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32 Different Types of Pillows for Sleeping (Pillow Size Chart Included)

A collage of different types of pillos.

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Quicklist: Pillows

  1. Memory Foam Pillows
  2. Latex Pillows
  3. Down Pillows
  4. Down-Alternative Pillows
  5. Feather Pillows
  6. Polyfill Pillows
  7. Innerspring Pillows
  8. Standard Pillow Size
  9. Toddler Pillow Size
  10. Body Pillows Size
  11. Queen Pillow Size
  12. King Pillow Size
  13. Travel Pillow Size
  14. Memory Foam and Shredded Memory Foam Pillows
  15. Goose Down and Goose Feather Pillows
  16. Poly-cluster and Polyester Pillows
  17. Latex Pillows
  18. Buckwheat Pillows
  19. Conformity
  20. Cooling
  21. Cradling
  22. Additional Neck Support
  23. Better Support for the Back
  24. Preventing Problems with Snoring
  25. Reduced Allergies
  26. Added Softness
  27. Bamboo Pillows
  28. Cotton Pillow
  29. Gel Pillow
  30. Kapok Pillow
  31. Microbead Pillow
  32. Wool Pillow

Pillows weren’t always made for comfort. In fact, the earliest pillows in Mesopotamia, circa 7,000 BCE, were created from stone. It was left up to the Greeks and Romans to opt for softer materials, such as straw, reeds and other stuffing.

Modern pillows continue to be stuffed with softer substances, both natural and synthetic, including down, feathers, latex, polyester and foam.

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Standard Pillow Sizes Chart

Pillow size chartSleeping Pillow Popularity Chart

Chart setting out most popular sleeping pillows

This chart showcases the most popular sleeping pillows in order (based on monthly search volume).

Different Types of Pillows for Sleeping

Memory Foam Pillows

A number of foams are added to memory foam pillows, each of which offers specific advantages. Memory foam pillows are favored by many sleepers because they enhance the sleep quality of the user. They also provide better support and mold to the sleeper’s shape, thereby providing much more comfort than a traditional pillow.

Memory foam has evolved in the following types:

Cooling gel memory foam reduces the retention of heat. Therefore, the pillows are often used with moisture-wicking pillow covers or cool pillow cases.

Natural foam for memory foam is used for hypoallergenic pillow products. This foam features a larger percentage of natural ingredients. As a result, the pillow offers an eco-friendly solution that is sturdy and firmer. In turn, this pillow is often cooler than a traditionally-made memory foam pillow.

Shredded memory foam pillows feature shredded clusters of memory foam for the fill. This type of filling makes the pillow more moldable and adaptable to the sleeper’s comfort needs. As a result, a shredded memory foam pillow can easily be conformed to your desired position while sleeping. The breathability is also better when compared to solid memory foam fill.

Multi-foam memory foam pillows use, as the name suggests, various types of foam to emphasize the beneficial aspects of the pillow’s design. These aspects primarily focus on conformity and cooling. At the same time, the negative aspects such as sinking or warming are reduced.

When making a choice for memory foam pillows, you will base your selection on the cooling elements of the product and its comfort and firmness. You also want to establish how the pillow conforms to your desired position while sleeping.

Pillows of this type are sold in a wide range of prices from $10 to around $150, depending on a pillow’s foam, brand, ty and configuration.

Multi-foam memory foam.

Source: Hayneedle

Latex Pillows

A latex foam pillow is made from either synthetic or natural latex. Natural latex originates from a rubber tree and is produced from a sticky, white fluid. Synthetic latex replicates natural latex and is made of various chemicals. Most latex manufacturers combine a blend of synthetic and natural latex into their pillow fill.

With respect to softness, latex pillows are indeed soft, softer than their memory foam counterparts. They also feature pressure point support and possess more breathability than traditional memory foam pillows.

Some latex pillow users state that the additional pressure point support adds to the firmness of the pillow’s design. Others state that latex pillows are heavier than pillows made with memory foam filling.Latex pillow.

Source: Hayneedle

Down Pillows

Down is an insulating layer of feathers found under the outer layer of geese or duck feathers. The undercoating is light and exceptionally soft. In turn, the sleeper is rewarded with a pillow that is breathable and comfortable.

However, despite these desirable features, down pillows require a good deal of fluffing to maintain their shape. They are also difficult to maintain and clean. The down in the pillows tends to clump when exposed to additional moisture.

Allergy sufferers may also be allergic to the down used for fill in the pillow. The pillows are offered in a vast range of prices from $10 to as much as $200, depending on the brand and quality.

Down pillows.

Source: Wayfair

Down-Alternative Pillows

Down-alternative pillows replicate the look of a down pillow but instead are made of synthetic materials such as polyester. Down-alternative pillows.

Source: Hayneedle

Feather Pillows

Feather pillows, the same as down pillows, obtain their material from the wings and backs of geese. They are similar to down pillows as they are comfortable and breathable. They also are priced in about the same range of $10 to $200. However, in some cases, the feathers are known to emit an unpleasant smell.

In addition, the quills of the feathers may poke or irritate sleepers. Because feather pillows have a tendency to flatten, they require recurrent molding or fluffing. Just as their down counterparts, feather pillows can be difficult to maintain and clean and tend to clump when exposed to moisture.

Feather pillow.


