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A laundry room is one of the most important rooms in the home, although it is often overlooked in favor of the rooms your guests tend to see.

But a functional laundry room can be one of the hidden jewels of your home, and it may help you sell at a later date.

Below you can access specific laundry room galleries that showcase features, sizes, styles and colors.

1. Laundry room sizes

One of the most important considerations people have when looking for inspiration is small laundry room ideas.  The fact is, most houses don’t have a lot of space for the laundry room, so efficient layout and organization is important.

We offer galleries featuring laundry rooms of all sizes.  Check them out:

2. Laundry Room Storage Ideas

When it comes to storage, you can’t have too much in a laundry room.  Storage options include drawers, cupboards, shelving (open or closed) and countertop space.

While it may be enticing to use up much of the space for built-in storage, be mindful that having some open floor space and/or countertop space is also very helpful for hampers, clothing piles and folding space.

Laundry room with storage

3. Laundry Room Countertop Ideas and Layouts

Laundry room with countertops

Cabinetry is common in larger laundry rooms.  Part of the cabinetry design includes space for open countertops which can be immensely useful.  This is why we published a designated “laundry room with countertops” gallery.  Check i tout:

4. Washer / Dryer Configuration

At the end of the day there are two main washer dryer configuration options, which are stackable or side-by-side.  Stackable is great to save space and for use in closets while side-by-side provides surface area on top of the machines.  A third option is to get a washer dryer 2-in-1, which is a machine that both washes and dries.

Via our laundry room database set up, we’re able to provide you separate galleries for configuration as follows:

TIP: When configuring side-by-side front-loading machines, be sure the doors swing outward rather than inward.  Inward swinging doors get in the way of transferring clothes form the washer to dryer.  Unfortunately I know about this firsthand because ours is configured the wrong way.

5. Laundry rooms with sinks

Laundry room with a sink

Amazingly not all laundry rooms have a sink, especially smaller, closet-based laundry rooms.  If you have the space and budget a skink is suepr helpful.  We havea  large, deep utility sink in our laundry room which is used almost daily.

We have a dedicated laundry room with sinks.  Click the following button:

6. Laundry rooms with a drying rack

Laundry room with a drying rack

One cool and useful feature for any laundry room is a drying rack.  I know that it would be useful for us because we don’t have one and need to place drying racks in other rooms of the house.  My mother-in-law has a terrific drying rack in her basement. laundry space which is excellent.

Sometimes called a “utility” room, these rooms are often found adjacent to the garage, and can also function as a mudroom or as an additional bathroom.  That said, more and more new homes are placing the laundry room upstairs or wherever the bedrooms are located, which makes the most sense given laundry is delivered to and from bedrooms.

7. By Room

Laundry rooms can be placed in a number of rooms in the house.  While a dedicated laundry room is best, that’s not always feasible given space and/or budget constraints.

a. Dedicated

Dedicated spacious laundry room

Dedicated, spacious laundry room designed by: Closet Factory

The dedicated laundry room near bedrooms is best.  The bigger, the better.  It’s a high utility room that’s used daily and so why not make it fabulous and user-friendly.  Here’s an example of an amazing laundry room that’s only a laundry room.

b. Closet

Closet-style laundry room.

For smaller homes, the closet laundry room is ideal.  What’s often great about the closet type is that it’s usually very close to bedrooms.  So while it’s not large, it’s situated very conveniently.

c. Garage

Laundry room in a very nice garage. Designed by: Closet Factory

Other than the basement, I can’t think of a worse place for a laundry room.  It’s cold, dirty and often far from the bedrooms.  The only plus side is you can easily deposit filthy clothes in the garage sparing your home from dirt, water, mud, grease and all the other filth clothes attract.

d. Mudroom

Laundry room in the mudroom

The mudroom/laundry room combo is very popular. One can argue it’s an efficient use of space, but it’s not ideal since it can be a dirty space and often ends up cramped.  Mudrooms end up storing a ton of outdoor wear and gear leaving too little space for laundry.

e. Bathroom

Washer/dryer combo machine in the bathroom

Some smaller homes, especially in Europe, place the washer/dryer in a bathroom.  It’s not a terrible thought given it’s usually close to the bedrooms and clothes are removed in bathrooms. The downside is that unless it’s a huge bathroom, the laundry space is very small.

f. Kitchen

Example of laundry room in the kitchen

Again, smaller homes sometimes (not often) place a washer/dryer in the kitchen.  Frankly, it’s an odd location.  It’s not convenient and who wants dirty clothes where food is prepared?  That said, it can be efficient for very small homes (i.e. tiny apartments).

g. Basement

Many older homes have the laundry room in the basement.  Talk about terribly inconvenient forcing the launderer to hoof it up and down one or even two sets of stairs loaded down with clothes.  The plus side, if there is such a thing, is that often there’s a decent amount of space in which to operate.  An exception to this being terrible is if your home has a laundry chute. This can be convenient for getting clothes to the laundry room, but it doesn’t help with clean clothes delivery.

