20 Rustic Style Homes – Exterior and Interior Examples & Ideas (Photos)

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Get to know what the rustic home decor architecture is all about. Check out the massive Rustic home interior design photo gallery.

Spacious rustic eat-in kitchen with beam ceilings, wood French doors and windows, a central kitchen island, a small dining area by the fireplace, and hardwood flooring.

Welcome to the Rustic home decor ideas style guide where you can see photos of all interiors in the Rustic style including kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, foyers and more.

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Rustic Homes (Exteriors)

Check out these spectacular homes showcasing the Rustic style architecture.

1. Delightfully Captivating Glen Iris Home By Canny

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2. x

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Interior Examples (by Room)

The following are photo examples of Rustic style interiors (room-by-room).  Below each photo are links that take you to extensive Rustic style photo galleries for each room.

The following examples are from this house (Designed by John Kraemer & Sons).

Living Rooms

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Dining Rooms

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Entry Halls

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What is Rustic Home Decor?

Rugged and natural beauty are the hallmarks of a rustic decor style with that log cabin feel or French country rustic retreat and that’s why you’re going to want to look at it if you enjoy being in the great outdoors. Rustic interior or ‘modern rustic’ highlights a whole lot of beautiful features from natural wood with a modern interior design that all-important rustic furniture and mood light fixtures that will continue to retain that rustic feel to your home without making it look too elegant or over the top. Though, of course, there are ways that you can turn a rustic style into something even more beautiful without having to resort to making it look fancy at the same time. It’s all about the right type of balance and the right accents.

Distinguishing Design Features

The main design features of this style are the exposed wood and rough pieces. The wood that’s turned into furniture and accent pieces will be more rough and rugged rather than smoothed and polished or even stained. You’ll find that you have a very nature-inspired look and feel to the space. You’ll also find that the room is characterized by earthy tones and a very natural style and feel. This is important to the overall look and design and you’ll also get a very grounded feel. It’s mostly about using a lot of wood pieces and wood tones to make sure you get something that’s just right for you. Whether it’s the traditional rustic styles of heavy wood or the more modern light tones you can get what works best for you.


You’ll find a whole lot of wood pieces throughout a rustic room. These wood pieces could be of any type of wood and have a range of different grains. They will be very roughhewn in many cases though you may find some that are slightly smoothed or sanded down and still left in their original color and form. Natural colors are also extremely common when it comes to this type of room. Basically, if you would put it in your cabin in the woods you would definitely find it in a rustic style home. This means there are not as many bright or dark colors, other than browns or greens. Other common colors could be white, beige, or some tones of gray. Hides are a common material that you will find in accent pieces or rugs or even in blankets and coverings. Linen, burlap, wool or canvas are other common choices, as are matte finish metals.


Furniture is generally going to use a lot of wood (are you sensing a pattern here?). It may also use some matte style metals though this is generally going to be accent aspects of the furniture rather than the entirety of it. You’ll see animal hides as well as tones reminiscent of those hides to create a range of different pieces of furniture. Many times there will be no patterns but there will be textures on most of the furniture, however (except those hides). Large furniture is common, such as an oversized farmhouse table or oversized sectionals and couches.

Décor Accessories

The decorative pieces associated with a rustic style are most commonly made with natural materials such as woven baskets. You may see wood baskets and trays as well as shelves and cabinets made with the same types of wood. Outdoor elements such as plants are common and vintage items can be as well, such as old style bottles or barrels that can be left in their original state. Jute and Burlap style rugs and accent pieces can add some texture while a butcher’s block or even driftwood can lend some overall beauty.

You may want to look at other accent pieces like lamps and side tables that can be made with these same styles. Even pictures of natural elements can be a great asset and help emphasize the beauty of the décor. If you’d like to add a little bit of a modern design to the rustic room you can also add in some different elements. These are generally going to be some clean and sharp lines or wider open spaces that create the appearance of a large area. Keeping it rustic, however, is still important even with these more modern ideas.

Why it Looks Great

For anyone who absolutely loves the more outdoorsy style of their cabin this is the ideal style to have in your home. You definitely want to make sure you look at the wood tones and pieces that all go together to create these options. For anyone who likes to be outdoors, it’s a great option to help you emphasize those styles. You can make it feel more rustic if you want and keep it very basic or you can make it feel a little bit more modern. It’s entirely up to you to get a great look and make it look the way you want it to specifically.

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