Source: Houzz

Polyfill Pillows

When you hear the term ‘polyfill,’ it references pillows that contain polyester for the pillow’s fill. Users who have allergies often prefer these pillows because they are hypoallergenic. Polyfill also goes by the name of microfiber or down-alternative fill at times.

This pillow is easy to wash and maintain and is also priced affordably. While a pillow filled with polyester can stand equally with cotton in terms of softness, it still cannot quite meet the support, breathability, and comfort that represents a memory foam pillow’s design.

Polyfill pillows.

Source: Wayfair

Innerspring Pillows

As the name suggests, innerspring pillows feature a core steel spring that is covered with a memory foam layer. In some cases, the pillows’ steel spring core may be enveloped by polyester. Regardless of what is used for a covering, these pillows or pillow-top mattresses are considered ergonomically comfortable.

The pillows often feature ergonomically-endorsed support for the neck and head, thereby making the pillow a good choice for anyone who has neck pain.

The spring core of the pillows permits an airflow that cools the sleeper throughout the night. The configuration of the pillow highly responds to any type of sleep position as well.

However, these types of features come attached to a higher price as innerspring pillows may range from around $120 to $160 in price. On average, pillow-top innerspring mattresses can be purchased for just over $500.

Innerspring pillows.

Source: Hayneedle

Pillow Size

Standard Pillow Size

Pillows that are a standard size are approximately 20 inches x 26 inches. You can comfortably place standard-sized pillows two across on a full-sized bed. The standard-sized pillow is easier to fluff and arrange as you wish.

If you want to make a neater bed, you should find a pillow that does not sink — one of the premium standard sizes made from a material, such as memory foam or latex.

Using this pillow is helpful if you want to use a pillow that is easily accessible for use. You can buy two pillows for each side of the bed for added back support, if you so wish, while you are reading.

Standard-sized pillow.

Source: Hayneedle

Toddler Pillow Size

Pillows that accommodate toddlers are usually sized 13 inches x 18 inches. This type of pillow is made for a small child and ensures their overall level of comfort, as they are easier to handle for small hands.

Use this pillow in a toddler’s bed or while travelling. It will provide them with ongoing comfort. This sized pillow is ideal, as well, for toddlers who need a pillow for nap time at their daycare center.

Toddler-sized pillow.

Source: Houzz

Body Pillows Size

Body pillows are normally 54 inches in length, more than twice as long as a standard-sized pillow. The pillows can be curved to conform to the body. Body pillows will not slip very easily on the bed. Therefore, they are a stable and comfortable pillow to use.

Body pillow.

Source: Wayfair

Queen Pillow Size

A queen pillow is normally sized 20 inches x 30 inches. It will fit snugly in a pillowcase of a standard size. Choosing a standard-size pillowcase will increase a queen pillow’s firmness. Usually, you can place two queen-sized pillows at the head of a queen-sized bed.

You might think of buying two pillows for each side of the bed and placing two of the pillows in standard- sized pillow cases while placing the other two pillows in queen-sized pillow cases.

That way, you and your partner can enjoy a pillow that provides firmer support and one that is softer. The pillow in the standard-size pillowcase can be used as a back rest while you are reading.

Queen pillow.

Source: Wayfair

King Pillow Size

King pillows are sized at 20 inches x 36 inches. Because they are extra long, they offer additional body support for joint or muscle pains. They are also recommended for use by pregnant women. King pillows, like body pillows, offer the maximum in comfort and accommodate the sleeping needs of both women and men.

You can comfortably place two king-sized pillows at the head of a king-sized bed. Like the queen pillows, you might try covering one of the king-sized pillows in a smaller queen-sized pillow case for extra support. The other softer king-sized pillows could be placed in a regular king-sized pillow case.

King pillows.

Source: Wayfair

Travel Pillow Size

Travel pillows are usually sized 12 inches x 16 inches and nicely fit into travel-sized pillowcases. This size pillow is ideal for traveling by car or plane or for daycare nap times.

The pillows are of microbeads and therefore are sized for providing protection against neck strain or tiredness while travelling on the highways and byways. They can also be used for relaxing on a long plane ride. 

Travel pillow.

Source: Wayfair

Pillow Material

Memory Foam and Shredded Memory Foam Pillows

This material is made with polyurethane foams with added chemicals. The foam reacts to body pressure and heat and molds well to the head and neck. It also retains its original shape once the sleeper is not using the material.

Memory foam was originally designed to protect astronauts during their travels in space. The material is a good choice for allergy sufferers as it is hypoallergenic. While shredded memory foam offers a firm amount of support, as does regular memory foam, it is much more adjustable, moldable and breathable. It also is hypoallergenic.

Memory foam pillow.

Source: Hayneedle

Goose Down and Goose Feather Pillows

Goose down is the soft undercoating located beneath a goose’s feathers. The material is not only lightweight and soft but it can be used to adjust to various sleeping positions. Goose feathers are used in sleeping pillows and, just the same as goose down, are soft and lightweight.

However, the quills on the feather can be somewhat distracting as they can poke a sleeper inadvertently. Goose feathers in pillows can also be a problem for allergy sufferers.

Goose down pillow.

