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21 Unique Bedroom Ideas to Create A Special Sanctuary

Welcome to our site where you will find unique yet functional bedroom designs. Bedrooms are an essential part of the home, they are often considered a sanctuary where you can retreat to recharge. These particular bedrooms have more of an unusual quality within the design which makes them more unique, compared to a traditional style room.

Be sure to scroll through our curated interior photos so you can read all about the details of each design. We hope to inspire and ignite creativity on your design journey.

1. The Locomotive Bedroom

A focused look at this kid's bedroom's custom train-designed bed. The room features a tall ceiling, gray walls and stylish hardwood flooring.

This might be the most elaborate and clever bed I’ve ever seen for a kid’s room.  A custom train bed featuring the locomotive part, that sits on a track made of wood and appears to be headed into a tunnel. The nightstand, which is placed next to the train, is a wood dresser that says  “high-voltage”. The remaining area of the room seems relatively normal with hardwood floors, custom drapes on the window and a seating area. 

2. Tree House Bedroom

Primary bedroom boasting a tall ceiling with beams and a custom bed lighted by a chandelier. The room features a fireplace with a widescreen TV just above it.

This primary bedroom has a birch tree bed frame, which creates a treehouse effect. There are exposed wood beams on the ceiling and fireplace is made of stone. A large chaise lounge chair is placed in the corner mirrored by a smaller version that is next to the window. A large printed area rug adds texture and creates a cozy vibe for this unique bedroom design. 

3. Contemporary Inspired Loft Bedroom

This custom primary bedroom boasts a very attractive personal space for bed with hardwood flooring and a ceiling with beams.

Contemporary spacious loft features some very futuristic and ultra-modern furniture. The curved red bed frame is a bold pop of color in the otherwise gray monochromatic color scheme. Silver oval-shaped tables lay about and are apparently used for side tables, with one that showcases an orange glass light. In the far corner is a dark curvy armchair for lounging.

4. Agate Wall Bedroom

Primary bathroom boasting a striking wall decor behind the large modern bed setup. The room also features glass sliding door and dark hardwood flooring.

This primary bedroom has an incredible headboard, that is made entirely of agate rock.  The room itself feels like it is floating in nature with the rock and outdoor greenery peeping through the large sliding glass door. The bed is built up onto a wood platform, that has steps that lead to foot of the bed. Although the room looks spacious, if feels cozy and very zen-like. 

5. Floating Light Bedroom

A closer look at this primary bedroom's stunning custom made bed lighted by bright lighting, along with built-in bedside tables. The room has a tray ceiling and carpet flooring.

A closer look at this primary bedroom’s stunning custom made bed lighted by bright lighting, along with built-in bedside tables. The room has a tray ceiling and carpet flooring.

6. Maximalist Pink Dreams Bedroom

This primary bedroom boasts a custom ceiling and walls, along with carpeted flooring. It offers an elegant bed set with two side tables on the side, topped by table lamps.

This primary bedroom is every maximalist’s dream filled with every shade of pink imaginable. It features a custom canopy bed with pink drapes surrounding the bed. ceiling and walls, along with carpeted flooring. It offers an elegant bed set with two side tables on the side, topped by table lamps.

7. Green with Envy Kid’s Bedroom

Spacious primary bedroom with a nice cozy bed lighted by pendant lights. There's a stylish custom wall and hardwood floors topped by an area rug.

This unique and eclectic kid’s bedroom would make any child green with envy over the built-in wall slide.  It looks like the contraption or stairs to get onto the slide is hidden, which makes it more exciting. A custom stripe bed and headboard create a more traditional feel along with the vintage style chest of drawers, which is used as a nightstand. A white octagon table serves as a craft or play table and the large textured rug warms up the space. 

8. Bunkbed Dreams Bedroom

A kids room boasting a custom bed setup. The room has hardwood floors and a sliding glass window.

