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Welcome to our massive collection of house plans.  Each plan includes the floor plan layout.  Enjoy and thanks for visiting.

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How much do house plans cost?

House plans range in price from a couple of hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. Stock plans will cost quite a bit less – often under $1,000.

However, custom plans drawn up by an architect will cost wll over $1,000.

What house styles are the most popular in house plans?

Below is a chart setting out each house style and the percentage of house plans from our data set that make up each style. The sample size was 59,592 which is a good number for the data.

Chart showing the popularity of the different home styles

Results: The most common/popular house plan styles are country, European, Craftsman and Traditional. Check out our house plans chart below.

How many bedrooms do most house plans have?

Here’s a chart showing the percentage of house plans that have various numbers of bedrooms.

Chart showing the number of bedrooms in houses by percentage
Click to enlarge the chart.

Results are:

  • 1 Bedroom: 1.81% of house plans
  • 2 Bedrooms: 8.78% of house plans
  • 3 Bedrooms: 43.38%
  • 4 Bedrooms: 34.70%
  • 5 Bedrooms: 11.33%

The most common number of bedrooms in a house is 3 bedrooms.

Chart showing house plans by number of bedrooms

How many bathrooms do most house plans have?

Here’s a chart showing what percentage of house plans have a specific number of bathrooms.

Chart showing the number of bathrooms in houses by percentage
Click to enlarge this chart.


  • 1 bathroom: 7.48%
  • 2 bathrooms: 46.49%
  • 3 bathrooms: 28.46
  • 4 bathrooms: 12.66%
  • 5 bathrooms: 4.82%

The most common number of bathrooms in floor plans is 2 bathrooms.

What is the most common number of floors (stories) set out in house plans?

Chart showing the number of floors houses have by percentage
Click to enlarge chart.

Not surprisingly, the most number of home plans have 2 floors.

Actually, I’m surprised that single-floor homes are as common as indicated in our data – which is 44.18% of home plans are single-story homes. 55.41% are two-story homes and only .41% have 3 floors.

What percentage of house plans have a basement?

37% of home plans have a full basement or the option to put in a basement. In other words they come with plans for the basement option. Our data set is based on 46,102 house plans, which is substantial.

What are other sought after home features included in floor plans?

Aside from style, number of bedrooms, bathrooms and basement, the following are sought after features that are included in floor and home plans:

  • 1st floor primary suite
  • 2nd floor laundy
  • Bonus room
  • Walk-in Pantry
  • Courtyard
  • Dens and/or offices
  • Elevator
  • In-law suite
  • Jack & Jill bath
  • Loft
  • Media room / home theater.
  • House with wrap-around porch

How can you draw your own house plans?

Yes, you can if you’re willing to invest the time into learning the software. You have two approaches.

The first is to use free or inexpensive home design software that allows you to quickly put together some floor plan ideas that you can then hand off to a professional to draw up proper CAD designs.

The second option is to invest loads of time and money into top-notch CAD software and draw up a full suite of home blueprints yourself.

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