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96 Sunroom Ideas – Big, Small, Budget-Friendly and More (Photos)

Here's a bright and sunny photo gallery featuring sunroom design ideas. We include all kinds of sunroom furniture ideas, big examples, small ideas, budget-friendly options and more.

Welcome to our sunroom design ideas. Throughout this article we will go over all of the different features of sunrooms that you may not have though of before! The idea is to get inspired about your own sunny space.

We’re going to go through a bunch of sunroom decorating ideas; from the differences between a modern sunroom and a more traditional sunroom style, sunroom decor like a potted plant collection, throw pillows, coffee table ideas, wicker furniture, and much more.

It is possible to achieve the perfect sunroom. All you need is comfortable seating, sunroom windows, and you can create a truly wonderful extra living space. Maybe even go a little wild and get a hot tub in there!

What are Sunrooms Used For?

A sun room can truly be anything. It has no requirements, except for maybe being made of glass window to let the light in. Whether it be more of a patio enclosure, a screened porch, or a full on solarium, you can create the space as you please and inhabit it with whatever activity you like.

A sunroom can be an extra living room, a home office, reading rooms or nooks, and an extra dining area too. Most often they’re a living room where you sit containing sofas, chaise lounges, chairs, rocking chairs, rattan furniture, etc.

Sunroom Ceilings

As you’ll discover in our photo gallery, some sunrooms have a solid ceiling with large windows, while others have transparent ceilings made of windows as well as walls made of windows. Some are a hybrid with large skylights.

The key is that 3 sides are a bank of windows (at least that was our requirement to include it in this gallery). Some ceilings are flat while others are vaulted or a cathedral shape. Sunroom style has a lot to do with the amount of windows in the space.

Sunroom Floors

Common floors for sunrooms is tile; however, hardwood and carpet are solid flooring options too. If you’ll be entering the sunroom from outside frequently, tile is probably best because it’s the best type of floor to clean!

The floor can also greatly change the overall vibe of your beautiful sunroom. By adding a rough wood floor you can achieve more of rustic style sunroom, whereas linoleum or tile will give it a greenhouse-type feel.

Sunroom vs. Covered Patio

Though both spaces are designed to operate as a half inside-half outside space, there are some differences between sunrooms and covered patios. Patios will commonly have a roof and sometimes a patio door, but no walls, whereas a sunroom will have both walls and a roof.

This not only helps keep your furniture dry and well maintained, but having a sunroom also helps keep the bugs out! Additionally, the windows behave as a kind of insulator. It keeps the wind and cold air out, but keeps the heat from the sun in. Sunrooms can be enjoyed almost any time of year as long as it’s a sunny day.

This means sunrooms are easy to climate control, but the downside is you don’t get the “outdoor” feeling while sitting in sunrooms. Another downside to sunrooms is they cost more because of the finished flooring and expansive windows. The best solution is to have both a sunroom addition and patio (or deck).

Options of Sunroom

Sunrooms, also known as conservatories, are extensions of living rooms that are usually fully enclosed in glass on three sides. Unlike a conservatory, sunrooms have a true ceiling and roof instead of a glass one. However, sunrooms can have transparent roofs as well.

In the United States, sunrooms are used for reading, relaxing or entertaining without having to be outside to enjoy the elements. This guide will show you the features and options of a sunroom and give you design ideas and inspiration for your very own sunroom.

A. Size

Sunrooms are mainly designed for relaxing and hanging out. Some people use them as breakfast nooks or dining rooms or even a space for a home office.

The size of your sunroom will determine what you can actually do with space and what features and options it will contain. When talking about the size of a sunroom, the square footage of the area will be the sole factor considered in its designation.

1. Small

A small sunroom is generally anything up to 200 square feet. While the actual size designation is irrelevant, what you can do with such limited space is not.

Small sunrooms are more often used as sitting rooms for relaxation or reading. They will have a small end table and a chair or recliner and some form of overhead light or lamp. Other than that, they are fairly simple and are used just to watch the world outside. They’re also a great place to grow plants!

2. Medium

Medium sized sunrooms offer more space for a variety of uses. In general medium size, it referred to as a sunroom with more than 200 square feet and less than 500 square feet.

Medium rooms are more likely to be used as an extension of a living room rather than just a room on its own. You can also use this space as a dining room or a breakfast nook. It is a relaxing way to start your morning or end your day. It would also be very easy to host a dinner party in a sunroom.