This cheerful and airy bedroom takes the idea of having bunkbeds to another level. Imagine having this incredible sleeping set-up as a child, inviting your friends over to experience the most incredible custom bunkbeds ever. The painted clouds on the wall over the top bunk, paired with the teal colored frame is the perfect design. The light wood floors and door along with the white bedding keep the room feeling light and airy. 

9. Sleeping on a Cloud Bedroom

A focused look at this kids bedroom's custom-made bed set with a staircase and a ladder, along with blue walls. The room features a wooden shed ceiling as well.

This incredible custom bed unit complete with a built-in staircase and a ladder, creates the feeling like you’re sleeping on a cloud. The entire unit is made with light wood, even the shed roof, which has a small recessed light that looks like a star in the sky. The cut-out areas for each bed are painted a rich blue hue paired with white bedding, which is what gives it the feeling of sleeping on a cloud.

10. Modern & Minimal Light Filled Bedroom

This primary bedroom boasts custom walls and ceiling, along with a modern bed setup with an attractive table lamp on the side.-121919.jpg”>

<p< span=””>>Solid wood flooring and headboard create a backdrop for this modern white platform bed and side tables. The tables seem to be connected to the bed so it makes the room feel less cluttered and minimal. The deep green tones paired with the yellow light houses and under lighting behind the bed, make the room feel cozy and warm.


11. Eclectic Maximal Bedroom

Small bedroom boasting a custom pink bed set on top of a stylish area rug covering the hardwood flooring. The room also offers a modern leather sitting chair on the side.21919.jpg”>

A pink fuchsia sleigh-style bed is the main focal point in this eclectic bedroom with maximal design. The white bedding contrasts well against the hot pink and compliments the patchwork style rug. An orange leather swivel chair is used for lounging and framed architect prints above the bed add interest to the room. The custom drapes and lighting make the room feel cohesive and complete. 

12. Floating on Water Bedroom

Custom primary bedroom suite featuring a cozy bed with sitting areas overlooking the stunning view of the surroundings.</p>

This gorgeous bedroom has an amazing indoor-outdoor feel and creates the illusion like you’re floating on water. You have the ability to slide the doors open all the way to make it seem like the ocean is part of the design. There is a sofa placed at the foot of the bed and I can only imagine lounging there with a cup of coffee, staring into the sea all day. It would be hard to be productive in a room like this where all you want to do is daydream. 

13. Light & Bright Artist Bedroom

Large custom primary suite featuring a modern bed setup with built-in bedside tables along with a freestanding tub on the side. The room features hardwood floors, white walls and a white ceiling.

This spacious light and bright primary suite feels like an artist studio where you come to get inspired. It features a modern bed with built-in bedside tables and large dresser on opposite side. A freestanding tub is placed in the nook area surrounded by custom pink doors that create a cathedral vibe. Large circular windows with a flower design are placed along the right side of room, which create a sense of whimsy. 

14. Goodnight Moon Kid’s Bedroom

Primary bedroom with a custom wall design that looks absolutely stunning, together with a custom bed setup in the middle.

Looking at this darling kid’s room, is a nostalgic reminder of reading the book “Goodnight Moon” to my own children. The magical customwall mural is the perfect backdrop paired with the wood platform bed and blue area rug. So many unique accessories like the wood dog lights and oversized blue chair and triangle pendant lights. This is a fantastic place to ignite creativity through a child’s eyes. 

15. Minimalist With a View Bedroom

A custom-made primary bedroom featuring a cozy bed set, multiple reach-in closets and a personal bathroom.19.jpg”>

This custom primary bedroom features a minimal design but creative use of space. The bed is simple but functional and behind is the open reach-in closet space where you can store all your hanging and folded clothes. The remaining space is architecturally interesting with the wood and gray walls and large open window that lets in the natural light. 

16. Patchwork & Wood Bedroom

Primary bedroom featuring a custom built-in bed in the corner with a stylish wall. The room also has its own personal small bathroom with a walk-in shower.