Source: Houzz

Poly-cluster and Polyester Pillows

Polyester is the most common fill used in pillows. It is both soft and cuddly. However, it does not provide a good deal of support during sleep. Because the fill provides an economical and machine-washable pillow, it is the ideal material to choose for teens or children.

This material often causes a pillow to flatten. Therefore, most adults tend to steer away from the material because of the lack of firmness it provides. Poly-cluster fills are made with polyester clusters that have been coated with silicone.

Polyester pillow.

Source: Hayneedle

Latex Pillows

Natural latex is produced from a rubber tree and is an antimicrobial product. Producing a soft yet firm support, this material does not produce a sinking sensation as memory foam tends to do. Most users describe a latex pillow as being bouncy.

The material keeps the user cool and is a long-lasting pillow fill. This material creates a heavier pillow and tends to emit an odor when the pillow is first used. You cannot machine wash pillows that are made with latex.

Latex foam bed pillow.

Source: Hayneedle

Buckwheat Pillows 

When buckwheat hulls are added to a pillow, the pillow takes on the look and feel of a beanbag. The material that is used for this type of pillow is designed to accommodate just about any sleeping position. You can smooth or fluff the material according to your individual preferences.

Because the hulls do not retain heat, the pillow will not rise up around the face as do pillows filled with materials such as down. The hulls do tend to break over time, which causes the pillow to lose some of its support.

Buckwheat pillow.

Source: Houzz

Pillow Features


One of the great ways to improve your posture and receive a good night’s sleep is to sleep on a pillow that is made of a conformable material. This can be done when memory foam is used in the design. All memory foam pillows provide additional cushioning and support for anyone who prefers to sleep on his or her back.

This type of upgrade in a pillow makes it possible for you to rest your head on the surface and not worry about the pillow squishing up toward your face. Instead, memory foam makes it possible to take advantage of a pillow’s design so your head can rest comfortably and will not sink in the middle of the pillow, as can happen with pillows made of cheaper, synthetic materials.

If you sleep on your side, this can be especially beneficial, with respect to relaxation. The pillow conforms to the sleeping position you wish to take.

Specifically, pillows are designed for the following sleeping positions:

Stomach sleeping. A soft, flat pillow is recommended for people who sleep on their stomachs. Therefore, pillows that feature down or synthetic fills work out best for this purpose.

— Side sleeping. Side sleepers require a pillow that cradles and contours the neck. Pillows that offer the best support for side sleepers include pillows made with natural fills or memory foam fills. Body pillows are sized and configured for side sleepers as well. Poly-cluster pillows are recommended for side sleepers too.

— Back sleeping. You should try to avoid sleeping on your back if you have problems with snoring or with sleep apnea. The tongue tends to fall back in the throat when you are lying supine, which increases the chance that you might snore.

If snoring is not a problem, sleeping on the back is considered healthy as it keeps the spine’s position neutral and protects the facial skin from wrinkling. If you like to sleep on your back, a medium-firm pillow that is filled with latex, buckwheat hulls, synthetic materials, or down is a good choice.

Pillow for conformity.

Source: Wayfair


One of the great features that makes many of today’s pillows must-have bedroom accessories is the cooling features the pillow provides. For example, pillow fills are made to provide enough air ventilation so the sleeper is not bothered by the discomfort often associated with the retention of heat.

Instead, pillow products that are made of memory foam, buckwheat hulls, water, or latex make it possible for a sleeper to relax his or head on a pillow that allows for additional ventilation., thereby making a premium pillow one that will offer a cooler and better night’s sleep.

In fact, according to sleep researchers, cooling while sleeping is healthful and needed for a person’s overall well-being. Scientists have discovered that a cooling pillow helps provide relief from sleeplessness or insomnia as well as boosts one’s mood and metabolism.

When a person feels cooler, he or she also feels more calm and peaceful. A cooling item, such as a pillow, can also prevent cancer. When you get enough sleep, you also produce more melatonin.

When melatonin levels are increased, the risk for cancer is reduced. If you want to perspire less during sleep, you should use a cooling pillow, such as a down-filled pillow or one that features memory foam. You can also receive the same results from a water pillow.

Cooling pillow.

Source: Wayfair


People like to feel secure when they are sleeping. When your pillow is soft and comfortable, even softly firm, you feel more loved and cradled. The right type of pillow will not shift to and fro while you sleep, thereby lending more stability as well.

This is especially true of a long body pillow, as this pillow, in particular, cradles the sleeper while he or she sleeps. That is the reason pregnant women like using this pillow — it adapts to the changes of their body during pregnancy.

This type of adaptability is important for anyone who must watch his or her diet and overall health. Whether you are a healthy person or someone suffering from a condition, such as heart disease, you can benefit greatly from this cradling effect.

Pillow for cradling.

Source: Wayfair

Additional Neck Support

When pillows are correctly made, they also provide needed support for the neck. This support is helpful for preventing migraine headaches or pain in the joints of the shoulder or neck. Pillows that offer neck support are made of materials that cushion the neck, yet provide a comfortable level of support.

They may be shaped for this purpose and be designed with a pillow fill that offers this type of aid. When your neck is well supported, you will suffer less from the effects of stress or physical discomfort.

The best pillows to choose for this added support include contour pillows —designed for people who sleep on the back or sides — and pillows that are made with memory foam or latex designs. Wedge pillows, that are shaped triangularly, support the neck as well as other areas of the body, such as the back.

