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101 Luxury Interior Design Ideas (Extravagant Collections)

Luxury waterfront villas (aerial view)

The most expensive home sold in 2017 was in Hong Kong and sold for just under $154 million. I fear that record will be broken in short order as it seems mega mansions are sprouting up in many international cities like Los Angeles, New York, London, Hong Kong and others.

Fortunately you don’t have to spend $100 million on a home to get luxury, but generally luxury will cost more than $1 million in most markets. Frankly, $1 million doesn’t get all that much house in some areas like California (land of celebrity homes), Vancouver (Canada – I live here), New York, London, Stockholm, Hong Kong and many other cities.

While we showcase interior designs at all budget levels, we have a terrific series of luxury interior design ideas where we include only the most luxurious designs. The entire series is organized by room. You can access each room below. Enjoy!

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1. 17 Ultra Luxury Home Office Designs (Stunning)

Luxury home office with tall shed ceiling, large windows, and a fireplace.

See stunning photos of 17 Ultra Luxury Home Office Designs here.

We present a collection of ultra-luxury home office designs that clearly cost a fortune aside from looking fabulous. Although home offices are trending downward since 2004, it’s hard to argue that working at any of these luxury home offices is enough to inspire and pump one’s creative juices. See the stunning photos to find out what makes a home office ultra luxurious.

2. 12 Mega-Mansions with 20,000+ Sq. Ft. (Photo Galleries)

Collage of four mega mansions.

Click here to see the photo galleries of 12 Mega-Mansions with 20,000+  sq. ft.

Take a peek at the world’s biggest houses with a space of no less than 20,000 sq. ft. These mega mansions can be found all over the world and boast equally mind-blowing interior designs and outdoor amenities.

3. 84 Luxury Yacht Interiors: Bedroom, Galley and Salon Pictures

Interior of a luxury yacht.

View bedroom, galley and salon pictures of 84 luxury yacht interiors.

Take a tour at some of the world’s luxury yachts that are at least 70 feet large. These luxury floating homes are equipped with gorgeous interiors and amenities. Interiors show that the luxury yacht staterooms, guest bedrooms, salons and dinettes, kitchens, and bathrooms are even grander than most rooms in a regular home.

4. 22 Luxury Patios (Photos)

Luxury patio with patio furniture on flagstone flooring.

Click here to see photos of 22 Luxury Patios.

Check out amazing photos of luxury patios set in luxury homes. With no expense spared, these outdoor spaces are built to impress. Find out what makes these luxury patios stand out from the rest.

5. 35 Luxury Swimming Pools (Residential)

Luxury L-shaped swimming pool with palm trees and patio furniture.

Check out the 35 Luxury Swimming Pools (Residential) here.

Not everyone can afford to have private swimming pools so simply having one in your own residence can already be considered a luxury. However, some swimming pools (such as the ones you’ll see in this collection) are simply more breathtaking and set on an exceptionally luxurious scale.

6. 35 Luxury Home Foyers and Entry Halls (Grand Entrance Photos)

Luxury home foyer with a grand entrance staircase.

Click here for the 35 Luxury Home Foyers and Entry Halls (Grand Entrance Photos).

Scroll through our photo gallery of luxury home foyers and entry halls that are not necessarily grand but sets the tone of an exceptional home. Home foyers and entry halls don’t have to be large or grand to make the cut. You’ll stumble across some that are stark in simplicity but nevertheless gives the impression that you’re setting foot on an extraordinary home.

7. 28 Ultra Luxury Dining Room Designs (Best-of-the-Best Photos)

Luxury dining room with pendant lighting.

Here are 28 Ultra Luxury Dining Room Designs (Best-of-the-Best Photos).

Check out best-of-the-best photos of ultra-luxury dining room designs that range from gaudy to simplistic. No matter your personal preferences, this collection of dining rooms will strike you as luxurious-looking and most likely inspire you or at least give you an idea of how to re-do your own dining room.

8. 32 Stunning Luxury Primary Bedroom Designs (Photo Collection)

Luxury white primary bedroom with pitched ceiling, French doors, large windows, and a fireplace.

See here the 32 Stunning Luxury Primary Bedroom Designs (Photo Collection).

While not everyone can afford to have a truly luxurious primary bedroom, most of us are constantly seeking ideas on how to improve our own primary bedroom. This stunning collection is an eye-candy as it features the best in interior design and materials that money can buy.

9. 23 Awesome Features You Only Find in Luxury Homes (Mansion Photos)

Luxury home interior with a bowling room.

Click here to see mansion photos of 23 Awesome Features You Only Find in Luxury Homes.

Take a visual tour and discover what awesome things can be found behind the closed doors of luxury homes. Not all luxury homes share the same features and amenities but that only makes things even more intriguing.

10. 15 Luxury Living Room Designs (Stunning)

Luxury rustic living room with beam ceiling, shiplap paneling, stone fireplace, a grand piano, and leather furniture.

View stunning images of 15 Luxury Living Room Designs.

Don’t miss this collection of stunning luxury living room designs that are mostly large, with plenty of seating, and no expense spared even to the point of ostentatious. We selected only the best-of-the-best and feature luxury living rooms in all styles.

11. 34 Large Luxury Primary Bathrooms that Cost a Fortune in 2019

Luxury primary bathroom with tile flooring, vanity, and a drop-in tub with crown molding.

Click here for the 34 Large Luxury Primary Bathrooms that Cost a Fortune in 2019.

Check out this collection of luxury primary bathrooms that are all mind-bogglingly expensive and bigger than most apartments. For a primary bathroom to be considered luxurious, they need to have an arched or domed ceiling, a steam walk-in shower, more than two sinks, custom cabinetry, rich woodwork, plenty of windows, and so much more.

12. 30 Custom Luxury Kitchen Designs that Cost More than $100,000

Luxury kitchen with double chandeliers, central island, and tile flooring.

Here are 30 Custom Luxury Kitchen Designs that Cost More than $100,000.

Cook up your imagination with these luxury dream kitchens that cost more than $100,000. The top three design styles for the most expensive kitchens are Traditional (26%), Contemporary (24%), and Transitional (18%). Find out more relevant information for inspiration and tips next time you re-do your kitchen.

13. Wow! 50 Luxury Sofas that Cost More Than $5,000

Green luxury sofa with matching throw pillows in a stylish modern living room.

Discover the 50 Luxury Sofas that Cost More Than $5,000.

When money isn’t a problem, dropping $5,000 on a single piece of furniture should be nothing. For many of us, however, it’s fun enough to scroll through this collection of ridiculously expensive sofas. We can probably get an idea of what luxury sofas look like and find something similar but within the budget.

14. 101 Luxury Walk-In Closet Designs (2019 Pictures)

Luxury walk-in closet with drawers, shoe storage, side mirrors, and an ottoman.

Click here for the 2019 pictures of 101 Luxury Walk-In Closet Designs.

Step inside the world of luxury walk-in closets where getting dressed is serious business. Find out what features are important to have and what are optional if you decide to have one. We give you more tips and ideas.