3. Large

Large sunrooms are defined as any space larger than 500 square feet. Large sunrooms will have a variety of uses for sitting and relaxing to entertaining. Most large sunrooms get converted to home offices.

If this is the case you will need to make sure the electrician knows of your plans prior to installation, so the outlets and wires do not interfere with the large window panes. Window dressings are usually added when the room is more than a relaxation place, or when expensive equipment is stored within.

B. Features

Sunrooms, just like any other room in your home, will need items to make it usable. Furniture and shelving, for example. Once you decide if your sunroom is used as an office, for relaxation, or for entertainment, you will have a better idea of what you need inside.

1. Tables and Chairs

No sunroom would be complete without a spot to sit down. Either at a dinner table or in a cozy recliner to watch the world pass you by, chairs are certainly the only requirement.

Sofas are popular in sunrooms because they offer seating for more than just one, or for one to stretch out and really relax. If you are going to use the space for a home office or for dining, you will also need a table. You can use a mission style desk as a conversion and have both!

2. Couch and Loungers

If you have a medium or larger sized sunroom, you should be tempted to place a sofa in there. You can also use a lounger or a fainting couch for more aesthetic appeal, depending on the style choices you make.

Sofas can even be convertible sofas for laying out under the stars while still being indoors. You would need large skylights or a transparent roof in your sunroom for this, but if you do, consider offering options for laying down.

The great thing about sunrooms is that the furniture will not be subjected to the elements of the outdoors, so furniture doesn’t need to be super sturdy. That being said, furniture does have the opportunity to become sun-bleached, so maybe don’t go overboard with the expensive pieces.

3. Desks

As a home office, your sunroom will need a desk. You should ensure that it has enough room for your computer and equipment as well as phone lines, internet and cable runs.

If you are planning for the sunroom to be used as a home office, you will need to pay extra attention to your budget for the storage and security. Regular glass windows will offer little security against break-ins for a quick smash-and-grab of your belongings.

4. Shelving

Most sunrooms are meant for relaxation and reading. You will need a bookshelf or two as well as a place to store accents and decorations.

Because the room is comprised mainly of glass, it is difficult to mount shelving. However, freestanding options work just as well and can be part of the design or style choices.

C. Lighting

While most of the lighting in the sunroom will come from the sun, natural light has its drawbacks. It won’t last forever, for example, and on cloudy days, rainy days or other bad weather, it won’t be there at all.

You will need to provide lighting to the room just as you would any other room in your home.

1. Overhead lighting

Ceiling lighting is popular in the form of crystal chandeliers that can catch the rays of the sun or ceiling fans to help move warm air around to prevent the room from growing stuffy.

If you have a solid ceiling, these options are easy to install. However, you will need to plan for brackets or even professional installation if you have a glass or transparent ceiling.

2. Skylights

Skylights offer the convenience of a transparent ceiling without the hassle of installing one. You can place skylights in various positions and in various sizes to capture the optimal amount of sunlight throughout the day.

Skylights are also less expensive to install than a transparent ceiling and will still offer you enough of a real ceiling to mount overhead lighting or ceiling fans without special brackets or professional installation.

3. Lamps

Lamps offer a perfect balance between lighting and space saving. You can have floor lamps around the seating options and desk lamps for writing or studying on the desk or table.

Because you can find a lamp in any design style, shape and size, decorating with lamps as accents in a sunroom are also popular and cost-efficient. Using energy saving bulbs and only utilizing the lights you need can also cut down on your energy bill.

D. Flooring

Flooring in a sunroom is just as important as the windows and ceiling, if not more so. You have a large assortment of flooring options to choose from, and all of them have their strengths and weaknesses.

1. Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is very popular in sunrooms. It is easily installed and can accommodate the design and atmosphere of the room quite well. You also have choices of your choices as well. You can choose from a large assortment of wood options including cherry, oak, maple and even pine.

One reason for the hardwood flooring popularity is that the cleaning and maintenance are pretty easy. Also, as long as you stay up on the sealant and protection applications (which should be done annually), they will also be resistant to sun fading.

2. Carpet

Another popular option is carpet. With so many piles, colors and materials to choose from you can have a carpet that is soft under your feet and matching any design style you choose.

One drawback to the carpet in a sunroom is that it is susceptible to sun fading and you may need to replace it more frequently than other flooring materials. However, you can find carpets that are protected against sun fading either chemically or naturally, such as wool.