Memory foam pillows are often recommended for sleepers who suffer from pain in the neck, shoulder or back. Because the pillows are conformable, they support the pressure points of the body well. You can also receive the same results when you use pillows made from a buckwheat fill.

Water pillows can also be adjusted for firmness or height to provide neck or shoulder support. Innerspring pillows are another pillow design that supports the health of the neck.

Because latex pillows do not sink in the middle as do some other types of pillows, they are ideal to use for anyone who is suffering from upper body aches and pains. Therefore, they are ideal for anyone who is concerned about any discomfort in the neck or shoulder area.

Additional neck support pillow.

Source: Houzz

Better Support for the Back

If your pillow is soft and firm, you will also experience better back support. This is especially important for anyone who sleeps on his or her back. One of the pillows used for this purpose is a lumbar pillow.

A long body pillow can also be a back supporter for a woman who is expecting. Memory foam pillows and pillows that are made of latex provide a good means of support as well. When the fill of the pillow provides firmness and comfort and addresses pressure points, you will feel the difference in your back.

The design of the pillow is also important, such as the design of a lumbar pillow, which is made to be used in the lower back area. Water pillows can also be adjusted for height and firmness — very helpful if you want to make sure that you reduce the stress placed on your back.

Lumbar support pillow.

Source: Wayfair

Preventing Problems with Snoring

The fill for contour pillows is normally comprised of memory foam, buckwheat or water. The pillow supports the neck and head so the air passages remain open during sleeping. Therefore, this is the ideal pillow to choose if you have problems with snoring. You can also benefit from a pillow that is used with a CPAP machine.

If you are sleeping with a CPAP machine, you will want to review the offerings in sleep apnea pillows. CPAP is short for continuous positive airway pressure therapy and supports equipment that helps a person who has obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). The machine makes it easier for a sleeper to breathe during the night.

The sleep apnea pillow that is used is made of a polyester fill or a foam material. The pillow should be selected based on the height and feel of the pillow when used in conjunction with a CPAP machine.

The newest addition to the pillow marketplace, smart pillows are made with performance fabrics and a high-quality pillow fill that are linked to a built-in sleep monitoring technology.

The pillow user optimizes the use of the pillow by way of a sleep app. One example of a smart pillow design is a pillow that features streaming audio, built-in speakers, and sleep tracking during the night. All these features are possible with the inclusion of built-in sensors.

An anti-snoring technology also reduces any problems with snoring. The pillow, for example, monitors a sleeper as they sleep and gently nudges them to change position if they begin snoring. These pillows, as you might guess, are not inexpensive. A low-end price for a smart pillow is about $300.

Sleep apnea pillow.

Source: Wayfair

Reduced Allergies

The right type of pillow also makes it possible for a sleeper to sleep with more allergy relief. However, not all pillows can make this claim. Pillows, such as goose down or goose feather pillows can trigger sneezing and watery eyes.

You do not have to worry about these types of difficulties when your pillow is made of memory foam, latex, or a synthetic material. Instead, you can relax in virtual comfort without worry that you will be seized with a sneezing fit.

A pillow that offers a relaxing night sleep also should feature a hypoallergenic design. If you are one of those that suffer from allergies, you need to make sure your pillow fits the criteria for being hypoallergenic. Pillows made with a poly-cluster fill prevent allergies too.

Hypoallergenic pillow.

Source: Hayneedle

Added Softness

Sleepers who want to enjoy additional softness and comfort while they sleep will like the fluffy softness of down- and feather-filled pillows. While these pillows will not conform to your sleeping position like memory foam, and must be constantly be fluffed or thinned for use, they are definitely soft and comforting.

If you are someone who wants a pillow that is softer rather than firmer, a goose down pillow or goose feather pillow was designed for you. However, keep in mind that these pillows should not be the first choice if you suffer from allergies. In that case, you may be happier with a pillow made with natural or synthetic latex or a blend of the two.

These pillows have a bouncy effect when you are using them on your bed. You might consider a polyester pillow for softness, too. While this pillow does not offer much support, it definitely is a soft pillow to use. 

Soft pillow.

Source: Hayneedle

Bamboo Pillows

Sleepsia Bamboo Pillow (Queen Size - 28"x20") - Soft Shredded Memory Foam Bed Pillow for Side, Back and Stomach Sleepers - Luxury Pillows for Sleeping with Washable Case - 1 Pack

A pillow that is becoming found more often in the bedroom is the bamboo pillow. These pillows are comfortable for those that sleep hot due to moisture absorption. Also, they have the natural ability to remain fresher and cleaner feeling.

There are several reasons for the rising popularity of bamboo pillows, including:

  • Hypoallergenic properties with the ability to resist mites, mold, and mildew.
  • Bamboo Kun is a natural substance found in bamboo that has antimicrobial properties.
  • Bamboo microholes have excellent moisture absorption capabilities to mitigate sweating while sleeping.
  • Bamboo is friendly to the environment, growing naturally with low watering requirements.

Cotton Pillow

downluxe Goose Feather Down Pillow - Set of 2 Bed Pillows for Sleeping with Premium 100% Cotton Shell, Queen

Chemical-free pillows are important for a good night’s sleep without breathing in chemicals. Choose 100 percent USDA-certified organic cotton pillows without any added chemicals.