8. Special Features

The following special features photos are courtesy of Closet Factory (used with permission).

a. Ironing Board (built-in)

I like ironing.  I find it relaxing.  I like turning wrinkled, unwearable clothes into something crisp and sharp.  The one thing I don’t like about ironing is setting it up. Currently our laundry room does not have space for an ironing board so every time I want to iron something, I have to set up the ironing board and the iron.  I’d love a more permanent set up.

Just slide the drawer out and a peek-a-boo ironing board comes out. This an amazing idea for small spaces.

Slide out ironing board.

This changes the traditional ironing board. This design hides the ironing board behind a wall with a drop down instead of letting it rest on your floor and cluttering the area.

Drop-down ironing board.

b. Hamper System

Some people like built-in hamper systems.  I don’t.  We have many lightweight hampers that are transported to and from the laundry room.  It works well.  I think a dedicated hamper system is only good for households that don’t produce loads of laundry… although I can see the attractiveness of such a feature for running kitchen rags and other filthy items directly to the laundry room.

Organize and hide your laundry in this pull-out hamper that comes in a cool slate grey color.

Sliding hamper (single).

Sort out your things with these hampers. You can isolate clean clothing from the other. Same with colored shirts and white shirts before tossing them in into the washing machine.

Slide-out hamper (double).

Another innovative design that gives your home an extra space to hide your laundry. This tilting hamper works by pulling the knob and a pair of black hampers come out.

Tilting hamper.

c. Folding Station

A folding station or simply surface area for folding is really nice unless you’re like me who folds in front of the TV.

A very convenient way of organizing your clothes and linens is with this sliding folding board. You can slide it out when needed and slide it back when not in use. This is quite a space saver.

Folding station.

9. Flooring Options

For laundry room flooring you want durable and water proof.  You want to be able to dump dirty, wet, muddy clothes on the floor and not worry about it.  Vinyl and linoleum are idea.  Tile isn’t bad, but not quite as durable as vinyl or linoleum.

a. Vinyl

Vinyl is an excellent, cost-effective and durable flooring option for laundry rooms.  These days you can get attractive looking vinyl so you don’t have to forego aesthetics with vinyl.

Click here for vinyl flooring examples.

b. Linoleum

Also durable and cost-effective.

Click here for linoleum examples.

c. Laminate

While some options are durable, it can be expensive and frankly laminate isn’t very pretty.  It has a faux look unless you spend some serious money which isn’t really necessary for a laundry room.

Click here for laundry rooms with laminate flooring.

d. Hardwood

While it looks great, hardwood isn’t great for laundry rooms because the floor will get wet frequently.

Click here for laundry rooms with hardwood flooring.

e. Tile

Not a terrible option, but I personally don’t care for tile unless in a hot climate.  The plus side is it can look fabulous.

Click here for tile floor laundry rooms.

f. Rug

Rugs and mats are perfect for laundry rooms since they offer some protection to the floor as well as a warmer surface option.

Click here for rugs in laundry rooms.

10. Laundry Room Styles

Our laundry room style categorizations – click or tap the following drop-down button to view by style:

You can bring plenty of different styles to your laundry room. If you prefer a rustic style for most of your home, you can certainly extend that into the laundry room. Wooden cabinetry, hardwood floors, and exposed ceiling beams can help to complete this look.

If you’ve always preferred the elements in a modern design, then you’ll want to go with aluminum fixtures and stainless steel countertops in your laundry room. You can have neutral colored cabinetry that hangs above your washer and dryer unit as well.

If you prefer the rustic feel of a country-inspired laundry room, then light colors of wood will help this look. Additionally, you could consider adding classic country elements like a barn door and making that the main entrance to your laundry room.

At the end of the day, the style you choose for your laundry room will very likely reflect the overall style of your home.

11. Colors

Finally, you can browse our laundry room galleries by color.  Click or tap the following button to drop down all color options:

Click for Laundry Room Styles

Colors can really impact the feel of this crucial room. Your laundry room is hidden away from guests, so feel free to experiment with all sorts of colors when you’re putting this look together. While we’re used to seeing a plain white washer and dryer unit, you can purchase high-end washers and dryers in a variety of colors.

You can take your color choice a step further, and paint your walls to match the color of your washer and dryer. If you’d prefer to have your brightly colored washer stand out on its own, then try painting the walls to match other accents in the room like decals, storage containers and throw rugs.