3. Tile Flooring

Tile is a fairly popular option as well. It is relatively inexpensive for the materials and installation and can be done in any style. Tile is primarily used when the sunroom is used as a breakfast nook or dining room. Maintenance and clean up are a breeze and tile hold up to a lot of foot traffic.

Tiles are also not going to be affected by direct sunlight as much as the other options. However, they can retain heat as well as cold and you may not always want to go barefoot on the tiles.

4. Laminate Flooring

Laminate is one of the least expensive flooring materials available and can be bought in virtually any style, color or pattern.

Laminate is easy to maintain and will hold up to foot traffic fairly well. However, it is a weaker flooring material than the other options, and if you are constantly moving chairs around or re-positioning heavier items, it can tear and need replacing.

E. Styles

When designing your sunroom, the style or theme that you choose should add to the ambiance and aesthetics of not only the room but of the home. At a bare minimum, it should complement or match the adjoining room.

Sunrooms can be designed with virtually any style option; however, the most popular choices are:

  • Country Sunroom
  • Contemporary Sunroom
  • Tropical Sunroom
  • Farmhouse Sunroom

1. Country Sunroom Style

Country themes are popular in sunrooms because of their use of bright colors and exciting patterns. Checkerboard patterns in blues, red and greens add a great line to the room. Accenting country style sunrooms is just as fun and designing one.

You can have natural wood furniture, flooring and lighting as well as marrying bright, cheerful colors on the walls, braces, and accents. Country style decor can get really fun, with vintage water jugs, old country style landscapes, and many other items you can easily get at an antique shop.

2. Contemporary Sunroom Style

Contemporary styles, when used in sunrooms can really open the space. This style relies on soft colors for the primary design and bolder colors through the accents. By utilizing a contemporary design style, you can create a more relaxed and airy atmosphere.

The furniture is also comfortable with softer textures and linens. Most contemporary flooring is bare floors (usually hardwood or laminate) which allow you to use more natural furniture pieces. Lighter wood furniture such as pine and maple are often seen in contemporary themes. Think mid-century modern, but in a sunroom! Divine!

3. Tropical Sunroom Style

Tropical styles and themes are trendy in sunrooms because they allow you to have a bit of fun with your design options. With the whole point of a sunroom to be inviting and relaxing, you can bring a bit of the tropics indoors. Entering your tropical style sunroom can make you feel like you’re on vacation.

Bamboo and wood are the primary design features which can be carried out through tables, desks, flooring and even ceiling fans. For the furniture, you would tend to stick with wicker and rattan with a lot of large and soft pillows and blankets.

The colors are also fairly muted with natural wood colors being dominant. White, pastels and light blues and greens are often seen in tropical themes.

4. Farmhouse Sunroom Style

Farmhouse styles are also quite popular in modern sunrooms. Farmhouse design features are simple, soft and elegant. The style makes use of a lot of glass, such as shelving, coffee tables, and cabinet doors.

When flooring is involved in the theme, Farmhouse tends to utilize hardwood planks in some of the softer wood tones like pine. Accents can use wire, open beam and canvas textures to draw the room together.

Sunroom Photo Gallery

Alright, enough talking about it — let’s get to looking at some beautiful sunroom inspiration! We’ve compiled an enormous and wonderful gallery of tons of existing sunrooms to get your creative juices flowing. So grab a pencil and paper, and start jotting down inspo-notes for your very own future sunroom!

A marvelous green sunroom filled with a bar, fresh plants, and a fountain that serves as the focal visual point in the room. Aside from the natural light, magical string lights and ambient sconces illuminate the area as well. Photo Credit: Steve Haning Source: luxecir.idxbroker.com
By: TopTenRealEstateDeals.com

A marvellous green sunroom filled with a bar, fresh plants, and a fountain that serves as the focal visual point in the room. Aside from the natural light, magical string lights and ambient sconces illuminate the area as well. Though very much an indoor space, the skylights and large plants makes one feel as though they are outdoors.

Photo Credit: Steve Haning

Source: luxecir.idxbroker.com

See more of this home here

Elegant sunroom with hardwood flooring, comfortable chairs and large picture windows on all sides in an older remodelled house.

Elegant sunroom with hardwood flooring, comfortable chairs and large picture windows on all sides in an older re-modeled house. This sunroom has a closed ceilings and mostly closed walls, though the windows are large enough to bring the air of outside, right inside. This looks like the perfect space for a tea party.

Source: Redfin

Surrounded by glass windows and a glass ceiling, this sunroom lighted by a glamorous chandelier boasts a stunning view of the nature surrounding the area. Completed with both a tea and coffee sitting area, a dining room area, and a very high-end looking barbecue, the activity options for this space are endless!