These include insecticides, fertilizers, herbicides, or other chemical irritants. Also, make sure the pillow is organic cotton both inside and out. A 100 percent organic cotton pillow cover does not mean the pillow itself is organic cotton.

Organic cotton pillows are:

  • Healthier and chemically free pillows.
  • Cooler with excellent ventilating properties for sleeping
  • More friendly to the environment and are biodegradable
  • Excellent if you sleep on your side with a firm or extra firm organic pillow

Gel Pillow

Pillows for Sleeping(2-Pack) , Luxury Hotel Gel Pillow ,Bed Pillows for Side and Back Sleeper (Queen)

Gel pillows are infused with gel foam layers that provide different levels of sleep. Different gel foams used in the pillow provide comfortable sleeping for all sleepers. For example, a pillow made from shredded foam is perfect for sleepers who like to “cuddle” their pillow.

They are also excellent pillows for pregnant women that like to sleep on their sides. The gel foam is excellent at keeping the pillow cooler for those that sleep hot for a better night’s sleep.

Gel pillows provide:

  • You can adjust the pillow by unzipping and removing foam as necessary.
  • Cool nights sleep with breathable, gel-infused polyester foam, drawing away heat
  • Falling asleep easier with a consistently cooler pillow
  • Hypoallergenic gel foam construction to create a more comfortable, breathable sleeping environment

Kapok Pillow

Layla Kapok Pillow, Adjustable Fit-Removable Fill, Cooling, Soft and Supportive at The Same Time, Queen Size

Kapok fiber comes from kapok trees that grow naturally in rain forests. They are also organically hypoallergenic. The soft, vegan, biodegradable material provides excellent comfort and support for many years. The durable kapok pillow holds up well for washing and drying.

They may also be placed in the sun every couple of months for a few hours of rejuvenation. Also, Kapok is good for the environment since it is one of the few sustainable rainforest crops.

Some Kapok pillow features are:

  • Better nights sleep by conforming to the head and sleeping position
  • 100% natural and organic material without any extra chemicals or odors
  • Organic and hypoallergenic, dust-mite resistant, and antimicrobial for a comfortable night’s sleep
  • A healthier lifestyle since natural kapok pillows help prevent diseases and body aches

Microbead Pillow

World's Best Microbead Bolster Tube Pillow, Smooth Cool Touch Fabric, Neck or Back Support Pillow, Hypoallergenic, Pink (3180 Pink)

If you have ever set on a bean bag, it will remind you of a microbead pillow. Both are filled with squishy polystyrene beads, only smaller microbead pillow beads. This type of pillow is made from spandex or nylon Lycra. These materials provide excellent stretching properties to conform to the body.

This conforming ability helps in alleviating pain from neck or back pain problems. Microbead pillows are not as soft as down pillows. But they do provide more support for problematic areas.

Microbead pillows have:

  • Excellent support maintained for problematic pain areas of the body
  • Superior air circulation to keep the pillow cool for a good night’s sleep
  • Hypoallergenic properties to combat dust mites, fungus, and bacteria
  • Great flexibility that will conform to most luggage spaces or overhead bins

Wool Pillow

Holy Lamb Organics Woolly "Down" Eco Wool Pillow - King

Some of the oldest pillows ever used for sleeping are wool pillows. They are not as popular today as hundreds of years ago but still have some excellent benefits. Constructed of wool with higher quality pillows with 100% British wool. Wool pillows are becoming popular again and are more eco-friendly than synthetic pillows.

Some of the benefits of wool pillows are:

  • Wool is excellent at regulating temperatures and maintains a constant pillow temperature and humidity
  • Excellent natural anti-allergy and antimicrobial properties, assuming you are not allergic to wool.
  • Harvested from the fleece of sheep, wool pillows are naturally biodegradable

Top Brands


LAYR Adjustable Firmness & Loft Pillow - Completely Customizable - Memory Foam - Cooling Cover - Standard / Queen

Luxome offers luxury and comfortable bedding essentials. The LAYR Pillow from Luxome is a customizable pillow (to meet your height and firmness preference) that is machine washable.

This customizable Luxome pillow includes a unique cooling feature that is cool to the touch on any side – all night. This Luxome pillow is available in standard and king-size.

Tempur-pedic International, Inc.

Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Cloud Pillow for Sleeping, Standard, White

Tempur-pedic, founded in 1992, has been a favorite American premium mattress and bedding manufacturer for decades. The company manufactures easy care products made of viscoelastic foam.

Tempur-pedic is headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky, with multiple manufacturing facilities in Virginia and New Mexico. Tempur-pedic offers a variety of pillows depending on your preferred firmness, plus the Cloud Cooling pillow.

Brooklyn Furniture/Bedding

Brooklyn Furniture Finest Bamboo Pillow - Cooling Shredded Memory Foam Bed Pillow, Relives Neck Pain, Snoring and Helps with Asthma - Back/Stomach/Side Sleeper (Queen Size(Pack of 1)), White

Located in Glendale, Arizona, the Brooklyn Bedding Company was founded in the mid-1990s. In 2008, Brooklyn Bedding became the first company to use the marketing concept known as a bed-in-a-box.

Brooklyn Bedding offers several types of premium pillows – each offering breathable comfort all night long. Brooklyn Bedding’s products are offered with free shipping, a ten-year warranty, and a 4-month trial for each of its products.

