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Small Furniture Ideas for Every Room

Apartment with small furniture including small white sofa and small desk.

I know all about living in small spaces where I could only buy small furniture. I think most people do. I’ve lived in my fair share of apartments (shared and solo), renting a room in a house and even living in tiny houses (my wife and I lived in a tiny 90 year old beach cottage when we first were married).

And therefore I know what it’s like being restricted to small furniture such as sofas, bookshelves (narrow and short), chairs, tables, etc. In addition to being forced to look for compact home furnishings, I also recall looking for clever space-saving furniture. In fact, we still have the futon that my wife had before we were married.

This page provides you access to our very popular compact furniture articles. We will be adding many such articles over the next few months with the aim of being able to provide you a wide selection at various price points including budget-friendly small furniture as well as more expensive options.

You can access all articles below.

Small Sectional Sofas

Small sectional in an apartment

Sectional sofas are a very popular sofa option for small spaces such as apartments because they are a space-saving furniture option because they fit into corners while maximizing seating capacity.

However, while you can buy absolutely massive sectionals, often an apartment requires a small sectional for a limited living room space.

This gallery showcases examples of small sectional sofa ideas from leading online retailers.

Click for Small Sectionals

Compact Futons

Photo example of a small futon

Futons by their very nature and design are for small spaces because they double as both sofa and bed.

However, there is not just a one-size-fits all futon. In fact, the size range is considerable… and for some living spaces, the only option is a small futon.

We have you covered. We did the research and put together a list of stylish, but small futons that will serve as both a space-saving piece of furniture that fits in a tiny space. Check them out via the button below.

Click for Compact Futons

Small (Twin-Over-Twin) Bunk Beds

Small twin-over-twin bunk bed

And yet another item in our fleet of compact furniture items is both small and serves as a space-saving item.

Bunk beds are one of the first space-saving furniture items; having been used for hundreds of years. They make perfect sense and hence they’re as popular as ever.

However, the bunk bed has evolved into many different sizes offering many different features. In fact, more and more bunks are large featuring full size beds, l-shape designs as well as storage functions, desks, stairs, play areas, slides and more.

But sometimes, you simply don’t have room nor the budget for all the bells and whistles and simply want a simple twin-over-twin design. Again, we did the research and put together a great list of twin-over-twin bunk beds. Click the button below to see our list.

Click for Small Bunk Beds

Compact Computer Desks

Compact computer desk

Even big houses often need a small computer desk for nook offices or home offices with two or three stations.

These days, the most common use for a desk is to put a computer on it since pretty much everything we do involves the computer whether photo management, household finances and of course our employment.

While it’s nice to have a large desk in a spacious office, that’s not always possible. New homes usually include a small den at the very least, but homes built a few decades ago don’t have dedicated home office spaces which often means setting up a computer desk means doing so in extra spaces which is usually small.

Fortunately there are some great smaller desks designed for computers. These are pretty cool and can fit pretty much anywhere.

Click for Compact Computer Desks

Small Kitchen Islands (that you can buy)

Small kitchen island with wheels

The kitchen island is a great kitchen feature that adds a lot of benefit without taking up too much space.

Many kitchen layouts have large open spaces that’s wasted. A small island makes that space super useful for eating, working an storage. Hardly does a single piece of furniture offer so much benefit.

However, many kitchens cannot accommodate a large custom island. Moreover, many people don’t want to spend $1,000 or more on a small custom island design and installation. That said, we do have a terrific article showcasing 80 clever small kitchen island ideas here.

The solution is simple… buy a small kitchen island. There are several types such as carts with wheels or stationary pre-built islands. Even a butcher block can do the job.

The best part is because these are so popular, there are many colors and designs to choose from.

We put together a great list of small kitchen island carts on wheels. Click the button below.

Click for Small Kitchen Islands

Mini Bars

Home mini bar

While it would be nice to have a whole room dedicated as a home bar/entertaining area, often that’s not possible. In fact, it’s not always the best option.

With a mini bar cabinet or unit, you can tuck it in the corner or on the side of a family room or living room or game room so that you can easily prepare beverages for yourself and/or guests without holing up in some home bar.

We feature a large diverse collection of home mini bars. Check them out (click the button):

Click for Mini Bars

Small Accent Tables

Compact wood corner accent table.

Often a small accent table is preferable to a large one because the space needing something isn’t big, but too big to remain empty.

That’s where compact accent tables come to the rescue. They come in all shapes including square, round, rectangle half-circle as well as 90 degree angles for corners (a great way to fill in often empty corners).

We put together a lovely collection of our favorite small accent tables.

Check them out at:

Click for Small Accent Tables

Small Side Tables

Small side table

As far as I’m concerned, the side table is more important than a coffee table or accent table in the living room or family room.

