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25 Mansion Home Office Designs (Photos)

Luxury home office with coffered ceiling, windows, and a fireplace.

A committed workspace in your home encourages you to put aside family unit interruptions and spotlight on work. Here, we’ve accumulated 15 mansion home office thoughts that will rouse you to structure a work-accommodating space in your own home.

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The charming den and home office of the mansion has an antique wooden desk paired with beautiful chairs. Beside this is a leather couch facing the large fireplace that is adorned with an elegant wall-mounted mirror above it.

The elegant home office has lovely crown molding, paneling, and built-in desks. A matching curved desk extends from the back wall into the center of the room.

This charming office home features a wooden table and chair on the rug. It also has a fireplace and a door that leads to the primary bedroom.

This home office has a wooden table paired with an office chair on the hardwood flooring. It also has a cozy sofa and paintings on the walls.

The charismatic home office has an antique wooden desk paired with beautiful chairs. It also has a cozy couch on the rug and a black wooden bookshelf.

The home office looks out over the ocean. This home office has two workstations and a reading chair. It’s definitely minimalist in design.

The home office is a stately affair, with rich wood paneling, a deeply coffered ceiling, and a massive state desk at the center. With entries on both sides, it’s a very welcoming space.

The office, like the rest of the home, is simple with minimal extraneous features. It makes the most out of its simple and stylish features.

A home office was an important part of the design, a space rife with sleek cabinetry and shelving, centered on a large dark wood desk. The appearance of a light-toned wood offers a slight break from the prevailing style.

This home office with a high vaulted ceiling with exposed wooden beams and wooden desk paired with comfy seats.

A home office with a white ceiling mounted with a stunning chandelier and chrome desk paired with a pink office chair.

This home office features a classic wooden desk paired with a striped high chair on the rug and built-in shelves.

This home office features a wooden desk paired with a leather chair facing in the marble fireplace and comfy sofa on the side.

This home office with a wooden desk on the classic rug and wooden built-in shelves match the hardwood flooring.

An elegant home office features a dark wood desk with office chairs on the classic red rug and the fireplace matches the hardwood flooring.

The home office with a wooden desk paired with a leather chair. It also has a glass door that leads to the balcony.

The spacious home office features a built-ins and desks, and a massive window that invites natural light in.

This office with a lovely arrangement of windows getting a plenitude of regular lighting for the light designed rockers confronting a wood-top work desk.

The beige roof and office match with the dividers supplemented by a wooden structure with racks and cupboards implanted into the wall.

The dark work desk of the home office is lit up by the line of windows behind it facing a couple of gray cushioned armchairs.

This room has a couple of leather armchairs in close proximity to the large stone fireplace. It also has a classic rug lit by a stunning chandelier.

This home office with a work area and seat set, alongside a multi-utilize oval-formed table combined with modern seats on the room.

The charming home office has a classic vibe to its covering, wooden old fashioned work area and charming armchair over the designed carpet flooring.

Home office with green and white wainscoted walls, curved windows, and hardwood flooring bested with a dark flower mat.

The home office has a huge white marble work area that contrasts the light-dark walls and dim covered ground surface that matches the silver cabinets.

The home office includes a warm light crystal chandelier and a stylish smart wooden work area combined with a leather seat.

This pleasant home office has a basic wood-top work area that pairs well with the hardwood flooring enhanced with an area mat.

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