30 Cool Waterfall Kitchen Island Ideas (2019 Photos)

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Large gray and white granite waterfall island in white kitchen with ceiling beams and hardwood flooring.

Waterfall kitchen island designs hit the scene in late 2010… or at least that’s when they started getting noticed at a larger scale.  There are many different styles and designs to get this effect.

Below is our extensive photo gallery featuring examples of this kitchen island design.  Enjoy!

Photo Gallery

White island with light gray engineered waterfall surface.

Dark grey and brown island waterfall surface and ends.

Large white kitchen island with grey and white waterfall surface

Small kitchen island with white waterfall down the sides.

Large kitchen with waterfall kitchen island (granite surface).

Modern island with curved downward surface waterfalling to the floor.

Bronze-looking kitchen island surface with waterfall down the sides.

Kitchen island with waterfall surface

L-shaped kitchen island with wood surface waterfall island.

Close up of island with sink and waterfall effect.

Modern kitchen (single line with island) where the island has black surface waterfalling down the ends.

Long wood and black waterfall surface island.

White kitchen island with waterfall surface in contemporary kitchen with recessed lighting.

Stark white kitchen with stainless steel appliances with white island surface with waterfall effect.

Light gray island with waterfall surface.

Large white island with seating for 4 people with light grey and white surface that waterfalls down the ends of the island.

White kitchen with dark wood island that has white surface that waterfalls down the ends.

Copper color waterfall island in L-shaped kitchen.

Modern kitchen with marble surface island that waterfalls down the ends of the island.

Dark gray and white island. Surface is dark gray and has waterfall effect down the ends of the island.

Brown and beige granite island surface with waterfall effect down the sides.

Skinny island with light gray and white surface with waterfall down one end.

Narrow island with waterfall surface down one end.

Super cool kitchen island with glass face and waterfall surface down the ends in white kitchen with pendant lights above the island.

Long kitchen with drawers and sink with gray and white granite that waterfalls down the ends.

Kitchen island with waterfall surface

Brown and white kitchen with brown and white island where the all white surface waterfalls down the sides.

Modern dark brown kitchen with dark gray island surface that waterfalls down the ends of the island.

Source: Trulia

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What is a waterfall kitchen island?

2 types

Waterfall down the end(s) of the island

This is the most common where the surface cascades down the ends or a single end of the island.

Waterfall down the face and/or rear

This is pretty rare, but they do exist.  This is when the surface cascades down the entire face or even both faces (front and back).  I think this is not a very good option as it really cuts off island functionality and it creates a box-like structure in your kitchen.

Surface Materials

Granite:  Personally I wouldn’t do this effect with granite.  Granite is a bold material and results in a too bold of an island design.  It’s also expensive.

Marble:  I love marble and while not the best kitchen surface material, it looks gorgeous and can be very nice as a waterfall.

Engineered Quartz:  This is my favorite counter material and as long as it’s a subtle color scheme (i.e. solid or light flecks) it can look good as  waterfall material.

Wood:  This is my favorite island surface material to use as a waterfall effect.  We have several examples above and you can see that it really does look great.

Pros and Cons


Aesthetic:  you either like it or you don’t.  I personally love the wood surface waterfall design, but not the granite so much.  I think it’s too much granite.

Fluid design:  It creates a fluid design in your kitchen especially if the island is a focal point.  You’ll notice above that for some of the photo examples, your eye really jumps to the island.


Cost:  If you use granite or engineered quartz, you’re paying for more surface area which can dramatically increase the cost if you didn’t use this design technique.

Aesthetic:  As stated above, I think granite is simply too much granite when cascading as a waterfall down the ends or face.

Cuts off functionality:  Many islands make use of the ends with drawers or shelving.  This design prevents you from adding any functionality.

Are these kitchen island designs trending?

This island design started trending in November 2010.  Since then they’ve become more and more popular. Check out the trending chart.

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