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401 Custom Bathroom Ideas for 2019 (Photos)

Welcome to our epic custom bathroom design ideas photo gallery showcasing hundres of bathroom designs ideas of all types.

Custom bathroom design ideas.

Welcome to our main bathroom remodel ideas photo gallery where you can search thousands of bathroom design ideas for 2019. This is our main Bathroom design gallery where you can browse thousands of photos or filter down your search with the options on the right.  We hope you find your inspiration here.  We add new designs every week.

Bathroom Design Photo Gallery


Designed by: ARRCC | Architect: SAOTA


Designed by: ARRCC | Architect: SAOTA

After - 5F - Master Ensuite - Vanity Unit - LLI Design

Designed by: LLI Design

After - 5F - Master Ensuite - Bath - LLI Design

Designed by: LLI Design

Condo master bathroom with floating vanity and massive picture window next to marble faced tub
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Designed by: Sanders Architecture

2018-10-31 at 7.34.53 AMusovo-olegklodt 9-min

Architect: Oleg Klodt


Source: Klein

View of master bathroom through picture window from the staircase.

href="https://www.sebastianvandamme.nl/" rel="nofollow" target="blank"> Sebastian van Damme | Architect: EVA

Minimalist master bedroom with built in wardrobe and desk in condo apartment.

Photo credit: Allex Jeffries | Designed by askdeco

Modern master bathroom with large floating grey vanity with black surface. Fabulous glass shelving above the vanity.

Photo credit: Allex Jeffries | Designed by askdeco


Types of Bathrooms

One of the most often overlooked rooms when designing a home makeover is the bathroom. However, it is one of the most frequently used rooms in the house.

Designing, remodelling and building a new bathroom is something that can be exciting and fun. There are some issues you need to plan for before you first start laying tile, though. We hope this guide will alert you to these problems as well as provide you with inspiration and ideas for your next remodel.

1. Planning Your Design

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Many aspects go into a design plan. You need to select the right tiles, flooring, fixtures, and plumbing. However, you also need to consider things like building permits, constructions costs and the type of bathroom you are going to install.

Plumbing and drainage are going to be the most substantial obstacles in your design. You must ensure that everything is done correctly. It may not be a bad idea to hire a contractor for at least this part. Unlike a bedroom or living area, you may not be able to put things exactly where you want them.

Especially in an existing home. While pipes and drains can be re-routed, it may not be very cost effective.

2. Cost

You should allow room in your budget for a building permit. Most permits, depending on where you live, will cost you between $400 and $2000. If you decide to hire a contractor, you should get at least three different bids and make sure that all fees include required permits.

Your other costs will come mainly from the plumbing and fixtures. New pipes will cost an average of $1100, which you can drastically cut down if you do the work yourself.

Another thing to consider is the bathtub. If you are happy with your current tub, you can save a lot of money by having it refinished, instead of paying to have a brand new one installed.

Make sure your budget covers everything you want to be done in your bathroom and don’t be afraid to look for cost-effective alternatives for items that might get pricey fast.

3. Types

There are only two types of bathrooms in a home: The master bathroom and the powder room, or guest bathroom.

A. Master Bathrooms

Master bathrooms will have all of the bathroom fixtures: toilet, sink tub and shower. These are usually private set bathrooms that are adjacent to the master bedroom or centrally located between the bedrooms in the home.

Because of the size and the features installed, a master bathroom will cost you more to remodel or build than a powder room. You should always plan carefully for each element in the master bathroom and look for alternatives when shopping for a particular piece.

B. Powder Rooms

A powder room is a smaller bathroom that, in general, will only have a sink and a toilet. These bathrooms are reserved for guests and give them a place to go without having to find their way through your entire home.

Because powder rooms are generally a lot smaller than master bathrooms, their costs can be kept quite low. A fresh coat of paint, for example, will give you an entirely new look and feel and cost a lot less than tile.

4. Features

Once your fixtures are selected, and in place, you get to explore your imagination with the elements. There will be several aspects to consider that you may not realize. You should think about both the type of flooring and storage space, also.

The style or theme you bring into your bathroom doesn’t need to match the rest of the home. You should consider what style and features you will use though, and make sure it is within your budget.

A. Flooring

There are obvious choices to avoid when it comes to the flooring in your bathroom. Carpet is a bad choice. You will need a flooring that is waterproof and easy to clean up and dry. Carpet will not only be more challenging to keep clean and dry than tile or hardwood, but it will also hold odors that shouldn’t be held on to.

Tile and vinyl are the top choices for bathroom flooring. Both are waterproof and easily cleaned. You can select patterns to match your style or create your own with new colors and placement.

If you are going for a style that prevents the tile or vinyl from looking good, you can also go with hardwood or laminate. You should ensure, though, that with these choices you will need to add waterproof sealant and keep an eye out for gouges and scratches.

B. Walls and Ceilings

One of the most exciting aspects of a new bathroom is the walls. Painting is the more preferred option when it comes to covering the walls. You can use any color you desire in a bathroom, which is why style and theme selection can be so much fun.

In the smaller powder rooms, it is generally advised to avoid dark colors which will make the room appear smaller than it really is. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t have dark accents to tie your style together.

You may also overlook the ceiling. Using this space can really add to your theme. Bare beams add a great touch to a nautical or beach theme, and textured ceiling tiles can boost a modern or contemporary style to the next level.

