9 Luxury Apartments, Condos & Lofts (Designs and Ideas)

Luxury apartment by Audax

Welcome to our collection of luxury apartments and condos from around the world.

Here's our collection of luxury apartments and condos designed by top interior designers from around the world. Our featured homes in the sky are from major cities worldwide.

These designs and layouts are the finest in the world, but vary by style and size.

The fact of the matter is more and more people are living in apartments and condos for a variety of reasons including the growing cost of detached homes in many areas, the desire for simplified living, choosing to live in urban centers, downsizing and a variety of other reasons.

However, just because you decide or have no choice but to live in an apartment doesn’t mean your living space can’t be beautiful.  This collection of beautiful apartments and condos demonstrate that.  While not huge, they are spacious enough to be very comfortable and the designs are very well done.

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1. Luxury contemporary apartment in San Francisco

Spacious living room in luxury condo located in San Framcisco designed by DECOR AID

We kick off our luxury apartments and condos collection with a contemporary design in San Francisco by DECOR AID.  What I particularly like about this design is the infusion of color in each room, especially the beautiful living room shown above.

This apartment features a white kitchen, family room, tiny home office and primary bedroom with primary bath

See the entire condo here.

2. Luxury Apartment by Coletivo Arquitetos

Huge luxury apartment with coffered ceiling by Coletivo Arquitetos

Here’s a huge luxury apartment with a stunning coffered ceiling.  The home incorporates a lot of light wood throughout, including on the walls.

In addition to a magnificent living room, this apartment has a small media room, modern kitchen, modern bathrooms and bedrooms and a dining room.

When you tour the house, you’ll notice some details that are really cool like a floating desk which creates a small computer workspace.

See the entire apartment here.

3. Glamorous Apartment by Audax

Glamorous kitchen design in stunning apartment by Audax

The kitchen island with built-in curved seating is one of my all-time favorite kitchen islands.  If you like that, you’ll love this glamorous apartment by Audax.

The design includes a variety of rich materials including brass, walnut and marble.  Each room is unique with some interesting color and material combinations, but in the whole, the resulting design is beautiful.  For instance, the blue and medium-tone wood kitchen above is a fabulous combination.

You have to see the rest of this home to appreciate the design.  The attention to detail is incredible.

See the entire apartment here.

4. Duplex Apartment by BFDO Architects

Luxury duplex apartment by BFDO Architects

This is a duplex, which is a two-story apartment owned by a family with two kids.  It’s a spacious apartment that is larger than many single family homes.  It includes a formal living room, family room, dining room, gorgeous kitchen and several bedrooms.

I love the design throughout. It’s contemporary, but also a bit whimsical the variety of colors throughout.  For example, the dining room has yellow chairs.  The living room has an orange sofa.  There are a variety of blue accent walls throughout the home as well.

See this entire duplex apartment here.

5. Open Concept Luxury Condo in Austin, Texas by Sanders Architecture

Open concept great room in luxury condo by Sanders Architecture

If you like modern with a touch of industrial design, you’ll love this spacious luxury condo in Austin, Texas by Sanders Architecture.

The show-stopper is the open concept living space where you enjoy incredible views from every vantage point.  The kitchen was very well designed so that when at most workspaces, you look out the large windows to the views. Same with the dining room and living room seating.

In addition to the usual rooms, this condo includes a spacious modern home office.

See this incredible condo here.

6. Modern Duplex in Lebanon by Askdeco Interior Design

Modern high-end duplex apartment lebanon by Askdeco

This spacious modern duplex apartment in Lebanon by Askdeco Interior Design features a really cool spiral staircase between the two floors.

The design is very modern, with large open spaces, modern furniture and a variety of interesting materials used throughout.  Initially, the owner of the duplex wanted an industrial style, which I think still comes through to some extent, but that style evolved into a more refined modern look.

See this entire duplex here.

7. Tribecca Loft by Chango & Co.

Fabulous Tribeca Loft by Chango Co.

Tribeca is a very trendy neighborhood in New York City.  People are buying up loft spaces and investing millions of dollars into renovations.  This is one such example.  The design is by renowned interior designer Chango & Co.

The design is uniform throughout with dark wood flooring extensive white walls contrasted with charcoal gray furniture.  This is not the first time Chango & Co. implemented the white and charcoal gray contrast extensively.

For Tribeca, this loft is sizable and luxurious.  You definitely have to see more.

See the entire apartment loft here.

8. The Queen Alix by Maître Carré

Luxury apartment by Maître Carré

Here’s an apartment with open concept living in Montreal built by Maître Carré.  As you can see, the rooftop units enjoy a rooftop yard and deck, which is really cool.  The kitchen color scheme varies from white to dark.

See the apartment designs here.

9. Spacous Apartment with Plenty of Sitting Areas

Living room with lots of couches and chairs in apartment designed by by Wael Farran Studio

What caught my eye about this high-end apartment is all the sitting areas in the open space concept.  It’s a real party environment that can comfortably seat plenty of people.  Take a look – it’s like 3 living rooms in one.  This was designed by by Wael Farran Studio.

You can see this entire apartment here.




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