Sunroom veranda with dining table.

A nature-friendly sunroom featuring a 6-seat dining table set lighted by a chandelier. This definitely has more of a rustic style appeal, with tons of hanging plants that perfectly extend the wildlife outdoors to indoors. A wicker couch makes a perfect place for reading.

Beautiful sunroom with white walls.

Balcony-type sunroom with white walls and hardwood flooring. The French doors lead to the home’s indoors while the glass windows overlook the beautiful surroundings. This is a very clean looking sunroom that is designed for gazing at the shoreline in the distance.

Farm-house style with faded colors of pink and gray.

The nice seats of this sunroom look very attractive. The hardwood flooring looks perfect together with the walls. The barring on the window almost feels medieval, which matches quite nicely with the wicker furniture. Whether you’re having a child’s birthday party or you’re unwinding after a long day, this sunroom will bring nothing but easeful feelings.

Bricked walls, sleek furnitures and neutral colors sum up this farmhouse-style room.

Bricked walls, sleek pieces of furniture and neutral colors sum up this farmhouse-style room. An interesting feature of shingle walls add a very unique aspect. Two different outdoor exits make for a very spacious sunroom.

A sunroom located outside the actual house. This blue-colored room has a fresh garden finish.

A sunroom located outside the actual house. This blue-colored room has a fresh garden finish. This is essentially a hybrid of a gazebo and a sunroom! There is almost nothing separating from you and the outdoors. Complete with potted plants and a small shelf, this sunroom is nothing but enchanting.

A transitional sunroom with a high ceiling, wooden furniture and dirty white walls.

Here we have an absolutely stunning sunroom. Boasting a hexagon shape, beautiful antique wooden furniture and lovely wood flooring, this sunroom is the perfect place to host a special brunch party or after dinner drinks. Very tall ceilings and 360 windows make for a 10/10 sunroom design.

Large all-glass sunroom with sofa and other lounge furniture

Large all-glass sunroom with sofa and other lounge furniture set. This puffy furniture is the perfect place to take refuge from the summer sun. All around window framing gives one the perfect view of the wonderfully manicured lawn. Large potted plants extends the garden to the inside.

Sunroom and Conservatory room with beige sofa and graphite floor

A sunroom featuring an elegant sofa set (very 70’s lounge style) with a glass top table matching the seats. Indoor plants surround the lounging space. The overall shape and design of the space is very minimal Japanese style, making an absolutely perfect place to relax.

Medium-sized room in a country-style aesthetics. The hardwood floor is carpeted for that beautiful and elegant finish.

Medium-sized room in a country-style aesthetics. The hardwood floor is carpeted for that beautiful and elegant finish. Florida style furniture mixed with the country style room makes for a very charming space. The fall leaves outside indicate that the room is warm enough to spend time in all year round!

This tropical sunroom looks like a mini mansion dominated with fresh plants.

The enchanting vine leaves clouding over the ceiling of the sunroom and blocking the direct sunlight give cooler vibe to the room. Complete with intricate tile flooring and a fireplace, this sunroom wants for nothing. Looks like the perfect place to play a few rounds of Canasta!

Large sunroom featuring dark tiles flooring with a large fireplace and a high ceiling with ceiling fans equipped with lighting. It’s hard to tell whether this is a living room or a sunroom, but it doesn’t really matter! The point is, there isn’t a real reason to ever leave this room.

Sunroom with black and white furniture, and a minimal touch of modernity.

Sunroom with black and white furniture, and a minimal touch of modernity. You can picture walking on the beach in Los Angeles and spotting this sunroom, wishing that you knew the person inside so that you could share a bottle of wine and watch the sunset together.

Tropical sunroom looking elegant with its aesthetical arrangement.

Tropical sunroom looking elegant  with clean plush couches and a vintage rug. This sunroom extends into a second sunroom, probably with opening windows. This looks like a very easy space to take a nap in.

Country-style sunroom with hardwood floor and a floral couch.

Country-style sunroom with hardwood floor and a floral couch. A kitchen cabinet and counter means that you can easily host a party with appetizers and drinks alike. The snow on the ground indicates that this space can be used, and remain cozy, at all time of year.

An eclectic sunroom with a garden view. The walls are made up of bricks and the floor is covered with a creative, striped carpet.

