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20 Hallway Wall Art Ideas

Modern hallway with wall decors.

Does your house have a hallway whose decor you just can’t decide? Do you think hallways are a useless space and shouldn’t be made a part of homes anymore? Well, you will be amazed at the impact a well-decorated hallway can have on the décor and functionality of your house.

Hallways are a part of your home which the guests see first. You should make them look good for a lasting first impression. People often neglect hallway décor and end up losing space that can be essential for décor and practical enough for use.

Before you start working on hallway décor, you should first consider what you will be using your hallway for. If you want to keep your hallway completely decorative and serve as a statement for your guests, then your focus should be on stylish wall fittings, flooring, and some good-looking furniture. However, if you want to use your hallway for storage purposes, you will need to focus on hallway storage solutions. Deciding the purpose is the first and foremost consideration of hallway décor.

If you over-decorate this small area of your house, it will end up looking cluttered and untidy which is something you wouldn’t want. In order to make sure you don’t leave a bad impression on your guests, spend some time and effort on hallway décor. If you don’t know how to go about it, let us show you ways in which you can decorate your hallways!

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Designing Your Hallway

Once you have figured out the purpose, you can now move ahead with hallway décor. This guide to designing your hallway will help you achieve a hallway that is modern, practical, and attractive! The below listed basics are essential for any hallway design, whether it is decorative or for storage.

Start with Flooring

Hallways are often used roughly. Anyone entering your house steps on the hallway floor first which means a lot of dirt. Children will leave their sports accessories here after returning from their daily play hours. Therefore, hallway floors should be such that they withstand the test of time. Another important consideration when getting hallway flooring is that it should be easy to clean.

Nowadays, patterned tiles are the ‘in’ thing. They look stunning. They add warmth to the hallway. Patterned flooring can easily hide dirt which would be clearly visible on a plain floor. Moreover, if you place tiles diagonally, your hallway will look longer and wider. Hallway flooring can be done in plenty of ways. It all comes down to what you like.

Hallway Walls

Hallway wall décor has a major impact on how your hallway looks. Choosing the color combinations and the right accessories for decoration of a hallway are crucial. Make sure that the hallway wall décor you choose for your hallway is easy to clean and maintain because, as mentioned earlier, hallways are subjected to frequent wear and tear. Hallway wall art ideas will be looked at in detail ahead.

Plug Sockets

Plug sockets can really look off. You should always try to get plug sockets in places which are not immediately visible. Plug sockets are essential in hallways because they will be needed when you are vacuuming your car or when you want to plug in twinkling lights on your porch during Christmas. Make sure that you get sockets in areas that are under the cover of any decorative item or furniture.

Hallway Lights

A well-lit hallway will look bigger than it actually is. Also, fancy hallway lights can contribute to a stunning hallway wall décor. Hallway lights can give final, finishing touches to the overall look as well!

Hallway Wall Art Ideas

Hallway wall art is something that is doable in a low budget. Getting new flooring can cost you arm’s length. If you are low on budget and wish to revamp your hallway, hallway wall art is what you should focus on.

1. Photo Gallery in White

Frametory, Set of 9, 12x12 White Picture Frame - Made to Display 8x8 Photos with Ivory Mat - Swivel Tabs, Glass - Wide Molding, Collage Square Frames Wall Display - Horizontal/Vertical (12x12, White)

White color creates a sense of space. It can make rooms look larger and more spacious. It conveys cleanliness, simplicity, and freshness. Making your hallway all white is a wise decision if your hallway is small. Once you add the color white, your hallway will not look as small. A white photo gallery is a great hallway wall art idea. White-colored photo frames on hallway walls will make a stunning photo gallery. White frames will also make the colors in the pictures stand out!

2. Black-and-White Photo Gallery

Yxsd Vintage Photo Frame Wall Gallery Kit Home Decorative Wooden Picture Frame Sets,Europe Style 9 Pcs/Set Black White


Displaying pictures in black and white will give your hallway an artsy feel. It will look clean, bright, and open. Framing black and white pictures in white frames will hold the place together, and will ensure that space does not look closed-in. This is a great wall art idea for your hallway.

3. Hooks Coat Hanging

Baoblaze Creative Resin Animal Head Wall Mounted Hook Coat Hat Bag Hanging Home Decor Gift - Rose Gold Elephant

Most of the guests take their coats off as soon as they enter indoors. You wouldn’t want them throwing their coats on your sofas, would you? It is a great idea to install some hooks for hanging coats in your hallway so that your hallway looks organized at all times. Hooks for hanging coats are available in numerous designs that can add to your hallway wall décor. Taking care of minor details like these hooks, you will leave an impression on your guests that you are extremely well-managed and well-organized. Fancy wall hook can serve a decorative and a functional purpose at the same time.

