101 Luxury Walk-In Closet Designs (2018 Pictures)

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Luxuriously huge dark wood walk-in closet picture

Getting dressed is serious business!  Most people run out of space before they run out clothes which isn’t necessarily the worst thing, but still isn’t good.  It’s tiring rotating clothes each season in and out of storage and vacuum-sealed bags, it’s also bad for your clothes.

It’s not surprising so many of us need a walk-in closet.  Get this, It’s estimated that women spend approximately $125,000 on clothing during their lifetime totaling 3,100 apparel and accessory items.

But it ain’t just women spending big bucks on clothes.  Survey results reveal men spend on average $1,020 per year on clothes.  I actually think that’s a low figure.  I suspect many men spend $5,000 or more per year if they require suits for work.

Where does all this stuff go?

You guessed it, a walk-in closet… hopefully you have one or are planning to get one.  The fact is a walk-in closet is very handy.

Walk-In closets (or armoires) come in all shape and sizes.  They can range from 25 square feet to the size of a whole room, 100 square feet or more. These types of armoires have room to hold jewelry, shoes, clothes, linens, and really anything else you’d like to put in there.  But, there are certain things that make a walk-in wardrobe more desirable than others.

Our Awesome Walk-In Closet Photo Gallery

Deitsch Closet web-10

Designed by: Closet Works

Deitsch Closet web-5

Designed by: Closet Works

After - 5F - Master Dressing Room - LLI Design

Designed by: LLI Design

The closet features a green rug with a sitting place along with multiple cabinets.
Huge walk in closet with several rows of closet space.

Listed by: The Joffe Group

Source: Zillow DigsTM


6 Must-Have Features

  1. Island: Having an island creates a perfect spot for your jewelry.  You can install jewelry drawers directly into the island or simply use the surface.
  2. Mirror: It’s important that you know how something looks before you go out of the wearing it!  Place the mirror about 10 feet away from you, that distance allows your to see your full outfit and provides a realistic reflection of your outfit.
  3. Sitting Area: This one’s easy…ever fall over when you’re trying to put on your shoes or socks?!  It also adds a touch of class to an already classic room.
  4. Space For Shoes & Handbags: I can’t be the only one with a slight shoe addiction.  If your shoes and handbags are displayed properly it will be easier to plan an outfit because you can see everything you have (and not have to dig to the back of the closet because you can only find one shoe).
  5. Drawers: Drawers are useful for both men and women.  Women can put intimate items and jewelry in their drawer, while the men can use the drawers for their watches and wallets.
  6. Lighting: Bad lighting can be detrimental to your perception of yourself.  Lighting should be soft & welcoming, not harsh.

Source: Comfree.com

3 Optional Features:

  1. Vanity:  A vanity is a great feature for a walk-in closet used by a woman.  It offers a place for applying make-up and doing hair; a walk-in closet is a fitting place for such activities.
  2. Desk:  I actually find this an odd feature in a walk-in closet, but some do include a desk.  It wouldn’t by my first place to do office work, but I suppose if you simply can’t get away from the computer even to dress, it’s necessary.
  3. Tie-rack:  I’m a guy with a load of neck ties.  A tie rack is an important feature.  I actually think it’s a must-have feature but obviously it’s not necessary for women’s walk-in closets.

Instead, make life grand and luxurious for yourself by getting a wardrobe you can walk into and relax.  Below you’ll find 29 pictures of luxury designs… some may be preferred by women while others by men, but they’re all incredible.

Do walk-in closets increase a home’s value?

I don’t think too many people get a walk-in closet for resale value.  It’s a nice feature to have and for some people it’s a must-have feature.

In fact, storage in our consumerism society is a premium.  We have so much stuff including clothes and shoes.

However, if you’re a numbers person, you probably want to know if investing in a walk-in closet makes financial sense?

While I don’t have empirical evidence (it’s a very difficult thing to assess), my hunch is that investing up to a certain point makes sense.  I think also how much you invest in a walk-in closet depends on the luxuriousness of the house.

For example, if it’s a 2,800 square foot house costing $350,000, investing $5,000 to $10,000 in a walk-in closet in the master bedroom is well worth it.  People shelling out $350,000 for a home will appreciate the luxurious closet.  However, it wouldn’t make sense to shell out $50,000 for a closet for the same house.  Nobody with a $350,000 budget would be willing to pay an extra $50,000 for an outrageously awesome closet.

On the flip side, if the home is 12,000 square feet and valued at $3 million dollars, a $50,000 walk-in closet (i.e. room) makes sense.

All in all, as long as you invest in a walk-in closet an amount relative to the scope of home, it more often than not makes sense to invest in a walk-in closet.  I’m not alone in this assessment.

Should you convert a bedroom into a closet?

This is a very tricky question.

If you have a unique home with 5 bedrooms, converting one into a closet isn’t too bad of an idea.

If you have a 3 bedroom home, it’s unlikely converting one bedroom into a closet will work out financially.  There’s big demand for 3 bedroom homes and it’s worth more than a 2 bedroom home by quite a bit (all else being equal).  In other words, that third bedroom is more valuable than a walk-in closet.

Not all decisions should be financial decisions

I think sometimes homeowners miss the forest from the trees and get too wrapped up in resale value.  Remember, you need to live in the home and if you’re planning on living in a home for a long time, you shouldn’t base every decision on resale value.

There’s personal value and enjoyment in creating the home you want.  If it’s 2 bedrooms with a luxurious walk-in closet, go for it.  Years of enjoyment is priceless.  You only live once.

For instance, if your kids recently left home and it appears like they aren’t returning and you plan on staying put for another 10 to 20 years, why not invest in your wants, assuming you won’t compromise your retirement doing so.  10 years enjoyment of a walk-in closet, even if it impacts resale value is well worth it in my view.  You’ve probably done without raising kids so there is no harm in splurging here and there.  The key is being aware of the costs and benefits of such decisions and to not discount your wants all the time for the sake of your bank account.