45 Incredible Walk-In Wardrobes for Women

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30 fantastic and elegant walk-in wardrobes for women by top interior designers and custom walk-in closet designers.

Elegant walk-in closet by Lisa Adams Closet Design.

Welcome to our special selection of fabulous walk-in wardrobes for women, designed by amazing designers from all over the world.

Nearly every single one of these closets have been featured in other posts on our site as part of our ongoing partnership with innovative designers.

Our first picture is a closet designed by McClean Design. You can see more of the home here.

Each of these closets is a marvel of form and, most importantly, function. The mark of a well-organized closet is the ability to see easily into your storage and locate what it is you’re looking for in an instant.

This can be achieved with open shelving, glass-faced shelving, or spiraling hanging space, like in the picture above.

What features should a walk-in closet for women have?

It’s true that many homes have one walk-in closet which is shared.  That’s normal.  But if you’re very fortunate to have his and hers walk-in closets, you’ll love this gallery because this is a collection which hand-picked designs that cater to women.

What features are important for women walk-in closets?

  • Shoe storage: Without a doubt extensive shoe storage is a must-have feature for any female oriented walk-in closet.  Women tend to have more shoes than men and so storage is important.  In other words, a bigger percentage of woman’s closet should be devoted to shoes than a man’s closet.
  • Vanity:  I think a vanity is a terrific addition to any walk-in closet for a woman where she can apply make-up, do hair, etc. in the very environment in which she gets dressed.
  • Floor-to-ceiling hanging areas for dresses:  Men don’t need as much full-length hanging space.  Suits are shorter as pants are hung inside the jacket.  Dresses, on the other hand, need length and so a woman’ts walk-in closet needs plenty of full length hanging space.
  • Floor-to-ceiling mirror:  Actually this is a good feature for both men and women, but we’ll mention it anyway because it’s definitely necessary for women.
  • Chandelier:  Nothing dresses up a space like a fabulous chandelier.  Men prefer different lighting… perhaps a bit darker while a brighter space tends to appeal to women a bit more.
  • Light colors:  You’ll notice many of the walk-in closets we feature below for women are lighter than the male masculine designs.  The brightness and lightness is achieved through lighter paint, flooring, windows and lights.
  • Handbag storage:  Women have handbags and so they need a place for them. Since this is an accessory that goes with an outfit, a fitting place to store such items is in the same place as a woman’s clothing.
  • Jewelry storage:  Like handbags, jewelry is selected based on an outfit and so it makes sense that a walk-in closet have a place for storing jewelry in an organized fashion.

Check out other general must-have walk-in closet features here.

These closets are huge, extravagant, and absolutely dream-worthy. I’m not sure I’d have enough clothes to need closets this big, but if I had one, I’d find a way to fill it!

Look for pull-out drawers, glass-faced shelving, wicker baskets, special storage for shoes and boots, and especially plush ottomans, chairs, and benches to sit on while having your own private fashion show. Several of these designs are so spacious, they are two-stories!

Elegant light fixtures, vanities and mirrors are also common elements in these feminine designs. We’ve gathered the very finest examples of luxury walk-in closets for women, and we hope they’ll inspire more than just envy.

Photo Gallery

Aren’t these ridiculous?  Why publish such luxury?

We actually get a lot of feedback from people saying that publishing such luxurious designs is ridiculous because it’s out of touch for most people.

We agree, partly.  Our walk-in closet galleries definitely fall into the luxury camp.  But here’s the thing.  Actually, our response is twofold.

First, walk-in closets by definition are a luxury room in most houses.  Even modest walk-in closets are a luxury room… although they are becoming more commonplace in new homes because people love them.

Second, we feature out-of-reach designs because people like to dream and be inspired.  This is far more popular than you’d expect and so we give people what they want.  A site filled with mediocre, low-cost designs wouldn’t be that popular.  People like spectacular.

Third, the point of amazing design, even if out-of-reach for most people is to get ideas and inspiration.  While you may not be able to afford a 700 square foot walk-in closet, you may see some aspects of such a closet that you like and would like to include.  If our walk-in closet galleries featured only bare bones miniature options with wire shelving, you’re not exactly going to get any decent ideas.

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