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Not everyone can acquire the services of Interior Designing Hall of Fame inductees Calvin Tsao and Zack McKown. Tsao and McKown Architects won’t design just any house; they have specifically stated that they would rather design a home than anything else. The difference between a house and a home is quite simple. Anyone can live […]

Have you been to any places somewhere in Asia? Perhaps many of you are from there or have taken a vacation for quite some time in China, Japan or Korea. Don’t you know that many have been fascinated with the uniqueness and the coolness of Asian designs? Some of which have been incorporated with so […]

Based in Alberta, Canada, home designer Deana Lewis has been stunning everyone with her amazing and timeless designs. The house you see in this article is another example of how amazing she is at what she does. Let’s start off by comparing contemporary design with modern design. Well for starters, modern designs have more stark […]

Contemporary design is recognized in its own distinct difference, though it may have been characterized closely with other influences like modern and traditional designs. It stands out on its own uniqueness through delivering those influences into aesthetically altered designs like minimizing broad and crooked lines and forms into simpler and plane surface. These are key […]

Architects and designers are quite challenged when it comes to working with a yacht since this offers them strict constraints when it comes to the overall vessel buoyancy. Hence, their vision should not just be left alone with structure, innovative design, presentation and comfort, which clients have required. Together with the latest technology, carbon fiber […]

Welcome to our feature apartment interior design by egue & seta. Living in an apartment could be dreary, so to speak. Pressing yourself into a tight room, sharing space with your belongings and of course, family members. Having this situation could initially give you stress and could be a potential source of disaster. Not literally […]

Welcome to our home feature designed by the Design Office of Deana Lewis Inc. Are you a family of five or more, living with in-laws or a few relatives? Would you agree that space problems are your concern at home as well? Well, worry no more as we have discovered a perfect place to accommodate each […]

Welcome to a fabulous apartment redesign by Daniele Petteno, founder and CEO of DPAW, an award-winning architect. The unit is in an older building but as you can see the apartment interior design is contemporary throughout.  The aim was to create a spacious feel in a small space with contemporary flare throughout.  Size and space was […]

A century old structure turns into an explicitly magnificent overhauled dwelling in Barcelona’s Eixample District. With all the interior arrangements redeveloped, a more functional and ornate form was crafted – better than its original structure. The old construction of the house is still preserved though. The chamfered façade has put this into one of the […]