Layla Sleep

Layla Kapok Pillow, Adjustable Fit-Removable Fill, Cooling, Soft and Supportive at The Same Time, Queen Size

Layla Sleep, headquartered in New Haven, Connecticut, manufactures a variety of bedding and sleep care products that have garnered accolades from New York Magazine, Forbes, and CNET.

The pillows offered by Layla Sleep include the Kapok Pillow – marketed as a pillow with the comfort you have never experienced. The company also offers a more affordable, comfortable shredded memory foam pillow.

Eli & Elm

Eli & Elm | Ultimate Side Sleeper Pillow with Adjustable Filler to Get The Perfect Contour Curved Pillow for A Neck Pain Relief Sleep - Removable Latex and Polyester Filling- 17" X 29"

Located in Connecticut and founded in 2018, Eli & Elm offers premium sleep care and bedding designed to help one fall into dreamland faster and wake more refreshed.

Eli & Elm’s side sleeper pillow is engineered to comfortably conform (and support) your neck and head during the night. The fill of the pillow can be easily adjusted to your preferred pillow firmness and height. The pillow shell from Eli & Elm is made from a smooth cotton blend that can be washed easily.

Luxe Pillow

Charisma Luxe Down Alternative Gel Filled Chamber 2-Pack Pillow Standard Size

Luxe Pillow is a manufacturer of premium pillows that offer down/feather or polyester gel fiber fillings – in one or two packs for extra savings. The Luxe down/feather pillow is crafted from sustainably-sourced goose down and certified hypo-allergenic and available in a standard or king size.

The polyester gel fiber Luxe Pillow feels like a down/feather pillow but is also anti-microbial and anti-bacterial as well as hypo-allergenic. The gel fiber Luxe Pillow is also available in standard and king size.


GhostBed Memory Foam Pillow - Cooling & Contouring Gel Memory Foam with Ergonomic Design & Patented Cooling Layer, 1 Pack

GhostBed is a bedding company that offers premium mattresses and bedding with optimal support that is delivered as a bed-in-a-box. In addition to the GhostBed, the company also offers the ergonomically-designed Ghost Pillow – a supportive pillow made from aerated memory gel foam that provides cooling technology.

The company also manufactures a pillow with faux down. Ghostbed’s pillows include a washable cover and a 101-night sleep trial.


Marlow Bed Pillow - Memory Foam with Cooling Infused Gel and Adjustable Firmness - 1 Standard Size Pillow

Brooklinen manufactures comfortable, quality bedding options at affordable prices. Brooklinen’s pillows are offered in standard and king-size. Brooklinen offers three types of pillows – down-filled, memory foam – the Marlow Pillow, and a down-alternative pillow.

These down pillows from Brookline are supportive yet super soft and can be bought in three levels of firmness. The Marlow combines memory foam and polyester fiber for a cooling effect throughout the night.

Beckham Luxury Linens

Beckham Hotel Collection Bed Pillows for Sleeping - Queen Size, Set of 2 - Cooling, Luxury Gel Pillow for Back, Stomach or Side Sleepers Beckham Luxury Linen’s pillow is a soft, classically-designed pillow that is an excellent option for side, back, and stomach sleepers. The alternative down pillow is covered with a cooling 250 thread count cover.

Unlike memory foam, the Beckham Pillow is easily cleaned by throwing it in the washing machine and then tumbling it dry. Beckham’s pillows are available in standard and king-size options.


Sleepsia Bed Pillows for Sleeping - (28" x 20") Queen Size Pillows Set of 2 - Hotel Collection Down Alternative Premium Pillows with Fluffy Fiber Fill for Side, Back & Stomach Sleeper - Queen 2 Pack Sleepsia offers one of the top-rated pillows, as noted by thousands of five-star reviews across retailers and social media. Its pillows, which are available in a variety of sizes, are constructed of the best Bamboo memory foam.

Sleepsia offers a cervical pillow, a contour pillow, a baby pillow, a premium bamboo memory (and shredded) foam pillow, and a full-body pillow for side sleepers. Sleepsia also sells throw pillow inserts and matching covers.

Where to Buy


Parachute white pillow.

Parachute launched in 2014 and has grown into a dynamic brand that offers mattresses, pillows, furniture, décor, and more. You’ll find down and down alternative pillows here in a range of sizes, firmness levels, and shapes to suit your sleeping needs.

There are also pillow inserts that you can use as living room décor. Just add your favorite cover and enjoy the incredible softness of these pillows in any room. Many pillows from the brand come in your preferred density to provide you with exceptional support.

Some pillows specifically state what sleeping position they’re for. If you’re a back, stomach, or side sleeper, look for the specific pillow that suits your needs for a great night of restful sleep.

All of the brand’s down alternative fill is 100% hypoallergenic for a safe, eco-friendly alternative to real down feathers. However, if you love real down, you’ll find plenty of down pillows available at Parachute, too.


Brooklinen white pillow.

This now Influencer-famous brand has gained quite a lot of traction on social media. Brooklinen’s core values are to provide customers with amazing products for a personal touch and a better experience.

The brand also states that they have an efficient supply chain to offer “the best possible value to you.” Originally known for its line of luxurious bedding, Brooklinen also sells three main types of pillows: Canadian feather down, cooling memory foam, and 100% microfiber down alternative.

