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35 Mansion Foyer Designs (Photos)

Luxury white foyer with a tall ceiling, candelabra chandelier, a fireplace, a central table, seating areas, and gilded accessories.

Consider the entrance hall and foyer is your chance to deeply inspire visitors. Regardless of whether guests are invited into a taking off space delegated with a shimmering light fixture, or a comfortable hall with warm wood floors and a bundle of blossoms, the gateway establishes the pace for the remainder of your home.

This brief spot is the ideal spot to exhibit a smooth support table and articulation reflect, a striking artwork or design, or an elaborately tiled floor with a lively shading palette. Use this noticeable passageway space to include exquisite stylistic layout subtleties that will assist with raising the general mood of your home.

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Upon entry of the mansion, warmth and homey quality welcomes you with this charming foyer. It has a high ceiling with a view of the indoor balcony adorned with a decorative chandelier.

A further view of the foyer shows its large size from its tall ceiling to the floor space dedicated to it adorned with a colorful patterned area rug.

A view of the foyer shows its large size from its tall ceiling with a stunning chandelier and a large hall with tiles flooring.

The foyer and main hall of this gorgeous home feature its own glass-enclosed elevator wrapped around by the staircase with wooden steps.


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The house has a lot of open areas that can serve as one big foyer with an unobstructed view of the beachfront on the far end. There are wide marble walkways and gorgeous indoor landscaping.

This foyer features gorgeous carpet flooring and attractive walls with wall decors. It also has an impressive chandelier.

A view of the foyer from near the distressed, rustic bench at the white wrought iron table across the foyer. A mosaic tile border on the walls is a unique touch that adds Old World flavor to the stunning entrance.

Here’s the large hallway in this mansion that leads to other parts of the home. The wall art is definitely interesting with its texture, grey, black, white and gold.

You enter the home in a truly grand white foyer with dome skylight and two winding staircases with wrought iron railings.

Here’s a look into the grand foyer, wrapped in elegant details and giving an expansive look into the home.

The room is wrapped by the elegant white staircase and is populated with this simple love seat and metal table combination, offering a great example of the spare sophistication of the home.

The foyer of the house is located on the second floor. Large windows and massive front doors lend to the open-concept design of the second level and feature a mix of dark wood and the pale oak used throughout the rest of the design.

The entryway sees a beautiful chromed console and a sculpture by international artist, granting the space a heightened yet well-grounded feel.

This foyer features an elegant curving staircase with a stunning chandelier that hangs over the marble tiled flooring.

This foyer features natural hardwood flooring, wooden door, drum table lamp, and gorgeous candle chandelier.

This foyer has a natural hardwood flooring, dark wooden furniture and a beamed ceiling mounted with a gorgeous chandelier.

The foyer features a living space with a cozy couch and a round glass table on the rug and a fireplace.

This foyer has a carved console table topped by a brass lampshade and a living room that’s framed with open archways.

This fancy foyer is filled with a round circular table in the middle, luxurious chandelier and flower pedestals sitting against the bifurcated staircase.

This foyer has a dim hardwood flooring differentiated by a beige zone carpet flanked by a padded seat on one side and a wooden comfort table on the other.

The dark wooden main door of this home has exquisite glass boards on its sides or more to enlarge the transom window of the tall roof expecting to light up the anteroom with normal lighting.

This lobby has a curved staircase with dull wooden strides to coordinate the dim hardwood flooring just as the created iron railings that differentiate the splendid beige dividers.

This is the foyer of the house with a tall roof that diverges from the surrounding beige dividers and has a padded seat for a waiting guest.

This foyer features a dazzling chandelier that has charming terracotta flooring tiles. This also features a high vaulted ceiling.

The marble floor of the foyer has a beige and white checkered design that fits quite well with the groin-arched ceiling and arched entryways lining the sides.

This entryway has a billiard table lightens by elegant drum lights and the wood staircase with a gorgeous carpet runner.

This central hall features wooden flooring with carpet and a cozy couch on the side. It also has a wooden cabinet that matches the wooden walls.

This elegant foyer has a simple and homey quality to its wooden elements augmented by the elegant wallpaper and the chandelier hanging from the ceiling.


This is the hall of the main level with a decorative table made of elephant tusks placed by the artistic panel of the beige wall.

The home’s hall boasts hardwood floors, wooden railings, and a gorgeous staircase. This hall also has a black organ in the middle.

This is the foyer of the house a huge space for the flight of stairs on its correct side with walls of rock, columns of windows and fashioned iron railings.

This is the foyer of the mansion that has is opposite the enormous staircase with dim wooden balustrades and fashioned iron railings that contrast the white tiles of the floor.

This foyer features an elaborate staircase dressed in a patterned carpet and light hardwood flooring and a winding staircase illuminated by a candle chandelier.

The foyer has a wooden french entryway and a candle crystal chandelier hanging over the brightening flooring.

This elegant entry foyer features a checkered tile floor, white walls, round table in the middle and white ceiling.

This lobby with dim hardwood deck to coordinate the means of the steps. These are then differentiated by the white walls and roof that hangs a pendant light over the sitting area.