C. Fixtures

Bathrooms serve a purpose. Like a kitchen, there is a reason for the accessories in the room other than aesthetics. Your sinks need to be functional as well as stylish, and you can find a faucet that brings out the style you have chosen.

The toilets need to be easily accessed, and if you have issues sitting or standing, you should find a toilet with a taller height. Handicap access needs consideration as well; especially if a friend or family member that may visit is in a wheelchair or has difficulty using the facilities.

Bathtubs are one of the best fixtures in the bathrooms. You can have a basic tub or a lavish tub. Clawfoot tubs are making a large return to bathroom decorations, and you can find great deals at antique stores and second-hand shops.

The shower shouldn’t be overlooked either. You want to ensure you have a nice area to move in with enough room between the shower head and the top of the head of your family members. There are hundreds of shower options to choose from and your budget and imagination are the only limits.

D. Lighting

Natural lighting is not the best option for bathrooms for obvious reasons. This doesn’t mean you can’t use it. As a primary lighting source, you should consider overhead lighting as well as wall sconces.

You will need ventilation in the bathroom, but you do not need ceiling fans. A nice overhead light will work just fine. Placing sconces around the mirrors will add much-needed illumination and add style and beauty to your space.

E. Windows

As discussed earlier, windows aren’t a great source for dominant lighting. However, having windows in your bathroom is a good idea. It will help remove moisture and allow fresh air to circulate the space.

Window coverings need to be factored in, though, especially if your windows face a neighbor or a street. Frosted glass is ideal for bathroom windows and means you can do away with window dressings that may get wet or moldy.

F. Shelving and Storage

Not to be overlooked is a place to store all of your toiletries and bathroom essentials. Sink cabinets with drawers are popular options. However, if you opt for pedestal style sinks, you may not have the counter space to install cabinets.

You can put in shelving to hold towels and extra rolls of bathroom paper. You can also pick up beautiful pedestal cabinets that wrap around the base of your sink to store cleaning supplies and other items you don’t want out in the open.

The shower is another space to think about storage. Soap and shampoos bottles should have a space that makes them easy to reach and access.

5. Styles

When it comes to choosing a style, your options truly are limitless. While the bathroom is an extension of your interior, the style can be one of its own.

Most bathrooms make use of brighter colors and style themes. A beach theme will make use of whites, blues, and yellows and is easily accented with beach style art and decorations.

Among the most popular styles for bathrooms are:

  • Modern
  • Traditional
  • Contemporary

These styles are elegant, simple and make use of smaller spaces like bathrooms very well. They also tie into most home décor without much-added effort or expense. When thinking about the style to use for your bathroom, you need to rely more on colors and accents as there will be no furniture there to help the style out.

A. Modern

Modern styles make use of bold colors and bright accents usually in silver or chrome. This is why it is trendy for a bathroom. Chrome accents such as drawer knobs, faucet spouts and handles and modern chrome wall scones are very popular.

Finding the appropriate accents and design elements in your fixtures is easy. Almost every home improvement store will carry a wide variety of modern style bathroom pieces.

B. Traditional

In a traditional bathroom style, you will see a lot of beige and eggshell colors. These can be used to tie in with a myriad of colors for accent pieces such as shower curtains and floor mats.

You can even combine most styles with a traditional theme. Using traditional style lighting and sconces with blues, teals and greens will give your beach theme a nautical appeal. Accenting with faux wood handles and boat art will tie the space together nicely.

C. Contemporary

Contemporary themes work well in the bathroom because of the luxury feel. Dimmers on the lighting and candles placed throughout with hints of lavender make the room very relaxing and cozy, which is perfect for unwinding in your new tub after a long day at work.

Contemporary colors are softer and allow for accents to match easily. Countertop decorations and floor mats will tie in the cozy atmosphere that the contemporary theme creates.

6. Sizes

Bathrooms vary in size from very small to enormous. Some master bathrooms on the large end will have a regular tub and a Jacuzzi tub as well as a walk-in closet for storage.

On the smaller side, such as in a powder room, size will be very limited. You will need to account for the space you have and make sure you have enough room to make the design work.

7. Options

Unlike the rest of the house, there aren’t very many options you will have to play with. Selecting the right accent pieces and art will go a long way to making the room complete.

A. Accents

Your lighting pieces will be the primary focus for your accents. Picking stylish sconces and overhead lighting will place your bathroom among one of your most favorite rooms. However, the details will make everything stand out.

From faucets and handles to the knobs on the drawers and the flush handle on your toilet, you can match styles throughout to make an aesthetic look that resonates whenever you enter the room.

B. Art

Art in the bathroom should be sparse and straightforward. You can add small decorations to the countertops and play around with window dressings and shower curtains to tie your theme together.

Whatever you decide, don’t overlook your bathroom design. From choosing a style or theme to deciding on a claw foot tub or a built-in style, your imagination can really run free.

Designing your bathroom layout and decorations should be fun. Choose a style that best suits you and your needs as well as your desires. Don’t forget to add textures to the space to draw on every element.

Experiment with paint styles and add sight lines and shapes that accentuate your design and theme. When picking a color, be sure it is a color you will enjoy and don’t be afraid to try something bold or daring.

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