100 Gorgeous Walk-In Kitchen Pantry Ideas for 2019

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traditional walk-in pantry with hardwood floors and flush light in penn valley, ca

Welcome to our 2019 walk-in kitchen pantry ideas photo gallery.

There are 2 main types of kitchen pantries.  They are:

First, there’s walk-in pantries, which is usually what people mean when they refer to a pantry.  It’s a designated room off the kitchen used for storing dry goods, appliances and anything else typically used in the kitchen.

The second type is a built-in pantry which is in the kitchen and is a floor to ceiling set of cupboards designed for storing dry goods.

This gallery features the walk-in style

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Simple or Luxurious

Like many rooms, a pantry can be simple with basic wire shelving or it can be luxurious with custom built-in cabinetry, nice lighting, and top-flight flooring.  While luxurious is nice, having even a bare-bones pantry is a super nice too.  Storage of any type is a premium feature.

What’s the best type of lighting for a pantry?

You want good lighting that does not get in the way.  Recessed lighting is a very good option because it can be bright and it doesn’t hang down so you won’t whack your head on anything.

What should you store in a kitchen pantry?

That’s the beauty of it. You store whatever you like.  Most people use it for dry-goods storage.  But you can also store small appliances or anything else.

Best location?

If you have the option, you want to place your pantry right off your kitchen.  We have a walk-in pantry, but it’s down a small flight of stairs (we live in a split-level) so it’s a hassle to get to.  Don’t get me wrong, we love having it, but in a perfect world it would be right off the kitchen.

Open or closed shelving?

I strongly recommend open shelving. This makes it so much easier to place items away and find them.  It also allows you to place more cabinetry in a tighter space because you don’t have to account for swinging cupboard doors.

How much space should you place in between shelves?

It really depends on what you plan to store.  If you’re into canning, for instance, and you plan to only store smallish cans/jars, you can get away with 6″ to 10″ in between shelves.  However, if you’re going to store larger containers, you’ll want at least 12″ or even more in between the shelves.

Adjustable height shelving is best

One thing to consider is using an adjustable height shelving system.  This way as your needs change you can adjust your shelving spacing.  We don’t have this, but it would be a very nice feature to have.

Worth the expense?

Yes, absolutely a pantry is worth the expense and cost in space. A cluttered kitchen is not fun to work and it can be frustrating to not have sufficient storage for food and/or small appliances.

With a properly planned pantry, you can ensure you always have plenty of food on hand for any occasion making your weekly shopping a bit easier because you need only get fresh food (milk, eggs, meat, veggies and fruit).