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101 House Exterior Ideas (Photos and Extensive Guides)

Check out 101 house exterior ideas. Includes all styles, sizes, home types and colors. Search by color or style.

Contemporary house with blue exterior

Welcome to our massive house exterior photo gallery where you can get all kinds of exterior ideas by color, material, architectural style, siding type and more.

Also, check out our online visual paint software where you can upload a photo of your house exterior and apply hundreds of different paint colors to see what looks best.

Home Exterior Photos


Interior design by: ARRCC

2018-11-06 at 12.10.53 PMMaisonP Residence-PietriArhitectes 5

Designed by: Pietri Architectes

02 Rear Facade_House in the Lanes_MB Arch_photo Matthew Carbone
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Architect: MB Architecture | Photography: Matthew Carbone


Source: Klein

Old brick two story building in European village converted to industrial style townhouse.

href="" rel="nofollow" target="blank"> Sebastian van Damme | Architect: EVA


More Home Exterior Resources

There are many aspects to the exterior of a house.  They include:

1. Type of House

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Different types of houses in a collage photo grid

How many types of houses do you think there are?  I’m not talking styles, but types of homes?

There are 33 (by my count).

We wrote an epic article on it aptly titled “33 Different Types of Houses“.  As you’ll see, this article explains the differences among single family homes, townhomes, condos, yurts and more.

2. Architectural Style

Different home exterior styles in photo grid

A major contributing factor to your home’s curb appeal is its architectural style.  By architectural style, I’m referring to Modern vs. Mid-century vs. Mediterranean vs. Tudor, etc.

We put together an extensive list of all architectural styles with photo examples here.  It’s one of our all-time most popular articles.  You’ll love it.

3. Roof Style

Collection of different roof styles and shapes

The roof style often goes along with the architectural style, but within the styles you often have some roof design options.  In fact, if you’re building or designing a home, you must give consideration to the roof – angles, shape, type, height, etc.

We break your roof options into 36 different types of roofs here (includes custom diagrams of each roof which is super helpful).

4. Siding Material

Houses with different exterior siding options

What’s interesting about siding materials is you can choose from several regardless of the style of architecture.  I know what’s going through your mind – you’re mentally listing off siding options… vinyl, brick, stone, etc.

But get this.  There are 17 home exterior siding options.  I list them out with photo examples.  I bet it’s more than you thought.

I’m not done yet.  I also created a handful of galleries showcasing the more popular siding options.  Check them out:

  • Houses with red brick exterior
  • Houses with wood exterior
  • Houses with exposed concrete exterior
  • Houses with stucco exterior

5. Exterior Color

Above I said architectural style dictates your home’s exterior quite a bit and it does, but so too does color.  Color plays a major role.  In fact, color is so important we put together a series of different exterior home color galleries so you get an idea of what different styles look like with different colors.  Check them out:

White houses

Example of house with a white exterior

Click here for all white exterior houses

Yellow houses

Example of a house with yellow exterior

Click here for all yellow houses

Red houses

Beautiful Victorian red and white house

Click here for all red houses

Blue houses

Series of blue houses

Click for all blue houses

Green houses

House with a green exterior

Click here for all green exterior houses

Gray houses

Gray house with white trim

Click for all gray houses

6. Trim

Gray house with white trim

Trim is an opportunity to make your exterior color scheme more interesting.  White is the most popular for houses that have another color.  If the house is white, black or some dark color is popular.

Check out some examples in our trim exteriors gallery.

7. Front Door

Example of very nice front door on luxury home

Not the most important aspect of your home’s exterior appearance, but it counts.  Especially for white exterior homes.

When it comes to a front door, there are several considerations.  They are:

  • Single vs double?
  • Window or no window?
  • Color?
  • Panels or no panels?
  • Custom or premade?
  • Wood or metal or fiberglass?
  • Simple or decorative?
  • The doorknob fixture?

Yeah, lots of to consider.  Get a lot more ideas with our front door gallery and in-depth article here.

8. Window Styles

Luxury home with very cool windows from the outside

You also need to choose window styles and sizes for your home which dictates the style from both the inside and the outside.  Like so many things home-related, there are many window options.

You must check out our popular and very cool window styles article where we set out many custom illustrated window styles you can choose from.

9. Front Yards

Stunning small front yard with a beautiful garden

This is hard because there are literally unlimited options.  The best thing you can do is scour front yard photos for ideas on how you want to landscape your front yard.

10. Driveway

New house with a very nice long driveway.

Driveways are a necessary evil for the most part.  If you’re lucky enough to have an alley, that means you don’t have to put a slab of concrete, asphalt or bricks across your front yard.  However, most homes these days require a driveway and since it’s so prominent in the front, you should take care in choose a good design, material and color so that it enhances your home appearance.

There are many types of driveways including:

11. Garage

Custom contemporary home with matching garage doors

The garage is part of the house and it should be designed in the same style.  That said, there are many different types of garages you can choose from.

12. Walkway (if any)

Front yard with long walkway

Not all front yards have a walkway.  My in-laws just put in a walkway after living there for 35 years.  It looks amazing and offers an inviting path to the front door.  I love walkways (while I’m not big on driveways, I like walkways).

Walkways differ primarily by material.  I encourage you to check out our inspirational walkway photo gallery for ideas.

13. Front Porch (if any)

New house with front porch

Most homes, especially contemporary homes, don’t have a front porch.  The front porch was popular with Victorian homes which can be found all over the USA.  I lived in an old Victorian home in College (rented out part of it with buddies).  It had a large front porch.  If you’re building a new house, a front porch is a consideration.  We showcase many porch ideas here.

14. Gutters

Close up photo of gutters on a house

You don’t really see gutters from the road, but they are an integral part of a home’s exterior.  We cover gutters extensively.  Check out:

Phew, that’s a lot that goes into curb appeal of a home.  As you can see from the above, we have extensive articles and galleries on every aspect exterior options – that as a whole make up the overall appearance of your house.  With so many options, it’s easy to make your home exterior unique.

Related: Check out our aerial house views photo gallery

15. Outdoor Lighting

Home with terrific backyard outdoor lighting

Discover all types of outdoor lighting here.

I’ve spent dozens of hours researching outdoor lighting options for homes.  There are so many options.  In fact, you can dramatically improve your home’s appearance at night with some clever lighting.  Even not-so-clever lighting can make a big difference.

16. Shingles

Dark gray asphalt shingles on roof of house

Learn about types of shingles here

Shingles also make a big impact on curb appeal.  There are different materials and colors.  Before you choose your new shingle, get familiar with your shingle options.

Home Exterior (Preferences) Statistics

After thousands of poll results, we have statistical data on home exterior material and architectural style preferences.

Check it out:

1. Home Style Preferences (Stats)

Home exterior material statistics chart
2. Architectural Style Stats

Home architectural styles statistics poll results

While interior design gets way more attention online, your home’s exterior is equally important.

It’s the part of your home the world sees.  It also is the first impression visitors and guests get.  It is a home design element that should not be ignored.

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