70 Gray Kitchen Ideas (Photos)

Check out this excellent collection of gray kitchen design ideas. All kinds of layouts, cabinets, lighting and styles except they all have a predominant gray color scheme.
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Gray kitchen design

Welcome to our collection of gray kitchen designs and ideas.  Check them all out below.  I’m a big fan of gray color schemes for interiors.


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Designed by: A-cero

Designed by: Artigas Arquitectes

Designed by: Ganna Design

Designed by: Studio GYZA

Source: Trulia

By Andrew Roby General Contractor

By Laurence Pidgeon

Source: Houzz

By Kohler

By Neptune

By Lowery Design Group

By U(nik) design team

By Flavin Architects

By BoConcept Notting Hill

By Duckworth Properties

By Sarah Jefferys Design

By Michael Del Piero Good Design

By Rethink Design Studio

By NV Design

By AG&M Raleigh (Architectural Granite & Marble)

By Красюк Сергей

By Shomera

By TM Italia Cucine

By Panageries

By Дизайн-бюро Татьяны Алениной

By TO THE MIL excellence in construction

By Arcata Pro Floor

By Carreiro Builders

By Joie Wilson

By Sustainable Nine Design + Build

By Berghuis Construction LLC

By EuroAmerica Design

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Gray is a surprisingly popular kitchen design, with 11.67% of our respondents finding it desirable. Unlike white, gray can’t be paired with any other color in your kitchen design, so you’ll have to pay extra careful attention to any gray kitchen design ideas that you come up with.

Avoiding Dreariness

Gray can be hard to turn into coziness. If you overemphasize gray surfaces like cabinets, tables, floors, or even ceilings, all of the other features of your kitchen will seem to have some of the life sucked out of them. This goes double for gentle pastel colors that aren’t highly saturated like sky blues or pinks.

If you’re going to use gray in your kitchen design, you need to know where and how to use it. Often, gray works best to provide a colored yet muted backdrop for something that’s extremely saturated in its colors or extremely complex in its textures.

Use a gray countertop to make your hot rod colored appliances stand out. Don’t use gray cabinets to contrast with a muted tone in the ceiling or floor—it’ll just blur together.

Using Light To Your Advantage

Especially with gray designs, lighting is extremely important. Grey will impartially reflect artificial light but tends to dampen natural light that filters in. Use this information to your advantage by setting up areas of the kitchen with a warm artificial light and gray surfaces that are beneath waist level.

By putting your gray surfaces closer to the ground and letting them reflect the warm artificial light that hits them directly, it’ll make your kitchen’s pathways seem cozier rather than dreary.

Sometimes Neutral Moods Are Good Moods

If you’re a chef who prefers to cook in a space that offers minimal distraction and allows your eye to become more sensitive to the color of the food that you’re preparing, gray kitchen schemes might be right for you. Gray surfaces contrast extremely effectively with the colors of food like bright greens, deep browns, or the textured beiges of bread.

Gray Isn’t Very Plant Friendly

It can be a bit tough to introduce other elements of color to gray themed kitchens, especially natural elements like plants. The greens of most plants end up having their color sucked away by the gray, so ultimately it’s probably for the best if you keep the amount of gray in your kitchen design to a minimum.

If these ideas don’t appeal to you, check out our larger gallery of custom kitchen design ideas.

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