Sunroom and Conservatory Ideas

Sunroom and Conservatory room with beige sofa and graphite floor

Welcome to our sunrooms photo gallery.

While there are technical differences between a conservatory and sunroom, the terms are often used interchangeably.

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Conservatories, in the strict sense, are historically used for horticulture while sunrooms are living rooms built as an extension to the home and have plenty of glass.

Technically a conservatory has a glass, transparent ceiling while this is not necessary for a room to be a sunroom.

However, these days the two terms are used interchangeably; sunroom being the more common term in the USA and conservatory used in the UK.

Below you can see many examples of sunrooms/conservatories.

What about the porches?

As you can see in our gallery above, some of our examples are really porches that are screened in or glassed in.  We decided to include these in this gallery because it’s an option for a similarly purposed room, which is a leisure area of the home that enjoys plenty of sun, yet is protected from the elements.

What are sunrooms used for?

Most often they’re a living room where you sit containing sofas, chaise lounges, chairs, rocking chairs, etc.

Types of ceilings

As you can see, some sunrooms have a solid ceiling while others have transparent ceilings.  Both work. Some are a hybrid with large skylights.

The key is that 3 sides are a bank of windows (at least that was our requirement to include it in this gallery).

Some ceilings are flat while others are vaulted or a cathedral shape.

Sunroom Floors

Common floors for sunrooms is tile; however, hardwood and carpet are solid flooring options too.  If you’ll be entering the sunroom from outside frequently, tile is probably best because it’s the best type of floor to deal with water and mud.

Sunroom vs. Covered Patio

The obvious difference is that sunrooms have no open walls while covered patios just have a roof of some sort.

This means sunrooms are easy to climate control, but the downside is you don’t get the “outdoor” feeling while sitting in sunrooms.  Another downside to sunrooms is they cost more because of the finished flooring and expansive windows.

The best solution is to have both a sunroom and patio (or deck).

What type do I prefer?

I much prefer the type with a solid ceiling and 3 walls with a bank of windows.  I find a glass ceiling is simply too bright.  I also really like the look of the room extension that’s wrapped in windows.  It’s a great look.