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Walkway in front yard of contemporary home leading from curb to front door.

Welcome to today’s gallery, featuring pictures of walkway ideas in a multitude of materials and styles including pavers, flagstone, brick, concrete, wood, pebble, stone, gravel and more.

Our gallery features front yard and backyard walkways. Enjoy the gallery.

Walkway Photos





Another walkway view of the house during night time featuring the beautiful plants and trees surrounding the house.Trulia

Walkway view of the house during the night time showcasing the beautiful landscaping.Trulia

The walkway is filled by beautiful plants on its side.Trulia

The home's entrance is surrounded by green and healthy plants. Photo Credit: Gerhard HeuschHeusch Inc.

GOM House’s outside view with gravel walkway. Photo credit: Julien KerdraonGOM House

Outside view of the home in red concrete and glass wall and a gravel walkway. Photo credit: Julien KerdraonGOM House


The entry to the townhouse is surrounded by healthy lawn and trees.Trulia

Walkway leading to the house's backyard and pool area. Photo credit: Bruce DamonteKentfield Residence

The mansion offers a walkway showcasing a 2-storey ceiling with a grand chandelier. Tall glass door and windows overlook the outdoor space.Trulia

Entry to the house focusing on the the beautiful plants and house structure.Trulia

The yard features a walkway leading to main parts of the house.Trulia

An elegant walkway in the center of the garden connects the separated house.Trulia

Outdoor walkway of the house.Julia Jamrozik and Coryn Kempster

Outdoor areas of the house provide a relaxing walkway in the garden.Julia Jamrozik and Coryn Kempster

Sky house residential walkway garden.Julia Jamrozik and Coryn Kempster

The house's walkway garden during night time.Julia Jamrozik and Coryn Kempster

Outdoor walkway with healthy lawn and beautiful landscape.MU Architecture

Another view of the house from outside showing the walkway on a beautiful lawn.MU Architecture

The walkway beside the house offers amazing view of the outdoor landscape.YH2

Walkways are probably one of the oldest human constructions. They serve one of the most basic functions for our society: helping us get from point A to point B.

In modern times, they’re mostly relegated to parks and recreational spaces, but many people still yearn for the traditional pleasures of a beautiful walking path.

This collection features a number of different styles of walkway patterns in brick, flagstone, and even wood. We feature every permutation from solid, unbroken paths with elaborately patterned constructions, to loosely strung together walkways consisting of single points along a vaguely defined line.

Some of these are more functional than others, giving safe passage through thick foliage or undulating terrain.

Some are crafted with visual pleasure in mind, mixing textures and colors to create an arresting display. Each and every example brings nuance, detail, and sharp contrast to the yard in which it resides.

We hope you enjoy this collection of standout walkway designs and ideas as much as we have!