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30 Purple Kitchen Ideas (Photos)

Photo collage of different purple kitchens.

Thanks for visiting our purple kitchen photo gallery where you can search purple kitchen design ideas. We hope you find your inspiration here. We add new designs every week.

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This kitchen is like a fantastical fiction in a dream sequence. It has bright sea green tiles for its flooring and countertops for the peninsulas. This is paired with candy purple structures and walls peppered with a bit of stainless steel appliances.

This kitchen is like a fantastical fiction in a dream sequence. It has bright sea-green tiles for its flooring and countertops for the peninsulas. This is paired with candy purple structures and walls peppered with a few stainless steel appliances.

The cheerful pastel purple walls are brightened by the white peninsula and small kitchen island which are both illuminated by the natural lights coming in from the window with white frames as white as the ceiling that supports the stainless steel vent hood of the stove.

The cheerful pastel purple walls are brightened by the white peninsula and small kitchen island which are both illuminated by the natural lights coming in from the window with white frames as white as the ceiling that supports the stainless steel vent hood of the stove.

The sunny yellow walls and backsplash tiles of this kitchen are contrasted by an equally cheerful pastel purple hue that can be seen on the cabinets and drawers of the L-shaped peninsula as well as the floating cabinets with glass panels and built-in shelves flanking the window.

This cozy and homey kitchen has a hardwood flooring that blends with the kitchen island topped with a dark and grainy countertop. This is also the countertop of the L-shaped peninsula that has matte wooden purple cabinets and drawers.

The dark purple hue stands out in this spacious kitchen. It has two peninsulas with the same purple cabinets and drawers. One is against the far gray wall complemented by a row of white floating cabinets above. The other is L-shaped with white countertops that stand out against the gray flooring.

This modern kitchen has a large L-shaped peninsula with a unique curved finish mirrored by the floating cabinet. Both of these have purple cabinets and drawers with silver handles that match the stainless steel appliances.

This small kitchen has small backsplash tiles that match with the grainy black backsplash. These black elements make the light purple hues of the cabinetry stand out. The middle floating cabinets are adorned with sunset ocean scenery.

This kitchen is an eclectic fusion between modern and industrial-style. The red brick wall on one side has a window that brings in natural lights to the white ceiling and flooring tiles that is contrasted by modern dark gray cabinetry augmented by sleek dark purple walls and backsplash.

The cheerful pastel purple cabinets and drawers of the L-shaped peninsula is complemented by the bright white tiles of the backsplash that is arranged in a brick wall pattern. This makes the golden faucet stand out that matches with the rest of the kitchen fixtures.

The salmon pink walls and ceiling with recessed lights works well with the purple cabinetry of the island and peninsula with black countertops that make the stainless steel appliances and vent hood stand out.

This L-shaped peninsula offers a unique cooking experience with its white cabinetry contrasted by the black countertops and silver appliances. This hue extends to the white floating cabinets that stand out against the deep purple walls.

This modern and bright kitchen is dominated by two tones. The white ceiling matches with the white walls and countertops. This is countered by the dark purple matte cabinets of the L-shaped peninsula that also houses the oven.

This kitchen has an informal dining area beside it that has a modern white round table and purple leather chairs. This matches well with the modern sleek cabinets of the kitchen that stands out against the white ceiling and counters.

This small kitchen has a U-shaped peninsula to maximize the small space. This peninsula has a wooden countertop that matches with the backsplash of the cooking area. All of these elements are given a nice background of a purple wall adorned with a wall clock and decorative window shade.

The brightness of this modern kitchen is due to the abundance of natural lights coming in from the tall windows on the side that brightens up the white elements of the kitchen island and ceiling. This is then subdued by the deep purple cabinetry of the peninsula.

This homey and comfortable kitchen is dominated by the light purple shed ceiling and walls. This matches with the purple cushions of the wooden stools of the curved kitchen island. And it also puts emphasis on the white brightness of the shaker cabinets and drawers.

The brightness of this white kitchen is somewhat counterbalanced by the deep purple hues of the wide U-shaped peninsula that has cabinets and drawers with stainless steel handles that pair well with the modern appliances.

The dark purple hue that dominates this modern kitchen is almost nearing the black palette. This is a nice contrast to the white countertops, the light gray flooring tiles, light beige walls and white ceiling as well as the stainless steel appliances.

The middle of this modern kitchen’s white flooring is adorned with a decorative purple area rug that has a rose design. The purple hue of this area rug matches with the modern cabinetry as well as the wallpaper that has images of a rose in it.