Protective pillowcases and covers are also available. The Marlow pillow features cooling-infused memory foam that’s adjustable and supportive.

This pillow comes in standard and king sizes with a 100% cotton shell. Brooklinen’s down pillows feature pure Canadian down feathers and come in your choice of plush, mid-plus, or firm in either standard or king sizes.

Brooklinen claims that its down alternative pillow is the best on the market. It features soft 100% PET recycled microfiber and a cotton sateen shell. This pillow also comes in Euro sizes.

Tuft & Needle

Tuft & Needle Premium Pillow, Standard Size with T&N Adaptive Foam, Sleeps Cooler & More Supportive Than Memory Foam Pillows, Hypoallergenic Cover, CertiPUR & Oeko-Tex 100 Certified, 3-Year Warranty

Tuft & Needle specializes in wellness products including bedding and pillows. The brand offers its signature foam pillow that combines comfort and support for a great night’s rest. The brand states that the pillow is soft and squishy, yet also quite supportive and breathable.

It adapts to your body shape and wicks warmth away to keep you cool. Tuft & Needle also offers a down alternative pillow with a less-dense foam made of polyester. It’s light and airy and hypoallergenic to provide light support, which is best for back and side sleepers. This pillow comes in standard and king-size.

If you enjoy full-body support, check out the body pillow from Tuft & Needle, also filled with its signature recycled polyester foam with a 100% cotton shell. This large pillow helps with pregnancy sleep and also gives additional support to side sleepers.

If you’re looking for cruelty-free down, try Tuft & Needle’s down pillow that has naturally temperature-regulating properties that wick moisture away. The soft, plush feel of this pillow provides light support and includes a 100% cotton cover.

This pillow is machine-washable, which is definitely an added bonus. It’s available in either standard or king-size.

Cozy Earth

Cozy Earth white pillow.

Cozy Earth is a family-owned company with a focus on premium-quality sustainable materials and exceptional customer service. The founders meet with suppliers all over the world to confirm material origins and contents and to ensure that everything is made sustainably.

This dynamic brand sells everything from bedding and pillows to towels, pajamas, and clothing. Their popular silk pillow is a favorite among eco-conscious consumers. Made from 100% silk, Oprah once claimed it was the “best pillow ever.”

The silk pillow from Cozy Earth is temperature regulating and easily moldable, so it holds its form longer. The filling remains consistent, so it won’t shift or form lumps over time. The fabric shell is made of 100% premium viscose derived from bamboo fabric.

But the star of the show is the fill, featuring 100% mulberry silk that is made exclusively for the brand. In fact, it claims that you’ll enjoy sleeping on the world’s softest silk pillow – guaranteed. If you love the smooth softness of silk and need a nice, cuddly pillow, this oversized pillow fits every bed and every type of sleeper.

The best part is that the pillow can be machine-washed on the delicate cycle for easy cleaning and care, although spot cleaning or dry cleaning is recommended. Cozy Earth also sells bamboo pillowcases in a variety of versatile colors sold as a pair in either standard or king size.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do pillows last?

A pillow can last 12-24 months, depending on how you care for it and the quality of fiber fill. For instance, a good-quality pillow can last 24 months, but a poor-quality one will have a shorter lifespan.

Sleep experts recommend replacing your pillow every 1-2 years because pillows lose the ability to offer sufficient support with age. Additionally, you may need to replace your pillow if it’s smelly, stained, or waking up tired with neck and back pains.

When were pillows invented?

Pillows were invented around 7,000 BCE in Mesopotamia. The pillows were made of stone, and only the wealthy could afford one. Ancient Egyptians used stone pillows to prevent crawling insects from entering the mouth, ears and nose.

Pillows have evolved through the ages with the invention of bronze pillows by the Chinese, straw pillows by the Greeks and Romans, and the modern pillows that we have today.

Can you wash pillows in the washing machine?

Yes, depending on the pillow type. For instance, foam and gel pillows are unsuitable for washing machines. Although some pillows are safe to wash in a machine, check the manufacturer’s label for the washing instructions.

Wash a feather pillow with a mild detergent, warm water and gentle wash. If your washing machine is big enough, put two pillows to help balance the turbulence, promote water circulation and prevent damage.

Can you put pillows in a dryer?

Yes, you can. Sleep experts recommend putting your pillows in the dryer once after a few weeks to kill dust mites, bugs and bacteria. Dry feather or down pillows on a no-heat cycle to prevent damage.

You can dry polyester pillows on a low-heat setting in a dryer. However, you should never dry memory foam and latex pillows in a dryer.

Can you wash feather pillows?

Yes, you can. Washing feather pillows removes dust, dead skin cells and dust mites. It also keeps them fluffy and neat. On a gentle cycle, you can hand wash them or put them in a washing machine using warm water and mild detergent.

Can you wash memory foam pillows?

Yes. Memory foam pillows can collect dust, sweat, and dead skin cells over time. You can spot clean memory foam pillows to remove fresh stains or deep clean in a tub or sink for stubborn stains. Wash using mild detergent and warm water, and don’t put them in a washing machine.

Can you wash bamboo pillows?