Every seat except the middle seats on a sofa, should have a side table within arms reach.

This makes for a pleasant, comfortable and convenient seating experience, whether conversing, reading, surfing the Web or watching TV/movie.

Moreover, most will be small because that’s all the space that there is.

Therefore, we put together a terrific gallery of small side tables we think you’ll love. Check them out:

Click for Small Side Tables

Small Bedside Tables

Primary bedroom with small bedside table

Most bedside tables are small unless you have a large bedroom. You don’t need all that large of a nightstand, but it really is nice to have something.

Compact nightstands come in several designs including tables, cabinets and chests.

They are wood and metal; round, square and rectangle. Some have drawers; some have shelves.

We put together a terrific collection of small options. Check them out:

Click for Small Bedside Tables

Small Corner Cabinets

Small corner kitchen cabinet

Corner cabinets are a great way to add more storage without taking up a lot of space.

There are all kinds of corner cabinets for many purposes, including the kitchen, bathroom, TV stands, mini-bars and curio cabinets.

We put together a gallery and detailed article setting out 25 small corner cabinets. Check it out.

Click for Small Corner Cabinets

Compact Dressers

Small dresser for the bedroom

Need a small dresser?

We put together a great list of the best small dressers for the three main types of dressers:

– horizontal,

– vertical, and

– compact.

Check them out:

Click for Small Dressers

Small Wall Clocks

Small wall clocks

Need a small wall clock for a room?

They’re terrific decorative pieces and provide a great function. I prefer glancing up at a clock than looking at a watch or my phone.

Check out these compact wall clocks.

Click for Small Wall Clocks

Small TV Stands

Small red TV stand

Need a small wall clock for a room?

They’re terrific decorative pieces and provide a great function. I prefer glancing up at a clock than looking at a watch or my phone.

Check out these compact wall clocks.

Click for Small TV Stands

Small Couches

Small couches

Have a small apartment, condo, townhouse?

Or, need a small couch for a home office or work office?

We got you covered. In fact, I’m looking for an excellent small sofa and so I did extensive research.

Check out our list of outstanding compact sofas (not sectionals). We include additional galleries for the different types of sofas.

Click for Small Couches

Small Loveseats

Small loveseats

If you want a really small sofa, consider a small loveseat.

That’s right, there are such things as small loveseats as in loveseats that are smaller than other loveseats.

Yeah, I also thought all loveseats were the same size, but they aren’t.

We put together an awesome collection of small loveseats. Check them out:

Click for Small Loveseats

Small Ottomans

Small round storage ottoman

I love living spaces with ottomans.

Small ottomans, big ottomans… doesn’t matter. Actually a mix can be great. One or two big ones for sofas and one or two small ottomans for chairs.

I’m also particularly fond of storage ottomans because storage is such a premium.

We put together a great list of small ottomans together to help you find the perfect compact footrest. Check them out:

Click for Small Ottomans

Small Dining Tables

Small dining table

Need a small dining table?

Lots of people do.

We have a small one for 4 in our kitchen. They’re handy.

Maybe you have a small dining room as well.

Where you need it, check out our collection of small dining tables at:

Click for Small Dining Tables

Small Home Office Desks

Small office desk

I love desks of all kinds.

I have several. I enjoy computer stations in my home.

While tablets have perhaps reduced the need for home offices to some extent, sometimes it’s better working on a laptop or desktop computer. I’m writing this at a desk on a laptop (case-in-point).

If you need a great small desk, check out collection at:

Click for Small Home Office Desks

Small Bookcases and Bookshelves

Small cube bookshelf

What do you do with the wall space under windows?

There’s not much, but one way to capitalize on that space is to put small bookshelves there to store books and other items.

In fact, there are many good reasons to buy a small shelf – for tight spaces, kids, storage without taking up an entire wall.

Moreover, there are many options such as barrister bookcases, cube shelving, modular shelving and regular, plain old shelves.

We put together a great list of small bookcase and shelf options. Check them out:

Click for Small Bookshelves

Small Kitchen Dining Tables

Small kitchen dining table

Whether you live in an apartment with little space for a dining table or have a kitchen with a small space for a smaller dining table, you’re in good luck because there are a good number and wide variety of options.

We put together a great collection that accommodates two to four people. We feature all types (wood, round, nook, etc.). Check them out:

Click for Small Kitchen Dining Sets

Small Room Galleries

In addition to many small home furniture ideas, galleries and examples we also have extensive articles on small and compact appliances plus huge photo galleries showcasing examples of small room designs which serve as a great way to get ideas for decorating and furnishing small spaces – whether a living room, kitchen, bathroom, home office, dining room and more. Check them out.