101 Luxury Interior Design Ideas (Extravagant Collections)

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Luxury waterfront villas (aerial view)

The most expensive home sold in 2017 was in Hong Kong and sold for just under $154 million.  I fear that record will be broken in short order as it seems mega mansions are sprouting up in many international cities like Los Angeles, New York, London, Hong Kong and others.

Fortunately you don’t have to spend $100 million on a home to get luxury, but generally luxury will cost more than $1 million in most markets.  Frankly, $1 million doesn’t get all that much house in some areas like California (land of celebrity homes), Vancouver (Canada – I live here), New York, London, Stockholm, Hong Kong and many other cities.

While we showcase interior designs at all budget levels, we have a terrific series of luxury interior design ideas where we include only the most luxurious designs.  The entire series is organized by room.  You can access each room below.  Enjoy!

Luxury home office with high ceilings, huge windows, fireplace wood flooring.

17 Ultra Luxury Home Office Designs (Stunning)

We cherry-picked home office designs for this luxury collection. These are the best of the best home office designs. Some are light and airy; others dark and masculine. Some are huge; others are cozier. Enjoy.
4 mega mansion photos

12 Mega-Mansions with 20,000+ Sq. Ft. (Photo Galleries)

Here's a collection of the biggest houses in the world. These are the mega mansions that the world's richest can only afford. All houses have 20,000 sq. ft. or more. Incredible houses you have to see to believe.
Azimut Atlantis 50 foot yacht interior design

84 Luxury Yacht Interiors: Bedroom, Galley and Salon Pictures

Get ready to be amazed. We set out 5 galleries featuring incredible luxury yacht interiors. Galleries include staterooms, guest bedrooms, salons, kitchens and bathrooms. Check out these incredible photos.
Massive luxury patio in backyard of mansion

22 Luxury Patios (Photos)

You don't just want any old patio. You want a luxury patio; something exceptional that not only adds outdoor living but is nice to look at and really takes your backyard to the next level. Check out these incredible luxury patio ideas.
L-shaped pool overlooking the ocean

35 Luxury Swimming Pools (Residential)

Aren't all swimming pools luxury? Nope. It's all relative. This is a collection of truly luxurious, spectacular swimming pools that will blow your mind. Includes large, small, waterfalls, indoor, infinity, glass-walled and more. The best of the best.
Cool modern home with large foyer and curved upper landing.

35 Luxury Home Foyers and Entry Halls (Grand Entrance Photos)

We scoured hundreds of foyer and entry hall designs to come up with this small selection of truly luxurious foyers for private residences. Check out these truly exceptional entryways for private homes.
Ultra luxury dining room decor and design with dark dining room furniture, pendant lights at bottom of stairs.

28 Ultra Luxury Dining Room Designs (Best-of-the-Best Photos)

These dining rooms go all out on the luxury side of things. Thousands on furniture, decor, flooring, walls, ceilings, lighting... the whole shebang.
Transitional master bedroom with hardwood floor and grey accent chairs.

32 Stunning Luxury Master Bedroom Designs (Photo Collection)

This is a spectacular collection of 32 stunning luxury master bedrooms. Most are fairly large and all incorporate the very best in design and materials.
Bowling alley in private home.

23 Awesome Features You Only Find in Luxury Homes (Mansion Photos)

One fun thing about luxury homes is seeing what features and amenities they include that regular homes don't include.  While not all luxury homes have all the features below, many luxury homes have some of the features. This is a fun article that sets out luxury home features and amenities that you don't see in regular homes. 
Huge rustic living room with massive wood beams, rustic furniture and large stone fireplace.

15 Luxury Living Room Designs (Stunning)

This is it. Best-of-the-best. Opulence at its best... truly luxurious living room design. Spacious living rooms in all styles from rustic to casual, to beachside to totally opulent.
Luxury master bathroom with custom woodwork

34 Large Luxury Master Bathrooms that Cost a Fortune in 2019

Check out these absolutely incredible master bathrooms that cost a fortune. Domed ceilings, rich woodwork, custom cabinetry, all-glass walk-in showers and more.

Gorgeous off-white luxury kitchen.

30 Custom Luxury Kitchen Designs that Cost More than $100,000

Stunning photo gallery of 30 luxury kitchens that cost more than a whopping $100,000. See some of the best kitchen designs on the planet here.
Wow! 50 Luxury Sofas that Cost More Than $5,000

Wow! 50 Luxury Sofas that Cost More Than $5,000

This is one of those eye-candy, dream galleries featuring unbelievable sofas that actually cost more than 5,000. In fact, we found over 50 sofas that cost this much.
huge walk-in closet

101 Luxury Walk-In Closet Designs (2019 Pictures)

Check out these pictures of 150+ luxury walk-in wardrobes to get inspired for your new wardrobe room or walk-in. These are incredible, especially number 14.