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22 Best Hall Tree Options (Different Types Explained)

A photo collage of some of the best hall tree options.

The hall tree is a great piece of foyer furniture for keeping what is often a small space with high traffic organized. It can also be an entryway feature in itself.

Many foyers and front halls don’t have a closet or a coat rack, so the next best option is a hall tree for a place to hang coats, hats, and a place to sit down if you opt for a model with a bench

Other uses include storing children’s sports and school gear and their backpacks, holding pet toys and leashes, and even in the laundry room for storing supplies and hanging drip-dry clothing.

They are also excellent decorative pieces that enhance the front hall space.

Please keep in mind that I set out the best hall trees below based on those I think are the best with respect to design, size, materials, and customer reviews. It’s a fairly subjective list to put together in that it’s really just my opinion for each type of hall tree represented.

What is a hall tree?

It’s a piece of furniture that sets again the wall in home entryways that usually contains hooks and other storage elements such as a storage bench. Its purpose is to provide a place to hang coats, hats, umbrellas, and in some cases, store shoes.

They were in use from around 1860 in a much larger size than that available today and in fact, there have been no original designs since the 1940s. 

How we put together our list

First, I broke down all the most popular types of hall trees and placed them into categories. Categories are based on features, sizes, materials, and styles.

Second, I browsed my favorite online furniture stores for what I think is the best one for each category. I gave customer feedback considerable weight, but also assessed how well it met the categorization and its overall design.

Here’s our list of the best hall trees by type.

Our list of best hall tree options for each type

1. Hall Tree with a Regular Bench (No Concealed Storage)

Wood hall tree with bench

Learn more here.

Check out our favorite hall trees with a bench here.

The above unit is a gorgeous natural wood hall tree with four hooks, solid wood back, and an open bench. It’s a simple design, but stylish enough for any home in which natural wood tones are used whether it’s wood flooring or furniture.

It’s tall enough (64 inches) to accommodate many coats and provides a convenient entryway bench for sitting. You can also store shoes underneath the bench.

2. No Back

Hall tree with no back and two rows of hooks

Learn more here.

Click here for our 10 favorite hall trees with no back.

The above unit has an “open back” so that you can see the wall through it. This is a great design to get if you don’t wish to conceal the wall.

This unit is also quite tall (6 feet tall even) and offers more than two rows of hooks totaling 7 sturdy hooks. It also has a bench seat. The industrial style ensures it will look good in either a traditional or minimalist home.

3. Hall Tree Locker

A simple hall tree locker blended in a white wall.

See our 10 favorite locker-style hall trees here.

This is a stylish, upscale entryway organizer that has two lockers in the same unit. They are separated by a divider. There are two double coat hooks in each locker, which can be used to hang jackets, backpacks, and clean clothes.

Above the main section, there are two cubbies and below the main section, there’s a pull-out drawer. The cubbies can be used to store hats, gloves, and other items. The drawer is reserved for towels and other items.

This is an open locker, which is convenient to use. You can easily hang your clothing and go outside to the field. When you return, your clothes will be waiting for you.

This locker is made of high-quality composite wood laminate. Some assembly is required. You can place several of these units next to each other to accommodate large groups. It’s ideal for gyms and country clubs.

4. White Hall Tree with Storage Bench

A white hall tree with storage bench isolated in a white background.

Check out our 10 favorite white hall trees.

Most hall trees are wood colored, but in some cases, you may want a solid white model. The above is a great example.

If you want to add some form of locker concept for extra storage, to a more formal entryway, the above option is good. It has an elevated design yet really functions in a way that’s similar to a more traditional locker style.

In fact, this model offers 4 hooks and a solid storage bench. This butts up against a wall perfectly and would be a great addition to any mudroom or even foyer.

5. Hall Tree with a Mirror

Dark wood hall tree with full-length wide mirror.

Learn more here 

Check out and see our 10 favorite hall trees with mirrors.

The above is one of my favorite hall tree options with a large mirror. I like how it’s really wide so that there’s a side with coat hooks available to hang outdoor attire and then a side with a dedicated full-length mirror. The unit includes a bench with storage as well.

6. Hall Tree with a Chair

A wooden vintage hall tree with a chair

Click here for our 10 favorite hall trees with a chair.

While I prefer a plain bench, I can see the appeal of a hall tree with a more comfortable chair. The model above is an excellent example with a cushioned armchair built into the unit. Standing at 65 inches, it’s tall enough for longer coats.

Notice how the coat hooks are on the side so that coats don’t drape down the back of the chair area. The downside is there really isn’t a lot of space for coats… this piece of hall furniture is more about the comfy seat than it is about the storage.

7. Hall Tree with Shoe Storage

A simple living room with a hall tree with shoe storage.

Click here and see our favorite 10 hall trees with shoe storage.

The hall tree above is an example with built-in shoe storage underneath the bench. This is a very handy feature if your front hall gets cluttered with shoes showered all over the place (like ours). Other than the shoe storage, this unit, measuring 70 inches in height offers standard features such as a bench seat and coat hooks.