Yes. You can hand wash or put bamboo pillows in a washing machine. Read the manufacturer’s label for washing instructions and if your pillow doesn’t have one, follow the instructions for washing the fabric.

What to do with old pillows?

You can donate old pillows to animal shelters or homeless care centers or repurpose them. Instead of tossing your old pillows, you can use them to make pet beddings, throw pillows and floor pillows. Alternatively, you can donate them to textile recycling companies.

Does Goodwill take pillows?

Yes. Goodwill accepts any throw pillows and decorative pillows, but not any pillows used for sleeping. However, the pillows should be clean and not damaged or soiled.

Can you recycle pillows?

Yes. You can recycle old pillows in several ways. For instance, you can empty a feather or bamboo pillow into your compost pit and use the pillow cover as a cleaning rag.

Besides, some textile recycling companies are willing to accept old pillows for repurposing to reduce landfills.

How many pillows are on a couch?

It depends on the couch type and style. Although there isn’t a standard formula, interior design experts recommend measuring the length of the couch and subtracting one to get the ideal number of pillows.

You may want to omit throw pillows if your couch has many cushions or consider adding fewer pillows if the couch is small.

How many pillows should I sleep with?

It depends on your sleeping position. One medium firm pillow is enough for a stomach sleeper, while one flatter pillow is enough for a back sleeper. But you will need two pillows if you are a side sleeper.

How many pillows are on a bed?

It depends on your style, preference, and pillow type. For instance, a single sleeper needs one or two sleeping pillows, while a couple may need up to four. For decorative pillows, the number depends on the bed size.

A smaller bed will look too busy with many decorative pillows. Similarly, a bigger bed may look empty with fewer decorative pillows.

How many pillows are on a king-size bed?

A king-size bed requires one king-size sleeping pillow for a single sleeper and two for a couple. Due to the oversized nature of this bed, you will need to add several decorative pillows to avoid looking empty. You may add seven to nine decorative pillows, including Euro-sized, square, bolster and lumbar pillows.

How many pillows are too many?

It depends on the size of your bed. For instance, up to three pillows are enough for a twin bed and up to six for a queen bed. Similarly, up to eight pillows are enough for a king-size bed.

Why are hotel pillows so comfortable?

Hotel pillows are more comfortable for several reasons. They are thick to offer more neck support. Secondly, hotel owners invest in high-quality pillows, with premium fills including down, feathers and memory foam.

Thirdly, hotels provide different pillow types to suit guests’ sleeping needs. Hotels buy pillows from reputable brands and change them often.

Can pillows cause headaches?

Yes. Sleeping on the wrong pillow can strain your neck and shoulder muscles and create tension, resulting in headaches. A too-soft pillow may not provide enough support to the neck and shoulders. Similarly, a too-firm pillow strains the neck and shoulders, leading to spine malalignment, neck stiffness and headaches.  Consider getting a medium-firm pillow to avoid these occurrences.

Why do pillows turn yellow?

Pillows turn yellow due to moisture from saliva, wet hair and sweat. Chemicals from body lotions, hair products, and makeup can cause pillow discoloration. You can prevent this by drying your hair, removing make-up before bed, and using pillow protectors.

How big are standard pillows?

Standard pillows are 20 inches long and 26 inches wide. They are ideal for most sleepers and can suit any bed size.

How big are king-size pillows?

King size pillows are 20 inches long and 36 inches long. They are suitable for king and California king-size beds and are great for sleepers with broader shoulders.

Are pregnancy pillows worth it?

Yes, they are. Pregnancy pillows provide extra support to the back belly, promoting a night of deeper and more restful sleep. They contour the body while supporting the back and stomach.

Pregnancy pillows prevent various pregnancy discomforts, including heartburn and leg cramps. Besides, these pillows promote safer sleeping positions to avoid rolling on the back.

Are flat-headed pillows safe for babies?

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) warns against using flat-headed pillows because of the increased risk of suffocation, overheating and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Pediatricians recommend regular tummy time, repositioning the head to face in different directions, and carrying your baby from time to time to avoid sleeping on one spot.

Are pillows bad for your neck?

Some pillows are bad for your neck. For instance, a too-stiff pillow can cause strain on your neck and shoulder muscles, resulting in stiffness and pain. Similarly, a too-soft pillow may not offer sufficient support to neck and shoulder muscles resulting in pain.

What pillows are best for neck pain?

The best pillows for the neck should provide adequate head and neck support. Pillows with a high loft and moderate firmness possess these qualities like down and feather pillows.

Do cooling pillows work?

Yes. Cooling pillows lower temperatures around the shoulders, head, and neck by absorbing heat and dispersing it into a cooling layer. The pillows have high breathability allowing free air circulation to promote deeper and more relaxed sleep.

Do anti-snore pillows work?

Yes, they do. Anti-snore pillows help you achieve a better sleeping posture that reduces or stops snoring. The pillows help align your neck and shoulder muscles while keeping the airways open to prevent snoring. However, they do not address underlying causes of snoring, such as sleep apnea.

Are memory foam pillows good?

Yes, they are. Memory foam pillows react to body heat by molding into your body shape. These pillows promote better spinal alignment while providing additional support to the neck and shoulders.

Memory foam pillows are durable, naturally hypoallergenic, and resistant to bacteria, fungi, and dust mites. However, they suit back sleepers and not front or side sleepers.