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101 Walkway Ideas and Designs (Photos)

Different design and ideas of walkways.

Welcome to today’s gallery, featuring pictures of walkway ideas in a multitude of materials and styles including pavers, flagstone, brick, concrete, wood, pebble, stone, gravel and more.

Our gallery features front yard and backyard walkways. Enjoy the gallery.

Walkway Photos

Above is a bark mulch walkway lined by short boxwood hedge and surrounded by a beautiful flower garden. This is a great example of a nice garden walkway.

Here’s a more substantial finely crushed gravel walkway lined by grass and fabulous curving boxwood hedge.

Long wood walkway at rear of beach house mansion on Lake Michigan

Long wood walkway at rear of beach house mansion on Lake Michigan. See this home here.

Long concrete walkway surrounded by red flowers and green plants.

Paver walkway leading to the mansion’s beautiful garden area.

Enchanting brick walkway surrounded by stunning and healthy greenery.

This elegant walkway is covered by tall pergolas held by romantic stone pillars. Brilliant green vines hold onto the pillars for a shaded secret garden look.

Lovely white concrete walkway surrounded by the beautiful nature.

Brick walkway leading to the mansion’s beautiful garden. There are bench seats all over the walkway.

Walkway in front yard of contemporary home leading from curb to front door.

Beautiful concrete walkway in the middle of the lawn and gravel area.

Stone and concrete walkway surrounded by beautiful greenery..

Lovely stone and walkway with wooden steps leading to the property’s gorgeous garden area.

Circular stone pieces define this walkway, strewn with Japanese maple leaves.

Enchanting stone walkway surrounded by beautiful Japanese-style plants and trees.

Glamorous walkway with wooden steps surrounded by lovely plants and other greens.

This image shows the process of crafting a stone walkway, with the builder laying down wood frame.

A man installing a stone walkway on this large garden area.

This walkway with wooden steps leads to the garden’s peak offering a stunning view.

Large, flat topped stones create this floating path over water.

Massive stepping stones walkway on the seafloor.

Stone pathway features large slab stairs between layers of white stone embedded in concrete.

This pebble walkway with concrete steps is surrounded by magnificent plants and trees.

Wide pebble bed supports rectangular flagstone pieces in this garden walkway.

Pebble stone walkway surrounded by a beautiful greenery.

An intricately patterned stone walkway, embedding the colored pebbles in concrete for a flower-like pattern.

Stylish mosaic pebble walkway in the middle of a stunning greenery.

This curved walkway is comprised of alternating weathered wood and white pebble segments.

Stunning pebble walkway with wooden steps set in the middle of the lawn area.

Intricately designed stone walkway features white and blue stones mapping out a space for large square grey slabs.

This property boasts a mosaic pebble walkway leading to the gorgeous garden area.

Wide expanse of pebbles supports this concrete slab walkway.

This walkway features concrete steps in the middle of the home’s beautiful garden area.

White pebble walkway features red flagstone steps, surrounded by concrete edging.

White pebble walkway features red flagstone steps, surrounded by concrete edging.

Walkways are probably one of the oldest human constructions. They serve one of the most basic functions for our society: helping us get from point A to point B.

In modern times, they’re mostly relegated to parks and recreational spaces, but many people still yearn for the traditional pleasures of a beautiful walking path.

This collection features a number of different styles of walkway patterns in brick, flagstone, and even wood. We feature every permutation from solid, unbroken paths with elaborately patterned constructions, to loosely strung together walkways consisting of single points along a vaguely defined line.

Some of these are more functional than others, giving safe passage through thick foliage or undulating terrain.

Some are crafted with visual pleasure in mind, mixing textures and colors to create an arresting display. Each and every example brings nuance, detail, and sharp contrast to the yard in which it resides.

We hope you enjoy this collection of standout walkway designs and ideas as much as we have!