8. Hall Tree with Drawers

Shutter Locker Storage

Learn more here (Amazon)

See our 10 favorite hall trees with drawers here.

This model offers a series of three drawers below the bench. There’s a hook in each locker and a cubby for each one. There’s also a shelf above the main storage area that is shared among the users.

You can hang jackets or scarves, store hats, and hide valuables. There’s enough storage space for backpacks and bats and the design is simple enough to suit all décor styles.

Hall tree with full-width drawers below the bench

Learn more here.

The above unit has full-width drawers below the sitting bench.

9. Narrow

Bush Furniture Salinas Hall Tree with Storage Bench, Cape Cod Gray

Learn more here (Amazon)

Check out our 10 top favorite narrow hall trees.

This hall tree has a casual design that suits compact spaces, while still supplying lots of space for all the things you want to store in your entryway. 

There are three double-prong coat hooks and you can sit on the bench while changing your shoes. There are four color options for the finish.

10. Large (Tall and Wide)

Large (tall and wide) hall tree

Learn more here.

See our 10 favorite large hall trees here.

This unit is above-average in height and width coming in at 75 inches tall and 42 inches wide. Surprisingly it only has 3 hooks, but they are large, sturdy hooks that could accommodate multiple garments. Suitable for large entryways with high ceilings, this hall tree adds a touch of class to any home.

11. Short

A short hall tree with bags and clothes being hanged.

Click here to see our favorite short hall trees.

The above example is the shortest hall tree because the height can be adjusted considerably. This is a great option if you cannot accommodate a regular-height hall tree. These are great to put underneath stairs and use up the redundant space and you can still use them as a shoe bench seat.

12. Corner Design

A nice colored corner hall tree.

Click and see our ten favorite corner hall trees here.

Above is a unique hall tree design in that it’s a corner unit that fits into corners. A corner hall tree is a versatile option if you don’t have sufficient flat wall space but there’s a corner where it will fit. Because it’s a corner unit, it offers deeper than-average storage options so hang your scarf, hat, coat, and bag and still have room underneath.

13. Rustic

Rustic hall tree with storage bench

Check out our ten favorite rustic hall trees here.

For the country, rustic, or farmhouse interior design, the above is a great hall tree design. It’s simple yet the vertical plank look gives it the country look. It’s a great option for adding hooks, a bench, and some storage to any mudroom or hallway.

Learn more here.

14. Antique

An antique hall tree with mirror isolated in a white background.

=> Click here to see our 10 favorite antique hall trees.

The above is an intricately designed antique-style hall tree that would look great in many restored 19th-century, Victorian-style, homes but also would look great in the home of someone with an eclectic style. I love mixing and matching different styles.

15. Distressed

A white coated distressed hall tree isolated in a white background.

Learn more here.

Check out our 10 favorite distressed hall trees here.

If you like the distressed look and don’t want to do it yourself, the above model is a great example of a stylish distressed hall tree with a storage bench. I think it’s really well done with the distressed green and natural wood. It’s definitely one of my favorite store-bought distressed models.

16. Metal

There are two kinds of metal hall trees. One is fully metal. The other is a mix of metal and wood. We showcase one of each below.

Click here to see our favorite metal hall trees.

Fully metal

Learn more here.

This first metal hall tree is all metal except for the bench cushion. These would look perfect in a loft conversion or other industrial-style dwelling.

Metal and wood hall tree.

Learn more here.

Another hall tree with an industrial feel with an added touch of rustic. The above hall tree has a metal frame and incorporates some wood into the design. The wood softens the design making it suitable for any number of spaces.

17. Hall Tree Made From Old Door

Chances are you won’t find a hall tree made from an old door in a traditional furniture store. Etsy occasionally has them available. Otherwise, you’re left to your own devices. Here’s a video showing you how to make your own hall tree from an old door.

18. Pallet Hall Tree

Like hall trees from an old door, if you want a hall tree made from old pallets, you can check Etsy or you need to build it yourself.

Here’s an option available at

Pallet hall tree

Learn more here.

Here’s a great video stepping you through building a pallet hall tree:

19. Cheap Hall Tree (Under $100)

Cheap hall tree

Learn more here.

=> Check out our ten favorite inexpensive hall trees here.

If you’re on a tight budget, you can actually buy a hall tree for under $100. Here’s an example. Please keep in mind prices do change but at the time this was published, this unit was well below $100.

If you’re willing to spend a little more, you can get a much nicer design. Here’s a unit under $200.

Inexpensive hall tree under $200

Learn more here.

20. Kids Hall Tree

Kids hall tree for storing coats and shoes

Learn more here.

=> Click and see our ten favorite kids’ hall trees here.

Above is a great hall tree for kids in a less formal entryway. Be sure to check out our massive mudroom locker article for more hall tree and locker ideas for kids.

21. DIY Hall Tree

There are many YouTube videos showing you how to build a great hall tree. Here’s one of my favorites:

22. Tripod Hall Tree

Tripod hall tree example

Source: Wayfair

The tripod or three-legged hall tree is a smaller design typically and is ideal as a showpiece or a corner piece as a hall tree in foyers, halls, or pretty much any room of the house.

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