55 Fabulous Unisex Walk-In Closet Designs

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55 incredible walk-in closets and wardrobes for men and women. This collection was designed by top interior designers worldwide.

Their’s a recurring lame joke on the HGTV show “House Hunters“.

My wife and I watch a lot of HGTV.  It’s our favorite channel.  We’ve watched thousands of their shows.  While we chuckle at the many recurring lame jokes, one that is particularly annoying is when a couple is checking out the closet, whether a reach in closet or walk-in closet, one of the couple, usually the guy quips “she’ll take up most of this space” insinuating she has far more clothes and the poor guy is relegated to some makeshift storage area for clothing in the basement.

The fact of the matter is men often have as much clothing as women.  As a guy, I particularly like walk-in closets because I like my clothes nicely organized and taken care of.

Now that I’ve proffered my rant which is about as lame as the lame recurring joke on HGTV, let’s get to the matter at hand and that is our featured collection of walk-in closets that work for both men and women design-wise.

Welcome to our gallery featuring a collection of fantastic luxury walk-in closets for both men and women.  In other words, this collection is unisex.

The fact is most people are not going to have his and hers walk-in closets.  Most will share; after all one walk-in closet is a premium feature.  Two is ultra luxury.

While women walk-in closets have distinct features and designs, as do men’s closets, a unisex design may lean toward the feminine or masculine, but overall work for both.  Let’s face it, there isn’t a huge difference between the two.  At the end of the day they both store clothes.

Please keep in mind deciding whether a design is more feminine or masculine or gender neutral is to a large extent subjective.  We aim to not offend anyone; take these “gender-themed” galleries with a grain of salt.  We’re merely doing our best to offer specifics to people looking for specific designs.

Does it matter what the closet looks like?

I don’t think so, at least not as much as a living room or kitchen design, but some people do care.  I’m pretty certain if left to design my own walk-in closet, it would look different than my wife’s design.  We’re all individuals.  While I don’t like to stereotype, there are some generalities that cater to each gender generally.

Our aim with this collection is showcase ideas that perhaps both him and her will appreciate… a compromise of sorts resulting in a more neutral design.

They say that in a negotiation when both sides walk away unhappy, a good deal was made.  While that’s a fairly cynical view of the world, I think there’s truth in it… but perhaps not so applicable to the world of design.  Perhaps there are designs that both men and woman can agree on.  I know my wife and I generally like the same interior designs.

And so we present our collection of unisex walk-in closets.

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What is Unisex Design?

While more often used with respect to clothing, unisex design is that which is suitable for both sexes.  Synonyms include gender-neutral, which is what we considered using predominantly throughout this post, but after studying the concept, in the realm of design, we decided unisex was the more appropriate term.

Does unisex term apply to interior design?

This is a very good question, one to which I don’t have a definitive answer, but I do have an opinion which is as follows.

I think in some instances it does and in other instances, it doesn’t.  It’s not like clothing where there are definitely “women’s clothing” and “men’s clothing” and then unisex clothing.

Unisex makes sense for some rooms and not for others.  For example, one wouldn’t say “unisex kitchen” nearly as readily as a unisex walk-in closet.  Instead one might refer to a kitchen as masculine or feminine or neutral.

So what’s the difference between a kitchen and walk-in closet with respect to the term “unisex”?

It boils down to the fact that a home may have his and hers closets and since this is the case there may well be one very feminine closet and the other very masculine.  Extrapolating form there, if a couple were to share a closet, the neutral design that works for both can reasonably referred to as unisex.

Another room to which “gender neutral” or unisex applies is the baby nursery because of the clear dichotomy in design.  Some people opt for traditional boy designs while others opt for traditional girl designs and then some people  want a more neutral design.

What We Look for in Unisex Closets

We realize that some of the designs above include closets that have only men’s clothing or only women’s clothing and therefore seem misplaced in this gallery.  That’s not a mistake.

When combing through our massive collection of walk-in closets is an overall color scheme and storage features that would be reasonably likely be appreciated by both men and women in the traditional “gender” stereotype.  We definitely realize that regardless whether you’re a man or woman that you may totally disagree with us.  That’s cool.

At the end of the day, both people in a relationship will need to agree to a closet design and perhaps our collection helps with the process.

The stereotype is that darker designs with plenty of wood evokes a more masculine look while the lighter and airier designs are more feminine.  Therefore, our collection includes arguably more masculine options as well as arguably feminine options and then we have some that fall somewhere in the middle.


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