4. Storage Racks

Mecor White Nightstand Dresser Storage Tower - 4 Wicker Drawers Storage Shelf - Paulownia Wood Side Tables/End Tables - Perfect for Bedroom Bathroom Living Room Dormitory

Storage racks are essential for hallways. They can house a lot of essentials that would otherwise create a clutter in your hallway. Since hallway walls are mostly empty, a storage rack against a wall will not make your hallway look congested and overdone. You should choose a storage rack that is light in color and not too huge. A storage accessory that blocks the passage is no good. Moreover, you can always use the top of your storage rack for displaying fresh plants, a lamp, or a framed family portrait to finish off the look with style!

5. Wall-Mounted Shoe Stand with a Bench

BuyHive Wood Shoe Bench Entryway Shoe Storage Rack Footwear Organizer Shelf Hallway Padding Seat (Brown)

Placing furniture on hallway floor may make the hallway look too packed. However, using the walls is a smart choice. Using a wall-mounted shoe stand at a height that can allow you to use it as a bench is a super creative way to use your hallway wall. Mounting a two-level shelf on the wall and using the top face of the shelf as a bench by placing a cushion will allow you to rest while you take your shoes off or while you put them on.

6. Welcome Wall Decal

Awesomedecals Welcome in Different Languages Wall Decal Hello Sign Word Cloud Decal Gift Many Languages Poster Hallway Quote Office Wall Art Entryway Wall Decor Sticker School Sticker Print 880

Wall decals are getting popular. They make stunning wall art at very affordable prices. A hallway is a welcoming passage to your home, so decorating it with a super cool welcome wall decal is a superb idea. It will make use of an empty wall and transform a dull and boring wall into something that looks cool and happening. If you are looking for simple, stylish, and affordable hallway wall art ideas, this one definitely tops the list!

7. Floating Wooden Bookshelf

cheerfullus Iron Wall Shelves Brackets Art Wooden Wall Bookshelf Metal Wall Rack with Vintage Wood Storage Holder - Diamond

Have you ever dreamt of having a library in your home but can’t fulfill it because of lack of space? Do you live in a small house that does not have an extra room for a library? Why don’t you use the hallway? Using hallways to serve as a library is a unique way of utilizing the hallway. Since the hallways have limited space, wall-mounted bookshelves are your best bet. A stylish wall-mounted floating bookshelf will make a perfect wall art while serving a purpose.

8. Wall-Mounted Metal Frame Shelf

GAO XING SHOP Floating Shelves Round Wall-Mounted Metal Frame, Retro Industrial Style Wall-Mounted Cubic Horizontal Bookshelf Storage Display Stand Wall-Mounted Unit Frame Decoration (Color : Bronze)

If you want to give your hallway a vintage and a warm feel, metal framed shelves should be your option. They add a touch of style and elegance. You can use the shelves to display items that enhance the vintage look like decorative items, photo frames, or souvenirs.

9. Wall-Mounted Console

LBYMYB Wall-Mounted Floating Frame TV Console Cable Box Router Remote Control DVD Player Game Console Satellite TV Box Bookshelf Wall Shelf (Color : White, Size : 60x23cm)

Consoles are a great way to decorate any room. When we talk about hallway décor, we focus on options that do not take up a lot of space and look good in a small space. A wall-mounted console is the best hallway wall art idea. You can use a wall-mounted console to light some scented candles or display fresh flowers. Your guests would drool over the feel that would give. A wall-mounted console comes with endless possibilities. It is a win-win situation in any case!

10. Panel Wall Art

wall26 3 Piece Floating Framed Canvas Wall Art for Living Room, Bedroom Abstract Canvas Prints for Home Decoration Ready to Hang - 16"x24"x3 Panels

Displaying a panel wall art is another great hallway wall art idea. A paneled painting of scenery or flowers will add a touch of liveliness and freshness to your hallway. Your hallway would not remain a dark, dull, neglected part of your house. This will be another style statement that makes people talk about your eye for details.

11. Windowpane Wall Mirror

Kate and Laurel Hogan 9 Windowpane Wood Wall Mirror, Rustic White 26x32

You can use your old windowpanes to make stunning wall art. By making a windowpane wall mirror, you are not only reusing old items to something productive but also adding to the hallway décor. Having a mirror on your hallway wall will make the hallway appear larger and more spacious. It will also make the hallway look brighter and livelier.

12. Potted Plants

Industrial Floating Shelves Wall Shelf - Floating Shelves Wood Wall Mounted, Hanging Shelves, Floating Shelves Rustic, with Pipe Hardware Brackets (Set of 2) 2'' X 7.5'' (Special Walnut, 24'')

Plants always bring about a feeling of freshness to any room. Why leave your hallways neglected? If you can’t think of anything that you can do with your hallway walls, mount a few ledges on to the wall and place some pots of fresh plants. You can also use wall hangings for hanging plants on your hallway walls. You will be amazed at the transformation simple plants can bring about.