An eclectic sunroom with a garden view. The walls are made up of bricks and the floor is covered with a creative, striped carpet. An accent pink cabinet really spices up the space. This looks like a really good place to play board games, or to supervise the kids fooling around on the swing set.

A country-style sunroom with tiled floor, glass windows and some potted plants.

A country-style sunroom with tiled floor, glass windows and some potted plants. This is a more minimally styled space, though still has some eclectic charm with striped upholstery.

A fresh and elegant-looking living room with several glass windows, potted plants and printed throw pillows to match with the atmosphere.

A fresh and elegant-looking living room with several glass windows, potted plants and printed throw pillows to match with the atmosphere. Be careful not spill any coffee on that carpet. This is a lovely mix of contemporary style and tropical style decor. Wooden giraffes next to elegant lampshades bring out the best of both worlds.

A tiled sunroom with a decorative rug, traditional chairs and a glass top table.

A tiled sunroom with a decorative rug, traditional chairs and a glass top table. The true glory of this room lies in the overall design and look of the windows themselves.

A contemporary sunroom with hardwood floor, glass windows and glass ceilings.

A contemporary sunroom with hardwood floor, glass windows and glass ceilings. Mid century modern? Yes please! A simple and gorgeous wooden table with modern style chairs make for a clean and simple room. The budding roses in the yard add a lovely splash of color to the scene.

A country-style, tiled sunroom dominated with warm tones of brown and orange.

A country-style, tiled sunroom dominated with warm tone of cherry-finished door, window frames and counters. Beautiful bay windows open up to a country style garden.

A tropical type of sunroom incorporated with some detailed chairs, bricked walls, tiled floor and of course, some potted tropical plants.

A tropical type of sunroom incorporated with some detailed chairs, bricked walls, tiled floor and of course, some potted tropical plants. Fun patterned throw pillows bring some extra warmth and funk, with a very unique and modern style fireplace hiding in the back brings even further warmth.

This small-sized room is simple but indeed aesthetical. Its carpeted floor matches well with the wall's color.

This small-sized room is simple but indeed aesthetic. Its carpeted floor matches well with the wall’s color. This is the first space that we’ve seen that has been dedicated as an office space! A lovely antique writing desk is contrasted by a leopard print chair.

A contemporary type of sunroom located near the garden for that fresh environment.

A contemporary type of sunroom located near the garden for that fresh environment. With iron furniture, this space can’t be sat in for too long, which is a bit of a shame! Beautiful wooden lined windows and large white tiled floors create an open and airy space, a place you’d love to spend all day! Get a recliner in there!

Modish and large sunroom with a nice set of seats and a dining nook set on remarkably intricate tile flooring with a 70’s appeal. This is a huge space with plenty of options for sitting areas. This room is completed by a unique coffee table and lovely wooden art piece. Sliding doors give you the option to let the cool breeze inside.

A glass-dominated glass sunroom with an elegant black dining nook set on top of the classy hardwood flooring. Clean diagonal flooring adds a dynamic effect.

A covered sunroom featuring small brick tiles flooring with lots of indoor potted plants adding colors to the space. White upholstery adds some extra brightness to the space, and you can just imagine curling up in one of those chairs even on rainy days.

A patio-type sunroom with comfy seats and glass windows overlooking the lovely garden area. Polka dotted upholstery brings some fun to the space, and the wreath on the door really welcomes you into the space. A truly dream-worthy porch/sunroom space.

The seats of this sunroom looks elegant. It matches the black carpet flooring as well. This has more of an 80’s style vibe (which not everyone thinks can be brought back into style) but nevertheless, a charming sunroom all the same. A nearly gable-style room gives it an extra little pizzazz.

A large sunroom with classy seats under the charming wooden ceiling with a ceiling fan and lighting combo. A very simple design that is meant to bring only openness and simplicity.

The dark rattan seats with cushion seats make this sunroom a great lounging space while overlooking the beautiful garden. With such low windows, one truly feels as though they are sitting outdoors.

A modish sunroom with a nice set of sofa and a fireplace along with the TV on top. The glass shelves add style to the room as well. This feels like a cross between a living room, sunroom, and a posh private jet straight out of 1981. I mean, who doesn’t love a zebra-skin rug?  Curtains give one the option of privacy.

A huge sunroom featuring cherry-finished hardwood flooring and tall glass doors and walls overlooking the nice outdoor views. This is a truly striking room that begs to be lounged in.