The lot for this modern home is 10,000 square feet. It’s a gorgeous lot rich with trees in an exclusive gated community. It’s a small estate and as you’ll see in the gallery below is beautiful both inside and out. We particularly love the extensive outdoor decks. This modern home has 4 bedrooms. One bedroom […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring the incredible Westbourne Grove Church project by DOS Architects! This incredible apartment is located in Notting Hill, in northwest London. The clients loved the traditional Gothic architecture of the home, but their personal styles were much more in line with spacious, open rooms and light-filled spaces. The building was originally […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring the House Pollock by Metropole Architects. This home was built in the Zimbaldi golf course estate, overlooking rolling greens, water features, natural forest, and the ocean. The contemporary style showcases the simplicity of Japanese design influence. The clients were seeking a thoroughly modern, 21st century design that would be inclusive of […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring the Elwood home by Robson Rak and Made by Cohen. This home boasts spectacularly inventive design ideas within its bright open plan layout. A combination of unique furniture and minimalist surroundings results in a striking interior design. While many modern home designs utilize bright white walls, not many use it so […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring the Holland Park Avenue home by DOS Architects. This bright and beautiful home interior was a labor of love for the team at DOS Architects. The project aimed to update a 4 story, 500 square meter Georgian house while retaining its original quirkiness. The renovation completely transformed the home, adding a […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring the Villa Nemes project by Giordano Hadamik Architects. This broad, open plan home design presents a variety of materials and colors that make it truly stand out. Built on the hills above Liguria, Italy, its vast windows overlook like Gulf of Imperia. This 5 bedroom home is composed of two half-subterranean […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring the Malvern home by Robson Rak Architects and Interior Design. The contemporary styling of this home is balanced with a rich sense of texture. A wide variety of materials interact in every aspect of the design, lending it a timeless quality. The designers aimed for a very modern look, with an […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring the Casa G project by Giordano Hadamik Architects. This apartment blends a minimalist style with an aesthetically pleasing contemporary look that is modern while also being comfortable for a family. Located in the Italian town of Adorna, this apartment uses premium fittings and fixtures as well as comfortable and classic […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring the Woodypoint beach house renovation by Baahouse+Baastudio. This home was the result of a transformational project that turned an existing three story house into an inviting tropical retreat. The designers extended, enlarged, detailed, and enhanced the Brisbane, Australia property in every way possible. The original home lacked decking, shade, and real […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring the Modern Cottage in Carpathians by ARS-IDEA Interior and Architectural Design. This luxuriously appointed cottage is awash in rich natural wood and handsome furniture choices. The style pivots between rustic comfort and modern flair for a unique visual experience. Designed by Arsen Kostyshyn and Catherine Lutsyuk, along with architect Oles Tselyuh, the […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring the “Luxury Cottage” project by ARS-IDEA Interior and Architectural Design. Located in Skhidnytsia, Ukraine, this mountain cottage was designed for comfort and relaxation. The striking looks serve to reinforce this sense of homey feeling with rich natural wood elements throughout. Designed by Arsen Kostyshyn, Catherine Lutsyuk, with architect Ole Tselyuh, […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring the Lubelso-Camberwell Custom Home by Canny. This expansive open plan home conjures loads of style out of the most simple of elements. With a simple color palette and unfussy design sense, it manages to feel luxurious with a minimalist touch. Seeing the home from the outside street view, pictured above, it appears […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring the Oxford Lane home by Miller+Miller Real Estate. This outstanding home design is a custom built estate built just outside of Chicago. The luxurious trappings of its design have been tempered with a warm, approachable style. Speaking of approach, we enter the residence via circular brick driveway and a mahogany arched […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring the uniquely styled SV House by A-Cero. This modern design home is one of the most distinctively shaped and laid out houses we’ve ever seen. From the geometric exterior to the startlingly open interior, it’s a fascinating experience with a lot of personality. The SV House, located in Sevilla, Spain, […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring the Provencal by ARS-IDEA Interior and Architectural Design. This uniquely textured, bright and open home interior design focuses on intimate detail and a sense of flow. The open heart of the home is wrapped in a bright, light green color scheme and comfortable furnishings. The design team approached this home with the […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring one of the most unique places on earth, Coober Pedy, Australia. What began a century ago as the largest opal mining operation on earth has evolved into a subterranean community. The massive underground structure beats the scorching outback heat with a series of interlocking spaces, all beneath the surface of the earth. […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring the Moonlight Villa by ARS-IDEA Interior and Architectural Design. This sublime home interior design features an abundance of natural wood and sleek glass elements. The unique material combination allows for a surprising take on efficient modern design. The expert design team at ARS-IDEA brings over 10 years and 150 projects worth […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring the Oasis home by ARS-IDEA Interior and Architectural Design. The coherent design of this home is striking in both its material and textural variety. The designers met and exceeded the challenge of making an open plan space feel varied and interesting. In this startlingly modern interior, the high contrast mixture of […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring the immaculate 50 Shades of Grey home by ARS-IDEA Interior and Architectural Design. This uniquely modern, undeniably striking interior design is an utterly immersive experience from end to end. The combination of glossy surfaces, coherent colors, and contemporary convenience equals a truly standout home. This incredibly cohesive interior design plan was […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring the intriguing Saugatuck residence by Karen Garlanger Designs. This creative, contemporary home interior folds a variety of tones and textures into a cohesive space. The look is contemporary, yet suffused with traditional materials for a timeless look. The first thing visitors notice might be the expansive, open floor plan that […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring the handsomely appointed Coloma Cottage by Karen Garlanger Designs. This rich home interior design features many of the hallmarks of cottage style design, with a unique twist. The entire look of the home is one that’s as contemporary and sleek as it is nostalgic. Sprawling beneath a high vaulted ceiling, […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring the stunning Natalie Court home with landscaping by C.O.S. Designs. This intricately crafted home comes part and parcel with its integrated landscape construction. The design offers a flexible space that bridges the gap between indoors and out. The aim was to create a luxurious resort experience for the homeowners, right in […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring the incredibly innovative Balaclava Road house designed by David McCallum of DDB Design with landscaping by  C.O.S. Designs. This striking home design features a dynamic sense of indoors and out, with a surprising floor plan. The mixture of contemporary style and traditional elements has resulted in a truly unique home design. […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring the immaculate, modern Three Trees House, designed by DADA Partners. This intricately plotted contemporary creation is wrapped in glass and integrated with a pool and patio. The construction, mixing natural materials and cutting edge design, has resulted in a truly unique home. This house was built on a verdant landscape […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring the immaculate Casa di Juhana home, designed by Maurizio Giovannoni. This uniquely styled apartment is a cozy little penthouse situated in Turku, in southern Finland. The Scandinavian design ethos is all over this spectacular interior, combining minimalism and high function into a style of its own. The cozy floor plan, […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring the stunning Prismatic Blue home by Brain Factory. This striking, colorful space fills the interior of a cozy apartment located in Rome, Italy. The decisive owners favored the development of an open plan space awash in a deep blue tone, and the results bear this out. Set over a mere […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring the startling Casa di Rosario by Maurizio Giovannoni. This brightly colorful project sits in the heart of Rome, Italy, and enjoys the informal title of “True Soul of a Lawyer.” Its single man owner wanted a space full of relaxing contrast, compared to his overtly formal profession, where he could […]