25 Types of Furniture for the Home (Mega Guide)

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Welcome to our main types of furniture page for 2019.  This is where you can access our epic furniture buying guides on every type of furniture imaginable including sofas, beds, tables, chairs, mattresses, ottomans, dining room furniture, entry hall furniture and more.  Be sure to check out our popular series covering many different boutique and niche online stores for all types of home and garden purchases.

This is where you can access our numerous furniture articles and galleries.


Sofa types

20 Types of Sofas Explained

I love, love, love sofas.  My favorite are large, comfortable sectionals, but I’ll gladly take a gorgeous Chesterfield or Tuxedo sofa for my formal living room.

Below you can access one of our most popular articles, which explains in details (with photo examples) every type and style of sofa you can buy.

  • Sectional Sofa: Sofa with two or more sections that usually form two or more sides.
  • Recliner Sofa Sofa with one or more seats that recline like a recliner chair.
  • Chesterfield:  Sofa with tufted upholstery.  Can be a regular sofa/couch or sectional.  Chesterfield applies to chairs as well.
  • Lawson Couch:  Back cushions are not attached to main sofa.  Can be removed.  Often large and comfortable.
  • English Sofa with rolled arms that lower than the back.
  • Bridgewater:  Low arms rolled outward for an angled, cushioned arm. Great napping sofa.
  • Camelback: High back that drops in continuous line forming the arms.
  • Cabriole: Back and arms one continuous, even line.
  • Chaise lounge:  Arguably a chair.  Long seat with no arms.
  • Sleeper Sofa:  Any sofa that can also be a bed.  Includes pull-out sofa, convertible sofa, futon and daybed,
  • Loveseat:  A short sofa for one or two people.  Often comes with matching full sofa.
  • Settee Sofa:  A wide chair.
  • TuxedoHigh arms same height as the sofa back in 90 degree angles (similar to cabriole but cabriole is curved).


Types of tables

33 Types of Tables for the Home

Pretty much every house will have at least one table.  Some houses will have 10 or more when you add up dining tables, end tables, accent tables, night stands, work tables, etc.

You’d be surprised how many styles and functions there are when it comes to tables.

  • Coffee table:  Low table used in living room spaces placed in the center of seating furniture.  Used for drinks, flowers, and a general table for placing items.
  • Accent table:  Like the term “accent chair”, an accent table is an umbrella term for tables used in living room space (i.e. living rooms, great rooms, family rooms, etc.) that offers a place for putting items on, storage and a decorative element.  Most are fairly small and include coffee table, end table, side table and console table.
  • End table:  I love end tables more than any other living room table.  They’re small and designed for the ends of sofas or to be placed adjacent to chairs.
  • Console table:  The console table is probably the least common living room or family room table.  Coffee and end tables are super common, the console table is less so.  It’s a long, narrow table often placed behind a sofa.  They are, however, popular for foyers and entry halls.
  • Ottoman table These are growing in popularity.  They’re large ottomans that double as coffee tables.  The fabric surface don’t make them the best for drinks unless you place large serving trays on top (or it has one built-in).
  • Dining room table: There are many types of dining room tables, but only in so far as shape, material, color and style.  We showcase many of these with photo examples.
  • Bedside table:  Almost a necessity, the bedside table (nightstand) flanks a bed.  They come in all sizes, but the small bedside table is very popular.


Chairs for the home

37 Types of Chairs

My favorite type of chair is a large, oversized club chair.  I love them.  I have one and it’s great (although there are nicer ones available).

My dad has the ultimate club chair – a massive, comfy oversized leather club chair you absolutely sink into.

However, there are many, many types and styles of chairs for the home.

  • Accent chairs:  The accent chair is a living room chair and is a category of various chair styles including the club chair, wingback bergere, lawson, barrel, English rolled arm, slipper and chesterfield chairs.
  • Armchairs: These are comfortable chairs for the living room or family room.
  • Recliner chair This type of chair offers the option to recline back usually including an attached footrest that elevates so you can fully recline.
  • Reading chair:  Another general chair term that includes many types of chair – pretty much anything that makes for a good reading chair.
  • Bar stools:  stools are not relegated to the home bar; they’re very common in kitchens at islands as well.  You’ll be interested to discover there are many types.
  • Desk chair: so many home have offices and therefore need a desk chair.  These vary considerably, but most recline, swivel and are set on castors.
  • Dining room chairs: surprisingly there are many types of dining room chairs.  We set them all out in detail.


Types of beds

38 Types of Beds Explained

Do not buy a bed until you read our massive bed buying guide setting out bed styles, sizes, materials and unique features.

There are dozens of different types of beds, hundreds if you count the various styles for each size.


Types of desks

17 Types of Desks for a Home Office

I love desks.  I always have.  I had a beauty as a kid (my parents found this awesome desk in a used office furniture store).

I have several desks now and enjoy having them.

There’s a wide variety of desks, with respect to layout, size, style and material.


Types of mattresses

12 Types of Mattresses

Back in the day you didn’t have much mattress choice.

Now, forget about it.  There are so many mattress options that it can be mind-boggling.  While they all sound great, you really do need to research the issue to ensure you get the right mattress for your needs.

We explain your mattress options in depth with some great illustrations.

Furniture Stores

Online furniture stores

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Counter and Bar Stools

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Home Mini Bars

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Furniture Buying Considerations

In addition to knowing what type of furniture item you need (which is usually pretty obvious), once you’ve got that pinned down, you have several choices to make for most furniture options.  The following sets out buying considerations:


Every piece of furniture has cheap, mid-price, upscale and ridiculously luxurious options.  Usually, you’re best off going for mid-price or upscale.  Cheap doesn’t last long (I know because I’ve bought plenty of cheap furniture in my day).  Luxurious is usually ridiculously priced based on brand name or some other frivolous aspect that doesn’t enhance quality at least relative to the increased price.  That leaves mid-price and upscale furniture as often being the best investment when balancing quality and cost.


Wood and metal are your usual options. Some furniture also comes in glass and plastic.  However, the biggest material consideration boils down to type of wood – whether it’s solid wood, engineered wood or particle board.


For some furniture pieces, the shape is integral to the design.  Tables are a good example – you can opt for square. rectangle, round or oval.


Style is a serious consideration and often dictates much of the aesthetic.  Styles vary tremendously.  Common styles include modern, contemporary. mid-century, rustic, farmhouse, shabby-chic, antique, asian, cottage and Mediterranean.

Unique features:

Always check unique features available.  Frankly, many furniture pieces offer some ingenious design features.  The options vary according to the type of furniture.  A common furniture feature is storage. such as shelves or drawers.


Size is hugely important.  If you have a large room or home, you want larger pieces to fill it up.  If a smaller home, you have no choice but to buy plenty of small furniture.  Fortunately most online furniture stores include dimensions for each item so you can tell quickly whether it will fit.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]