13. Macramé Wall Hangings

Macrame Wall Decor Hanging - Bohemian Home Geometric Art Decor - Beautiful Apartment Dorm Room Decoration-Macrame Curtain-Macrame Wedding Backdrop for Christmas & Holiday Decorations W 50" x L 55"Inch

Macramé wall hangings look elegant and pretty. They are simple wall art accessory. The simplicity of these wall hangings makes them such a powerful hallway wall art idea. Macramé wall hangings are easily available in neutral colors. Neutral colors make the hallway look airy, simple, and elegant. You can always bring a macramé wall hanging to creative use like pasting small photographs on it to make it a hanging photo gallery.

14. Framed Mirror

Kate and Laurel Keyleigh Modern Glam Geometric Shaped Metal Accent Wall Mirror, Gold

As we have mentioned earlier, mirrors give the impression that space is larger than it really is. Since hallways are narrow and small, a farmed mirror would play a significant role in making your hallway appear larger and more spacious. So, when you enter your home, you don’t get the impression that you have just entered a congested place. In addition, the framed mirror makes incredible wall art.

15. Wall-Mounted Coat Rack

IRONCK Coat Rack, Entryway Bench, Hall Tree Entryway Organizer, Vintage Industrial Style Coat Stand Finish Perfectly Blends Into Hallway, Living Room, Bedroom (73.22" H x39.37 L x 15.75" W)

A coat rack is essential for hallways. However, most of the hallways are not spacious enough to accommodate coat racks. How about wall-mounted coat racks? They will utilize a plain wall and serve as a perfect coat hanger! When you have limited space, the ideal wall décor is something that is functional and decorative. A wall-mounted coat rack complies with both requirements, making it a great hallway wall art idea.

16. Moroccan Hand-Painted Mirror

Moroccan Wall Mirror with Doors Hand Painted Arabesque Handmade Decor Small Green

Have you ever seen a Moroccan hand painted mirror with doors? It is a beautiful piece of art. It is colorful and attractive. A Moroccan hand-painted mirror would make an amazingly pretty hallway wall art that every visitor will stop to admire!

17. Wooden Key Holder

SM SunniMix Wooden Key Holder Box 7 Hooks Wall Mounted & Tabletop Key Guard Storage Organizer Handmade Hallway Entryway Home Decor B

A key holder should always be near to the front door where you can hang keys of your car, the entrance door, and other keys. The age-old key hooks are no more in fashion. A stylish, wooden key holder would bring the level of hallway décor up. It keeps your keys secure and well in place. The stylish design makes it a super cool wall art. So, why not switch to a more modern and stylish key holder?

18. Wallpaper

Boutique Floral Wallpaper Yellow Rasch 226164

Our wall décor discussion can never be complete without the mention of wallpaper. We can’t stress enough on how amazing wall art with wallpaper looks. It is simple, easy, and light on the pocket. If you want a straight-forward hallway wall art idea, we suggest that you get a vibrant wallpaper. It will breathe life into a dull, boring hallway. Trust us when we say that your hallway will look more alive than it has looked in years with vibrant wallpaper!

19. Painting on Canvas

V-inspire Art, 24X48 Inch Oil Paintings on Canvas Art 100% Hand-Painted Contemporary Artwork Abstract Artwork Night Rainy Street Wall Art livingroom Bedroom Dinning Room Decorative Pictures Home Decor

We sometimes forget that our hallways deserve our attention as well. Paintings on canvas look great in any room of the house. They will look equally good in your hallway. They will add color and brightness o your hallway. You can simply keep the walls a neutral color and hang a bold painting. This would create an impact that you will be amazed to have created with a single painting.

20. Hallway Planters

California Home Goods Modern Hanging Planter Pots (2-Pack), Small Decorative Wall Planters for Cactus Decor & Hanging Plants, Wall Hanging Ceramic Planter with Brass Wire Frame, White Plant Decor


We have already discussed earlier how fresh plants can bring a sense of freshness to any interior. You can hang wall planters on your hallway walls and let fresh plants with brightly colored flowers spring out from these planters on to the wall. They will look breathtakingly beautiful against a white or a soft-colored hallway wall.

Hallway wall art is not as easy as it sounds, primarily because of two reasons: one is a lack of space and second is that it’s an area with no real purpose. Making use of this neglected, overlooked, and unattended part of your house is nothing less than a challenge. We are sure that our compilation of these simple, easy, and super-affordable hallway wall art ideas must have helped you with the decoration of your own hallway walls. Do a revamp with these fun hallway wall art ideas. You can thank us later!

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