This fun primary bedroom features a patch-work style art installation above the built-in bed and storage drawers. A matching wood desk is an extension of the bed for an office space.&nbsp; The room also features its own personal &nbsp;bathroom with a walk-in shower and bright green floors for a pop of color.

17. Exploring The World Bedroom

A nursery bedroom with a custom swinging couch and a striking nursery bed with built-in shelves and globe models above. The room has hardwood flooring topped by a map-inspired area rug.

This charming nursery bedroom features a custom swinging sofa and a striking nursery bed with built-in shelves and globe models above. The room has hardwood flooring topped by a map-inspired area rug. 

18. Coastal Twin-Bed Charm Bedroom

A closer look at this kids bedroom's custom beds. The room features hardwood floors and wooden walls, along with a white shed ceiling.

Relaxed coastal vibes with these matching twin trundle beds and woven roman shades in this guest bedroom. Rustic wood floors and a jute rug contrast well against the white shiplap walls, to create that serene coastal design. 

19. Monochromatic Pink Bedroom

Girls bedroom featuring a lovely pink large custom bed along with a study desk featuring a gorgeous pink chair. The room has a pink ceiling light and a pink window curtain.“>>

This girls dream bedroom features a beautiful monochromatic pink design. Pink checked carpet and pale walls are paired with a bold velvet daybed with layered throw pillows for texture. Victorian style roman shades adorn the window and a unique custom upholstered chair pairs with the built-in pink wall desk. A sweet semi-flush light fixture hangs in center of the room and a top shelf, above the desk, displays toys and collectibles. 

20. Half-Moon Bedroom

This is a view of the bedroom with a narrow set of glass windows running the middle of the curved wall across from the bed that is built into the wooden wall of the headboard.

This half circle bedroom has an incredible view that spans the length of the room. The lower wall and headboard are made of gorgeous teak wood and the upper part of walls is painted white. The bed is minimal with white bedding, because you don’t need much to distract you from that amazing view. A small seating area is placed in front of the window for lounging.

21. Whimsical & Bright Nursery

This charming nursery room has so many fun and whimsical elements that make it unique and cozy. All the cute patterns like the stripes and polka dots are delightful and texture and depth to the design. Any child would be lucky to enjoy a space like this to grow and be inspired by.  


Preliminary Bedroom Planning

You’ll need to consider several factors whether you’re remodeling or making changes to your home. It’s not a snap decision because of the red tape and money involved. You’ll need to get a building permit. You may end up affecting the appraised value of your home which can, in turn, raise your property taxes. It’s essential to consider the consequences of your choices.

Bedroom Cost

Budget is a crucial part of the decision-making process. It includes many make-or-break decisions. You must do your research to avoid any unpleasant surprises. For example, a building permit averages $1,237 depending on where you live. And if you’re installing an addition, your costs may top $40,000 or more.

You can rein in your expenses with more modest upgrades. Installing new flooring will cost you around $2,800. Repainting a room can create a big impact without the high price tag. It’s crucial to set a budget and figure out the costs for each part of the remodeling project if that is your end goal. Consider the cost of furniture and any other additions you’ll want to make.

Costs range from less than $1,000 for a child’s room to upward of $3,500 for a completely furnished primary bedroom. Of course, you can work in some wiggle room with refurbished pieces and second-hand furniture. When you’re figuring out your budget, do it as line items to see where you can scale back if necessary.

<p< span=””>>The primary bedroom is the one room which is included in 100 percent of new homes, according to the NAHB. The square footage and the home’s style often dictate whether you’ll see additional ones. About one-third of new houses have a guest room. The majority then are either kids’ bedrooms or baby nurseries.


It’s a safe bet that the nursery becomes the child’s room with a bit of remodeling. Basic principles underlie each one. Comfort is essential. Nothing should interfere with anyone getting a good night’s sleep.


