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101 Small Room Ideas (Most Rooms of the Home)

We showcase 1,000's of small room ideas including small kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms and more. Check out these great photos.

Apartment with small rooms

The median home size for new homes in the USA is 2,500 sq. ft.  In 1950 it was 1,000 sq. ft. Talk about a massive change in the sizes of our homes.

Moreover, 17% of Americans live in an apartment or condo.  These statistics are according to the National Association of Realtors.

While home sizes and thus room sizes are increasing, there are many, many people who live in smaller living arrangements such as apartments, condos, townhouses and smaller homes.

And that’s why we include a great deal of information on this website dedicated to small room design, small furniture options and compact appliance options.

This page is dedicated to small room ideas.  Below we set out photos and links to our various small room galleries and articles.

Small Kitchens

Small attractive kitchen

One of the most popular small rooms for ideas and research is the kitchen.

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Let’s face it, our kitchens are never big enough so we look at small kitchens to get space-saving and layout ideas to further improve our kitchen workflow and storage.

We put together a massive gallery featuring hundreds of small kitchen ideas.

Click the following button.

Click for Small Kitchens

Small Master Bathrooms

Small elegant master bathroom

Like home size, master bathroom size has grown tremendously over the last 10 to 15 years.  I guess something had to fill up the additional home size space (from 1,000 sq. ft. in 1950 a median 2,500 sq. ft. today).

To that end, we have a great gallery showcasing a wide variety of small master bathrooms.  Please keep in mind these are master bathrooms so some will seem large, but they’re small relative to today’s massive master bathrooms.

If you’re looking for powder rooms, see below.

Click for Small Master Bathrooms

Powder Rooms (Small Bathrooms)

Powder room small bathroom

Powder rooms are small bathrooms.

Sure, powder rooms do vary in size, but for the most part they are small.

Hence, we just have a powder rooms gallery which is synonymous with small bathrooms.

I think having a powder room in the main living area is important and convenient.  It’s particularly nice for guests who don’t want to use the kids’ bathroom or your master bathroom (and you probably don’t want them to either).

Check out our huge photo gallery of powder rooms:

Click for Powder Rooms

Small Living Rooms

Small living room

Small living rooms can be hard to furnish because you need small furniture.  Fortunately, since there are literally tens of thousands of living room sofas, sectionals and chairs to choose from, there are plenty of smaller options.

As an aside, I’m astonished at how many different types of furniture there is.  Most people buy one or two sofas, just as they do vehicles, yet there are way more sofa options than vehicle options.

In addition to small living room furniture, you need smart layouts to get the most out of the small space.  Check out our great gallery showcasing hundreds of small living room ideas.

Click for Small Living Rooms

Small Kitchen Island Ideas

Perhaps you have a small kitchen and would like to get a little more functionality out of it.  Adding a small island to the space is probably your best bet without doing a radical renovation.

Many people add small islands to their kitchen, especially if an older kitchen since it’s only been in recent years that islands became the norm.

We have a large gallery showcasing dozens of small island ideas for your kitchen.

Click for Small Kitchen Islands on Wheels and Small Kitchen Island Ideas here.

Small Master Bedrooms

Small master bedroom

Master bedrooms are typically the largest bedrooms in the house, so keep that in mind when browsing “small master bedrooms”.  They’re still fairly large; just smaller than many other master bedrooms.

Like everything house-size, master bedrooms are a lot bigger now than they were 40 years ago.  In fact, some are bigger than small apartments having sitting areas, walk-in-closets and massive bathrooms.

Our gallery showcases relatively small master bedrooms to give you design ideas.  Check them out.

Click for Small Master Bedrooms

Small Dining Rooms

Small dining room

Many homes these days don’t have a formal dining room.  Instead, the open living space includes one main dining area.  Because it’s open, it’s flexible as to how much space you can allot for the dining area.

That said, open concept apartments and condos can leave only a tiny space for dining.  Moreover, some houses still have a formal dining room, but it may be small.

Either way, it’s fun to get inspired by how other small dining areas handle the limited space.  Check out small dining rooms at:

Click for Small Dining Rooms

Small Home Offices

Small home office

Another contributing room explaining the increased house size in recent decades is the growth in the popularity of home offices.

More people work at home.  Most households have a computer which needs to go somewhere.

It turns out having a home office is a great addition, even if it’s small.

In fact, you don’t need a large home office; small works just fine.  For that reason we showcase many great small home office ideas.  Check them out:

Click here for small home office ideas.

Small Foyers

Small foyer

We have a small foyer, but I love it because at least it’s a front entry way where we can have a small bench and closet for getting outdoor wear on and for storing outdoor wear.

In fact, even if you can only fit in a small foyer, it’s better than walking straight into the living room.  It’s space well worth investing in.

We have many examples of some great small foyers.  Check them out:

Click for Small Foyers

Small Laundry Rooms

There are two types of small laundry rooms.

1. Small rooms with laundry facilities.  They’re small in relation to larger laundry rooms.

2. Closet laundry facilities.  These are space-saving, compact options, but aren’t really a room.

Our small laundry room ideas gallery showcases both types.  Check them out:

Click for Small Laundry Rooms

Compact Furniture

Apartment with small furniture

Click here for all kinds of small furniture ideas

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