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We wanted to gather a selection of the best examples of home offices we’ve seen.

This room isn’t the most common one we’ve explored, and we wanted to correct that oversight.

Not every home has an office space. It’s not an essential room in a home, after all. You first need to take care of the truly necessary spaces, including kitchens, bedrooms, and of course bathrooms, before considering a home office.

Despite not being an essential element of every house, the home office can indeed become the central focus of your home life. For this reason, we wanted to showcase the elegant possibilities available.

If you have to work from home, you’re going to want some creature comforts. Let’s face it: it’s not the regular office, so why skimp on the relaxing and eye-pleasing elements of design?


We’re big home office fans.

We’ve gathered our favorite examples of home offices to show you not only the outer limits of design possibilities but also the very real and practical ways that they can be achieved.

As you’ll see in our massive collection of home offices above, there are a huge array of design and functional elements including different types of desks, computer desks, chairs, lamps, cabinets, shelves, filing cabinets, flooring, ceilings, colors, wall coverings, sizes, lighting and many other features.

Home offices like this provide a meditative space for work while also matching the elegant, modern, rustic, or any given tone that dominates your home design. They are a place where you’ll value spending time, making work a pleasure.

The best aspect of these home office designs is that, more often than not, it takes only a modicum of effort to achieve the stark beauty on display. Sure, we have some overtly ostentatious spaces in our collection, but a majority of the examples are doable on an averagely sized budget at most.

If you’re looking to add a home office or spruce up an existing one, look no further. We’ve got your inspiration right here, along with links to the respective homes they come from so that you can appreciate the rooms in their full context.

Home Office Design Statistics and Data

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