The cooking area of this kitchen has deep purple floating cabinets flanking the vent hood in the middle over the stove-top oven that has a white backsplash that contrasts the purple peninsula. Across from this is the sink area with the same countertop.

The wide light gray wall supports the large floating peninsula with purple cabinets and drawers extending to the cabinets above it connected through the housed fridge at the far end. In the middle of this is an attached white modern table to serve as a breakfast bar.

The deep purple floating cabinets have frosted glass panels on its cabinet doors that augment the homey quality of the kitchen. This pairs well with the L-shaped peninsula’s cabinets and drawers that houses the oven and the fridge.

The modern kitchen is also a part of the dining room that has a glass-top table and modern white chairs that are illuminated by the large curtained windows. These also brighten up the sleek deep purple cabinetry that is embedded into the walls of the kitchen.

The U-shaped peninsula has a built-in white table on the side for an informal dining area paired with two light purple modern chairs that match with the light purple section of the peninsula that houses the oven.

This beautiful and modern purple kitchen has light hardwood flooring and a white ceiling that functions with the white countertops of the peninsulas. They all serve to brighten the deep purple cabinetry with modern drawers and cabinets.

This eclectic and modern kitchen has a waterfall kitchen island made of white and purple marble that sets an amazing foreground for the rest of the kitchen that has dark purple cabinetry complemented by the slick black ceiling panels.

This kitchen has a homey quality to it that is augmented by the natural lights coming in from the window and lightens the deep purple traditional shaker cabinets and drawers. This is then complemented by the beautiful decorative panel on the ceiling that has a painting on it.

The sleek purple elements of this modern kitchen have a curved design to it that veers away from the traditional lines and edges. This is augmented by the lights underneath the structures that casts blue lights onto the white flooring surrounding the kitchen island.

This charming and homey purple kitchen has an informal dining area on its hardwood flooring that is topped with a rustic woven area rug and a farmhouse-style wooden dining set. This works well with the traditional purple shaker cabinets and drawers.

The earthy hue of the wooden kitchen island in the middle of the beige flooring is a nice nice contrast for the surrounding cabinetry that dominates the walls of this kitchen. These cabinetry have a purple hue paired with various stainless steel appliances and a bold orange backsplash.

The white cathedral ceiling and gray concrete flooring are both contrasted by the large dark purple structures of the peninsula and kitchen island that has a raised breakfast bar attached to it made of green marble that goes well with the modern cabinets and drawers.

Purple is one of the most underrated kitchen design colors, with a scanty 0.13% of our survey responders featuring it in their kitchens. That’s a shame because we think that there are some great purple kitchen design ideas out there—but people just don’t understand how to make the most out of them. Read our article setting out colors that go with purple for interior design.

Use Purple In Splashes

Purple isn’t a color that’s meant to dominate your kitchen; it doesn’t have enough light-reflecting ability to make for a pleasant area, and it’s a bit distracting to be everywhere at once. Purple is a color that you can use to add a splash of color to an area that needs a little bit of perk-up. If you have a table that’s a beige or wooden hue and lacks a nice texture to tie it together, try a purple placemat or table runner.

Purple works well when it’s kept to one object that’s in a place where there aren’t many other colors that stand out. That way, you’ll get the most out of purple’s subtle yet cheerful color.

Don’t Pair Purple With Dark Hues

One of the biggest but most obvious mistakes that you might make while envisioning a kitchen design featuring purple colors is to pair purple with a darker hue of another color or even to use a darker hue of purple. Purple needs to stay light, cheerful, and attention-grabbing—pairing it with a darker colored object means that it’ll sit in the color-shadow of something that the eye will get drawn to first, and it’ll end up looking too subtle. The prototypical mistake in this category is putting a purple vase in the corner of the kitchen, under dark cabinets.

Purple should be a pleasant surprise, not an afterthought in a dark place. Make sure that if you incorporate purple objects into your kitchen, they get some natural or unnatural light on them enough of the time to get someone’s attention. After all, what’s the point of having a subtle yet attractive color if it never gets the chance to be seen?

Use Purple With Natural Accompaniments

Purple works well with bright greens, light browns, and other nature-colored and textured kitchen concepts. You may make an association between purple and flowers, which is exactly the way you should think when you implement it in your kitchen.If these ideas don’t appeal to you, check out our larger gallery of custom kitchen design ideas.

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