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RBI Apartment by Coletivo Arquitetos

Cesar and Daniela Coppola from Coletivo Architects have recently delivered an apartment renovation for a young entrepreneur in the city of São Paulo.

Two parallel white planes, that break the boundary between the interior and exterior space, were the starting point for the reorganization of this residence.

The space includes the living room and delimits the wooden ceiling that runs along the main axis of the apartment. The ceiling design was created to solve an interference of the existing structure and to increase the height of the ceiling.

The ceiling, the wine cellar and the floating wooden bench that frames the layout of the living room, all take advantage of the interferences of the structure.

As a counterpoint to the main room, the dining room and the home theatre, essentially white and with a lower ceiling height, appear as subtractions when opening the sliding doors.

Reflective materials such as polished stainless steel and mirrors were used in the new washroom.

The kitchen was enlarged to meet the demand of the new resident, as well as to make room for a silverware and linen room.

The central part of the apartment was covered by white slats of wood in different widths, and extends into an intimate area where a space for the family has been created.

In the reconfiguration of the intimate space, the couple’s primary bedroom was prioritized, where a bathroom was integrated into the dressing space. A central Calacata marble countertop and hanging mirrors separate the rooms which are covered with oak wood. Milky glass was used in the showers to allow for natural light to enter the space.

The lighting was designed to emphasize the project as well as bring to life the artworks displayed throughout the apartment.

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Project Data

  • Location: São Paulo | Brazil
  • Architect: Coletivo Arquitetos
  • Area: 416 m2 | 4478 sq. ft
  • Client: withheld
  • Light Designer: Studio Iluz
  • Carpentry: Plancus
  • Architects: Cesar Coppola and Daniela Coppola
  • Team: Ana Maria Florio, Eliane Sanzone
  • Photo credits: Ruy Teixeira
  • Press distribution: V2com


About Coletivo Arquitetos

Cesar Coppola and Daniela Coppola started their own architectural firm in 2000, shortly after graduating in Architecture and Urbanism at Mackenzie Presbyterian University in São Paulo. Hungry for knowledge and seeking professional development, Cesar went to Europe to study contemporary architecture, while Daniela did graduate from the Fundação Armando Alvarez Penteado.

In 2004 they joined a group of architects, classmates and teachers to develop a project for a chain of stores with Bernardes + Jacobsen Architecture, starting a solid partnership that would last a decade.

In 2005, they founded Coletivo Architects, a firm focused on partnership and collaboration in pursuit of excellence in architecture. The work of Coletivo Architects is defined by a creative approach grounded in art and good living, technical and practical rigour in design, meticulous attention to detail and close supervision of the entire process.

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