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Among the main qualities of this apartment, it’s possible to recognize that its double ceiling height is one of the most interesting. This project was developed for a couple and their son, seeing a future perspective of a son’s apartment. So, the master bedroom was designed for the son, using dark wood, a little bit of color (blue and green), and leather details. At the closet, the idea was to create a solution which the client could use without the sensation of a small space. So, the open wardrobe system was an interesting solution in this case.

There are two more bedrooms, one for the couple, where we find neutral colors, such as white and light wood, and a visit’s bedroom, where we can see a grey wood combining with camel leather details.
In the living, which is well integrated into the dining room a kitchen, there is one main furniture piece, the sofa. Its color was chosen to contrast to the rest of the composition. We find a beautiful marble panel contrasting to the off-white panel behind.

The furniture pieces were carefully chosen. In the dining room, there is a beautiful table design by Doimo along with the same designer chairs. Behind the table there is an amazing contemporary cupboard, using glass and an industrial system (Cinex).

Another interesting industrial material was used in this project, the entrance panel. This is made of aluminum and developed by Cinex. In the kitchen, we have grey color contrasting to wood details and marble mesmerising panels.