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If you have a little one on the way, preparing the nursery is one of the most important tasks ahead of you, one that will make you feel more at ease.

Being prepared for taking care of your new baby is important, and preparing your nursery ahead of time will ensure that you have everything you need on the day that you bring your new baby home for the first time.

Of course, a nursery is more than just a place where you’ll be changing diapers. It’s also the place where your baby will sleep, wake up every morning, and will probably grow up in.

For this reason, you’ll want your nursery to be a place that is comfortable for baby, in soothing colors, filled with hope, light, and learning.

We’ve included a wide variety of styles in this collection, so we’re sure you’ll find a design to suit your sensibilities, regardless of whether you prefer traditional styles or a cleaner, more modern look.

From colorful, stimulating nurseries to soft, soothing spaces designed to lull baby peacefully into dreamland, we’re proud to present this collection,

As you peruse these images, we invite you to imagine the room in your home, with your brand new baby.

Gather inspiration from all, or maybe just a few of these rooms and design the nursery of your dreams.