Classy sunroom featuring a stylish fireplace and a sofa set in front. You can tell that this is a mountain lodge cabin (not only because of the mountains in the background) but because of the vibe that the room demands. Fireplace? Deer head over the fireplace? Where could we be other than Colorado or Montana?

Nicely set up seats in the sunroom surrounded by beautiful greenery outside. White wicker furniture with navy stripes kind of bring a sailboat-esque ambiance to the room. This could be at your grandma’s house, or at your trendy yuppy friend’s house too.

Large sunroom featuring a sofa set and a dining nook under the vaulted ceiling. This room is limitless in terms of seating areas, window light control, and exits and entryways. Perfect for a breakfast mimosa, a lunch tuna sandwich, or a late night game of blackjack under the hanging lamp.

A very charming sunroom made of hardwood and glass. The seats look very attractive as well. You can tell this is more of a narrow space, but the rounded ceiling give the room a very charming appeal. Who doesn’t like to be close and cozy anyway?

This sunroom near the beach offers a magnificent ocean view while lounging on the cozy seats set on the hardwood flooring. A large monstera in the corner brings a lovely pop of greenery, and the interior color scheme matches the shoreline perfectly. Truly a magnificent room, though why you wouldn’t be sitting on the beach, I don’t know.

A white sunroom featuring a dining table set along with French windows and doors surrounding the area. You can just imagine a charming bridal shower being through in this room, complete with salmon benedict and mimosas.

A large sunroom with stylish built and classy seats along with lovely indoor potted plants surrounding the area. The real appeal lies in the overall design and structure of the windows and framing itself. Opaque windows at the top prevent over-sunning, while sliding windows give you the option to let a breeze in.

A cozy sunroom with modish seats on top of the hardwood flooring. The glass windows look very stylish as well, perfect with the room’s modern style. If you’re wondering what the wooden contraption is in the corner, that is a sauna, and yes, you have every right to be jealous.

A lovely sunroom featuring a hammock near the corner of the room. The glass windows let you overlook the relaxing view surrounding the space. A hammock!? Inside?! Is there anything more dreamy than that. Though it may be a little more tricky to invite other guests to sit in this space, sometimes it’s okay to have a room that is just for you, you know?

A massive sunroom with a stylish carpet flooring and cozy sofa set. The white walls and ceiling looks perfect together with the dark shade. It’s hard to imagine a better place to play a long and silly game of  Twister with your loved ones.

A perfectly placed and equipped sunroom with lovely curtains and modish glass doors and windows. You can hardly tell that it’s winter outside with an amazing bouquet of sunflowers, accompanied by 70’s style curtains and a very charming doily-style table cloth.

A white sunroom with cherry accent. The indoor potted plants add colors to the relaxing room. I’ve personally never seen a more chic and appealing rocking chair — it seems like the perfect place to hang out next to your cats while they play around on their cat tower thing.

This sunroom is surrounded by white walls and ceiling along with light-finished hardwood floors. The glass windows overlook the stunning ocean view. Though entirely minimalistic, this room just begs to be sat in.

A large sunroom with white walls and ceiling along with the tiles flooring that matches the finishing of the cabinetry. The amazing red flowers provide a much needed pop of color, the art is incomprehensibly modern, and the game of tic tac toe has probably never actually been touched before.

A large sunroom featuring brick walls and tall ceiling along with the classy carpet flooring and stylish seats and table set. This a truly magnificent room with such tall ceilings. One barely even needs the rest of their home with a sunroom so spacious!

This large sunroom boasts modish seats set on the hardwood flooring. The indoor plants look so charming. The greeneries outside offers a nice relaxing view.

An elegant sunroom with beautiful glass windows, white walls and ceiling and hardwood flooring covered by a rug. This room isn’t entirely separated by the rest of the house, but you can imagine the heating costs saved in this home simply by letting the sun heat this portion of the house.

F. Conclusion

When building and designing a sunroom for your home one of the most important first steps is to decide how big space will be as well as the primary usage.

If you plan to have a nice relaxing room to read or nap, then your style and features should reflect that. Couches instead of chairs, shelving instead of tables and fewer window dressings or obstructions.

You also need to consider what room the sunroom with be adjacent too. If you plan to have it near the kitchen, making the sunroom an alternative dining room would mean that you need more tables and chairs and less actual storage or shelving than if it was off of the living room where it would need bookshelves and recliners.

Whatever you decide, your sunroom should be a room you enjoy being in as well as having as a part of your home. You can view our galleries to get more inspiration and ideas or use the tools to help you plan and design the sunroom you have always wanted.

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