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Interior design ideas, pictures and decorating tips for all types of rooms, hallways, staircases and more.

Welcome to our extensive staircase photo gallery as well as detailed information about the types of stairs and parts of a stair. In simplest terms, a staircase bridges two floors of a building. As with any structural component, a stairway can define the style of a home. Spanning various styles and materials, we’ll take a […]

Any wine connoisseur would love a private wine cellar, preferably with a tasting area.  This gallery should inspire you.  Yes, most are on the luxury side, but it actually doesn’t take much to turn unused basement space into a custom cellar. Look closely at some of the wine storage racks and you’ll see they aren’t that […]

Getting dressed is serious business!  Most people run out of space before they run out clothes which isn’t necessarily the worst thing, but still isn’t good.  It’s tiring rotating clothes each season in and out of storage and vacuum-sealed bags, it’s also bad for your clothes. Walk-In closets (or armoires) can come in all shape […]

Your home’s garage storage is an important room in the house especially if you live in a small one. When there’s limited space, a carefully designed garage can go a long way in storing large, infrequently used items, outdoor equipment, seasonal items, and just about everything else you want to keep hidden until you’ll need […]

If you’ve been wanting to incorporate some new architecture within your home, or maybe you’re just fascinated with interior design, looking into the different types of archways that exist and how they enhance the home both inside and out can be a beneficial first step. When it comes to interior design, it goes beyond the […]

Mudrooms rock, especially if you have kids.  I particularly love the mudroom locker design above (source: Zillow DigsTM).  We went ahead and created design blueprints for the above locker system.  They’re below. But, they can get messy with a capital M. Our son runs in the house, dumps his shoes anywhere they fall along with […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring the incredibly diverse and beautiful world of home libraries. We wanted to collect and curate a list of our very favorite home library designs from our top favorite designers worldwide. A home library isn’t simply a place to store books; it’s a mission statement, a cultural anchor, and it elevates […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring a wide selection of fantastic children’s rooms for children and teenagers. From nurseries to rooms for pre-teens, each room in this selection is tailor made for the smaller occupants of a home, and designed to be fun, functional, and safe for children. The beautiful nautical playroom above is filled with […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring a collection of fantastic luxury walk-in closets for both men and women. This collection ranges in style from simple and elegant, like the tile and cherry wood walk-in closet above, to closets with a more industrial or minimalist style. Many of these walk-in closets have beautiful hardwoods, either as flooring […]

Welcome to our special selection of fabulous walk-in wardrobes for women, designed by amazing designers from all over the world. Nearly every single one of these closets have been featured in other posts on our site as part of our ongoing partnership with innovative designers. Our first picture is a closet designed by McClean Design. You […]

Welcome to our gallery showcasing a collection of bold home bars created by Chicago-based design firm Drury Design. Sometimes having an equally gorgeous and utilitarian kitchen is not enough. While entertaining guests is a customary activity for living rooms, it’s not always the best option for gathering friends for drinks and dining. A grand, open design kitchen can […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring images of baby boy nursery ideas. We’ve collected photographs of a wide variety of styles, themes, and designs to complement a boy-centric room. Sure, most of these contain blue in some form or another. Several do not. They all have a decidedly masculine tone, whether it comes from the materials […]

Welcome to our gallery focusing on nurseries for baby girls. This collection focuses on an array of ideas, themes, and designs to make the perfect space for any baby girl. Pink is naturally factored into a lot of these rooms, but is clearly not a requisite. We’ve got every shade from bubble gum to nearly-white, on […]

This interior design photo gallery features the photographs of Emily Gilbert who is a much sought-after interior and exterior design photographer. This particular gallery features interiors of beach homes.  All interiors are predominantly light color schemes with the exception of one bedroom which effectively combines dark brown and white. If you love the above look, […]