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This is our Staircase design gallery where you can browse lots of photos or filter down your search with the options on the right.  We hope you find your inspiration here.  We add new designs every week.

Staircase Photos

Staircase Type








The home's staircase features elegant style that leads to various indoor amenities.Trulia

Another look of the staircase featuring its modern design. Photo Credit: Adam LetchSAOTA

The home features modern style staircase leading to the house's another level. Photo Credit: Adam LetchSAOTA

The hallway features hardwood flooring all the way to the staircase. Photo credit: Marc CramerPaul Bernier Architecte

The home features hardwood built and staircase leading to various indoor amenities.

The home also features a staircase walkway with beautiful greens on the side.Trulia

Half turn staircase with white walls and hardwood rails. Photo Credit: Adam LetchSAOTA

Second floor of the house featuring the kitchen with a hardwood flooring and glass walls.Bourgeois / Lechasseur architects

Half-turn staircase with hardwood walls and steel with glass rail.Bourgeois / Lechasseur architects


Staircase and doorway with wall lighting. Photo credit: Mickaël Martins AfonsoDesigned by: Martins | Afonso atelier de design

Top of the staircase featuring a skylight. Photo credit: Mickaël Martins AfonsoDesigned by: Martins | Afonso atelier de design

Contemporary spiral staircase with white walls. Photo credit: Mickaël Martins AfonsoDesigned by: Martins | Afonso atelier de design

Contemporary living space with stylish rug and wall decor along with a TV on wall. Photo credit: Alex MaguireLLI Design

Staircase with hardwood flooring and wooden rails. Photo credit: Photography / Styling : Rick Mccullagh / LLI DesignLLI Design

Staircase with white walls and hardwood flooring. Photo credit: Bruce DamonteStudio VARA

Straight staircase with vinyl flooring and white walls. Photo Credit: Francis Dzikowski/OTTOBFDO Architects

Modern style staircase with white walls surrounding the area. Photo credit: Steve MontpetitAtelier BOOM-TOWN

The mansion features a three quarter turn staircase leading to the house's second floor.Trulia

Grand foyer greets family and friends upon entering the house. Beautiful tiles flooring matches well with white built of the space.Trulia

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Spanning various styles and materials, we’ll take a look at staircases that may wow, inspire, or excite you. Others may bore you, irk you, or leave you feeling dissatisfied. Whether you’re looking for a modern staircase, minimalist staircase, spiral staircase,  or contemporary staircase ideas Home Stratosphere has you covered.

It’s only when you stop to look at the individual elements of the staircase that you can begin to decipher your responses to it. How is it constructed? What elements are showcased? What parts are minimized? What are the building materials used?

As a short primer, some terminology can be helpful.

As you know, staircases are made up of steps. Steps, in turn, are usually made up of a tread – where your foot lands – and risers – the vertical portion between the treads.

Supporting the treads and risers are what are called “stringers”, typically one on each side. Stringers hold up the treads and risers.

The balustrade, or railing system, is the system of handrails (banisters) and spindles (balusters) that keeps people from falling over the edge.

Beyond this, there are many other components of a staircase – present in some, and missing in others – that make up its design.

Let’s take a look at a sampling of some staircases. You can decide which ones work for you, and which ones don’t. Keep in mind that the context of a staircase is just as important as the staircase itself.

Main parts of a staircase

Parts of a staircase illustrated chart

Click here for our parts of a staircase article.

Types of Stairs

Types of staircases diagram

Click here to read our full types of staircases article.

As you research and look at many staircase photos and designs, you’ll quickly notice that there are not many different types of stairs.

The following are the main types of stairs:

  • Straight stairs;
  • Quarter-turn;
  • Half-turn;
  • Three-quarter turn;
  • 180 degree turn;
  • Circular;
  • Winding;
  • Spiral; and
  • Bifurcated.

Stair Materials

For the home, most stairs are built with wood, but some are glass, steel or even concrete.

As for the step material, wood, carpet, laminate, concrete and glass are the main materials.  I’m partial to carpet on the stairs, not because it looks best, but because it’s soft and offers additional grip.  Hardwood surface stairs, while they look amazing, can be deadly.  Besides, we have young kids and I’m much more comfortable with them on our carpeted stairs than our hardwood stairs.

If you have hardwood stairs and have the same concerns, you can easily install a carpet runner which can look great.  You see the hard wood on the side of the carpet.  It’s a nice effect and very practical.