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4 Different Types of Archways and How They Enhance the Home

Guide to the 4 different types of archways and how they enhance the home, with pictures of each type in various states of completion.

4 Different Types of Archways and How They Enhance the Home

If you’ve been wanting to incorporate some new architecture within your home, or maybe you’re just fascinated with interior design, looking into the different types of archways that exist and how they enhance the home both inside and out can be a beneficial first step.

When it comes to interior design, it goes beyond the paint, furniture and wood floors. Try something new, like an archway. Installing a structural element such as an archway is a bit of a larger task, but the results are well worth it. Decorative archways can even help to increase the overall value of a home.

While each type of archway works well within all different homes, it’s all up to personal choice and where you think it will look best. Learn about the different archways to choose your favorite!

Soft Archway:







A soft archway is also known as an eyebrow, flat or segmented arch. The word segmented is used because it’s formed with a segment of a circle. It’s a soft and subtle curve, allowing for simplicity while still remaining stylish.

This type of arch was first built by the Romans and is still commonly used today all over the world. Soft archways are ideal for a doorway into the dining room, especially if it’s connected to the living room or kitchen, it makes for a good flow without having the two rooms looking like one.

Half-Circle Archway:






A half-circle archway, also known as a semicircular arch, is exactly what it sounds like. This type of arch resembles Spanish and Tuscan architecture. It’s a continuous curve often seen on bridges and arcades, which is a row of arches used for a passageway or type of covering.

Half-circle arches enhance the look of windows and doors when placed above them. This adds style to not only the inside of your home, but the outside as well. You can also try placing this arch around your bathroom sink.

Gothic Archway:






A Gothic archway is one that is pointed at the center. It was created by medieval masons, which explains its medieval appearance. Gothic arches can be seen on many cathedrals and churches in Europe, but are they a good addition for your home?

If you’re looking for a dramatic look, Gothic arches might be for you. Try placing one around your fireplace or building one inside your wall and placing decor inside. Gothic arches are also used for architecture in the yard, like a greenhouse.

Bell Curve Archway:




A bell curve archway, also known as a bell arch, resembles the mathematical bell curve. While this arch has a gentle curve in the middle, the sides have a little more flair being that they extend up rather than down. Try placing one around a mirror to add that something extra to the room.

Now that you’re more familiar with the different types of archways that are out there, maybe you’ll consider placing the right archway for you inside your home. As you can see, choosing to include an archway or archways within your home could be the right next step on your interior design journey if you’re looking for a larger change.

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