Think of your empty bedroom as an artist’s canvas. Now comes the fun part of filling the bedroom with color and furnishings. You’ll often see brighter hues in kids’ rooms and nurseries to bring a positive energy to the room. Adult rooms lean toward the quieter side. Let’s explore your options.p>

Other materials lag far behind these options. Area rugs are another feature to consider no matter what type of flooring. You can use decorative ones like Oriental styles to create a focal point. Brown and beige dominate the color choices in nearly two-thirds of bedrooms. Take into account the type of room to help you choose an appropriate fiber type.

2. Ceiling

You might not give a lot of thought to the ceiling, but it can also add to the impact of a room. Exposed ceiling beams, for example, can create a cozy feel in a cottage or country style bedroom. For a less expensive option, simply paint it in a different color or give it a different texture. That will work in all types of bedrooms.

4. Lighting>

Even if the room has an overhead light, you should consider adding a nightstand with a table lamp if just for the convenience. One on each side will create a pleasing symmetry for a traditional bedroom style. If your room includes warm colors, opt for a matching finish like bronze or cold. Likewise, chrome will fit in with a contemporary or modern decor.


Styles define a bedroom and act as a guide for its features and options. Some find it’s a good starting point for choosing from the types of bedrooms. Several kinds stand out as classics and new favorites. The top five choices are:

3. Shapes

You’ll find shapes in two or three-dimensional forms. Like lines, they may be suggested by certain shading patterns that make them appear real. You’ll see geometric ones in styles like industrial with its nod to factories and mechanical settings. Other decors like rustic take their cues from nature with freeform designs.

4. Texture

Texture adds interest and an inviting element to a bedroom. Some styles such as tropical thrive on natural textures such as bamboo and wicker. Layers are another excellent way to use it. Think of an ordered group of pillows on a bed made of different materials like cotton, silk/”>silk, or faux fur.

5. Space

The goal whether it is the primary bedroom or one for the kidsa> is adequate space for furnishings and the occupants to move freely. A general guideline is to leave about three feet of space on any open sides of the bed. That will make a room feel less cluttered.


Nearly 90 percent of bedrooms are either medium or large size. The NAHB Special Study found that the average square footage for a primary bedroom is 309 and 481 for other types. The area increased with the total size of the new home. Primary bedrooms ranged from 231 to 411 square foot and 216 to 731 for other rooms. Other rooms are typically 200 square foot or less.

Size is the limiting factor for any space. It can present a challenge in a compact room with the minimalist modern style. Likewise, it’ll take some thought for making an expansive bedroom feel inviting. Whatever the space you have, don’t feel like you have to fill every square inch on the floor or walls. Blank areas create resting places for your eyes.

Design Elements

Design elements are the building blocks that give a room its structure. That don’t exist in isolation but rather as a cohesive group. You’ll find that some styles rely on certain variations of them. In a kid’s room or nursery, they may not matter as much as the room’s overall theme and color scheme. Let’s go over how to use them to create the ideal look for your bedroom.

2. Lines

Lines create unity in a room. You’ll see both clearly defined ones and others that are implied. Straight lines bring order and class to a room. They’re common features with styles like craftsman. Likewise, other decors embrace curved lines such as Victorian with its ornate details found on the furniture.

5. Window Treatments

Choosing a window treatment often comes down to how much control you want over privacy and the amount of light a room receives. You can also include layers with curtains over blinds or shades. You’ll have more options for managing the natural light.

Remember that you can use window treatments for both decorative and functional purposes. You can wake up with the sun with a bedroom decked out in sheers that letting in some light. You can add lined curtains or drapes to a room with a northern exposure to keep it warm during the winter. Room-darkening shades or curtains are great options for kids’ rooms and nurseries.

6. Shelving and Storage

Shelving or free-standing bookcases are desirable features in a bedroom. You can fill them with your favorite novels interspersed with some personal mementos and photographs. In a child’s room, it’s a great place to store collections and/or toys. It also offers a way to showcase an accent piece in a complementary or contrasting color.


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