attached garage. At ArchitecturalDesigns.com, more than 1,500 of the Florida style homes have an attached garage in various sizes, including those that accommodate more than five vehicles. One design provide indoor parking for an RV. About half of the Florida home designs feature a garage door on the front of the home, but about one-quarter locate the garage door in the courtyard, one-quarter locate it on the side of the home and about 40 designs place the garage entry on the rear of the home.

Is Florida style considered a grand or lux style of home?  Is the style used for mansions or normally regular-sized homes?

Florida style homes comprise the preeminent design style on east coast beaches, especially in the southern states. It combines a luxurious nautical look with a salt box come Victorian style that scales well. You can find floor plans for 700 square feet to more than 14,000 square feet.

Is Florida style ever built as a “small” home?  Can it be built economically?

You can build a tiny house beach house, but you will need custom plans. The smallest designs at ArchitecturalDesigns.com measures a little more than 800 square feet. You can build a home of less than 1,999 square feet in this style, and enjoy 260 plan choices.

Can Florida style floor plans be open concept?

Some one story Florida style homes use an open design for the kitchen/dining/living room area. These typically measure less than 2,000 square feet in total heated square feet.

What are popular Florida style colors?

Homes of this design typically use pastel exterior colors such as coral, seafoam green, or sky blue. Pure white, yellow, and stucco with stone round out the popular colors.

Can you build a Florida style house on a narrow lot?

This style of home lends itself to building on a narrow lot. You can find more than 300 plans for a Florida style house on a narrow lot. These designs typically consist of multiple floors with living space on the upper floors and parking in a first floor garage or under the second floor on a carport.

Can this style be built on a wide lot?

You can also build a Florida style home on a wide lot or standard lot. Since this is a typical building scenario, you will have more than 1,700 designs from which to choose.

Can Florida style homes be built on a sloping lot?

You can build a Florida home on a sloping lot. Nearly 30 designs are ready for building on a sloping lot. Most of these designs fall between the 2,000 to 5,000 square feet, but you can find larger designs, all the way up to about 11,000 square feet.

How many floors/stories does Florida style usually have?

Like the similar Mediterranean style, this versatile design ranges between one to three floors. The most common choices include a one- or two-story design.

Do Florida style houses have a basement?

Few Florida style homes have a basement. This design’s popularity as a waterfront property negates a basement. It is frequently built on the east coast as a stilt house to protect the home’s belongings and interiors from coastal floods due to thunderstorms, tropical storms, hurricanes, and their subsequent storm surge.

Does this style of house ever come with a bonus room?

You can find a multitude of designs of this home with a rumpus, multi-use or bonus room. Typically located on the second or third floor, these undesignated rooms typically have the wiring required for Internet drops, home theater hook-ups, and electrical and USB outlets so you can use it as an office. Some designs locate this in a crow’s nest design and include an attached or adjacent bathroom.

Do Florida style floor plans come with energy-efficient options?

More than 75 energy-efficient design options exist for the Florida style home. These net-zero ready homes save you 50 percent on monthly utility costs. Sizes range between 1,500 to nearly 6,000 square feet.

Is a porch a common design feature with Florida style houses?

A lanai or veranda typically abuts a Florida style home. A few designs feature a screened porch. An awning or roof usually covers the lanai.

What types of roof does Florida style house typically have?

As an offshoot of the Mediterranean design, the Florida home often features a clay tile roof. The most common colors for these tiles are black, gray, or burnt sienna. Some designs use a pitched truss roof of 6:12.

Does Florida style work well with a rustic interior decor?  Or is it more suited to a contemporary interior?

Choose a nautical or craftsman decorating style for the interior of a Florida style home. Its provides an airy, breezy design of casual chic.

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