Formal Living Room with large window, fireplace and brown sofa

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In recent years, living room design has moved toward a more casual and comfortable style and away from the stuffy “drawing room” designs of past centuries.  In fact, in many homes (big and small), the living room serves as both the entertaining space for guests as well as the family room.

Our gallery, while it includes living rooms on the formal side, you’ll notice that while these rooms are more often than not from luxury homes, they’re designed to be used regularly, are inviting and comfortable… many featuring plush sofas, sectionals and comfortable armchairs.

Nevertheless, the move toward a more casual living space hasn’t diminished the aesthetic appeal.  In fact, I much prefer an inviting and comfortable living room over a stuffy and formal space loaded down in ornate design and uncomfortable furniture.

Another interesting design element to note is room size.  Living rooms can be incredibly beautiful in both big and small spaces.

In fact, a large cavernous space doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a nicer room.  Our gallery below features many smaller living rooms that are beautiful, functional and no less inviting than the larger rooms.

While at first glance it may seem designing a kitchen or bathroom is much more difficult than creating a beautiful and functional living room due to the technical requirements, that isn’t necessarily the case.

The reason designing a living room can be challenging is the many elements that must be considered – from floor to ceiling … and then furniture selection.  It’s not an easy task to turn an empty space into a spectacular living, but it’s done all the time and our gallery is evidence of it (even if you don’t like some of the designs – we’re confident you’ll find some that would be perfect for you).