45 Walk-In Closets for Men (Dark and Luxurious)

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Need ideas for a masculine walk-in closet? Check these rich, dark and luxurious walk-in closets for men. They're amazing.

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While most homes are lucky to have one walk-in closet, some actually have two; his and hers.

Usually if there’s one walk-in closet, it’s designed in a neutral way for a unisex closet design.

So, if you’re a clotheshorse of a guy and a reach-in closet won’t cut it so you want a walk-in closet, this gallery is for you.

What makes a walk-in closet masculine?

Obviously, you may not agree with all the closets we include in the gallery as being “for men”.  However, there are some common design elements that qualify a closet as being more masculine.  Those elements include:

  • Lots of wood, usually dark wood;
  • Tie rack;
  • Belt rack;
  • Plenty of half-length hanging areas for suits (men don’t need the full length nearly as much as women for their dresses);
  • Wrist watch and cuff link tray;
  • Gadget tray (I’d love a proper tray for all tech devices with decent cord storage and organization);
  • Less shoe storage (maybe); and
  • Drawers for folded shirts.

Whether you’re adding a walk-in closet or designing a closet, below is our extensive gallery of masculine designs.

Photo Gallery

Do guys need their own walk-in closet?

It depends on how much clothes you have of course.  Even then, it’s sure nice to have the space.  While the ongoing joke is that women have more clothes, accessories and shoes than men, I think men have more than they think.  Typically, our shoes are stored all over the place, but it’s sure nice to have them all in one place which is a well organized closet with excellent and plentiful shoe storage.

Work clothes alone add up.  Whether in a trade, have a uniform or wear a suit, you’ve likely accrued plenty of work clothes over the years.

Then there’s casual wear, formal wear, workout wear, lounge wear, footwear, hats, ties, belts, summer garb, winter clothes… the list goes on and on.

While I don’t have my own walk-in closet, I could certainly have one.  My clothes fill up 2 closets plus a dresser drawers.  My footwear alone takes up a lot of space.  Maybe you’re thinking I really don’t have that much, but when you closely assess, you’ll be surprised.

My wardrobe:

I don’t consider myself having all that big of a wardrobe.  However, for this article I took inventory of my clothes and was astonished to discover I have the following:

  • 8 suits (trousers and jackets)
  • 10 ties
  • 3 belts
  • 30 long-sleeve shirts
  • 6 sweaters
  • 20 short-sleeve shirts
  • 8 workout shirts
  • 5 workout shorts
  • 5 bathing suits (I love swimming)
  • 10 casual wear pants (jeans, dockers and outdoor pants)
  • 3 lounge pants
  • 30 undershirts
  • 25 pairs of underwear
  • 25 pairs of socks (some that need to go)
  • 11 pairs of footwear (crocs, boots, runners, casual and formal)
  • 1 robe
  • 5 jackets/coats
  • 1 pair of ski pants
  • 20 watches (I like watches)
  • 2 pairs of cuff links

When looking at that list, it’s no surprise I could definitely use a walk-in closet.  Not a grand one, but my own clothing room would be very useful.  Currently, my clothes are split among 2 large closets, one dresser and the shoes… the shoes are all over the place.

I don’t think what I have is atypical except the 20 watches.

It’s all about organization

While some of our featured masculine walk-in closets are huge and could store as much clothes as a small department store, many of our featured closets aren’t really that big.  For instance, take a look at the image at the very top of this post.  It’s a gorgeous walk in closet built by Easy Closets, but it’s not tremendously big.  It wouldn’t take much clothes to fill it up.  The point of such a room for men is that provides excellent organization. Each item has a place and so everything is easily found and well cared for.

How much do men spend on clothes?  

Again, there’s no universal figure.  I can put an approximate price tag on my wardrobe, which is as follows.  Please keep in mind that my wardrobe was put together over many years and it could probably benefit from a culling.

When I eyeball my clothes, watches, footwear, etc. it comes in at about $25,000, which isn’t a tremendous amount of money.

My suits weren’t top of the line, that’s for sure.  I bought most of my suits shortly after graduating college when I landed a job.  I didn’t have much money and so I had to settle for inexpensive suits.

A quality suit wardrobe alone can easily cost $10,000 to $25,000 and that’s not including another $3,000 on formal footwear, $2,000 on ties, $1,000 on belts and a $3,500 wrist watch.  Obviously this is high end work attire, but that’s not unusual these days for corporate jobs; one expected to dress well.

Where did I spend big bucks?

I spent quite a bit on shoes, casual shirts, casual pants and watches.

I wear jeans mostly and so I buy higher end jeans because they’re more comfortable and fit better.  Same thing with shoes.  I like watches and so that’s a bit of a splurge.  I also buy fairly expensive workout gear for comfort purposes.

I would probably spend a lot more on suits if I still needed them for work (I accrued the suits when I had a suit-required job).  These days, I wear a suit maybe a couple of times per year.  Going forward, when I buy new suits, I’ll invest in 2 high-quality suits and leave it at that.

Quality vs. Quantity

I should probably cull my wardrobe. There are many items I no longer wear.

In recent years, I’ve bought fewer items, but the stuff I buy, I invest in higher quality.  I will continue this trend going forward because typically spending more results in a better fit.  I’m not sure it will last longer; that remains to be seen.

I’m not sure I’ll ever have my own walk-in closet, but I can dream… and looking at the gallery of walk in closets for guys above certainly inspires me.

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