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50 Mansion Dining Room Designs (Photos)

Luxury dining room with ornate ceiling, a chandelier and wall sconces, large windows, and full-height draperies.

The dining room is placed your loved ones meet up to share supper and make recollections. The basic rules of design can help you accomplish this along with examples of various design approaches to help you realize your dream dining room.

One way to approach to structuring a dining area is, to begin with, architectural features and build on them. Period style furniture and different decorations would then be able to be layered into the room plan.

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The beautiful dining room has a large wooden rectangular dining table topped with a charming chandelier that hangs from one of the exposed wooden log beams of the ceiling.

The dining area has a circular dining table surrounded by beige leather chairs under a tall wooden shed ceiling that ends with skylights and steel beams on the far side.

The formal dining room has a unique large rectangular dining table that has a surface made of both wood and glass topped with a set of modern chandeliers hanging from the wooden ceiling.

The formal dining room of the house has a simple quality to its large textured wall that makes the long rectangular dark brown wooden table stand out.

The walls of the dining room are brown wooden that matches well with the rectangular dining table as well as the dining room cabinet on the wall.

This dining room has a circular table with chairs lightens by a gorgeous chandelier hanging in the high vaulted ceiling. It also has a glass sliding door leading to the balcony.

This dining space area features a classy table set lightens by a stunning chandelier. It also has gorgeous paintings on the wall.

This dining room has a wooden rectangular table and wooden chair on the stylish carpet. It also has a large painting on the wall.

This dining room has a white ceiling that matches with the white walls. These walls are accented with golden details in a checkered pattern.

This dining room features a long contemporary dining table for 10 people in the renovated dining room.

A dining room fit for royalty that is absolutely huge, but also stylish in a modern glam style. The custom black and white floor matches the dark gray walls and white ceiling.

The dining area, within the same large open room, features a rich natural wood table and sleek white chairs, contrasting with the marble flooring.

The dining area is defined by a lengthy natural wood table with a black metal frame, surrounded by a muted rainbow of minimalist chairs.

The luxurious formal dining room, with its intricate flooring that mixes carpet and hardwood. The ornate furniture and carved wood credenza maintain a luxurious atmosphere.

The colors in this home alternate from black and white while letting some pieces contrast with the area and others blend. This gives the modern style a varied and interesting dynamic.

The home features a massive formal dining room, fitting for its Southern heritage. The walls in this space are uniquely wrapped in large scale mural style painting, rather than single color paint or wallpaper, which adds a hearty dose of personality and style.

The long dining table in the kitchen offers a great view of the backyard and a perfect place to guests to sit, relax, and watch the preparations while entertaining.

The dining room centers a large all-wood rustic styled table over a patterned area rug, surrounded by sleekly modern white chairs.

This dining space allows you to enjoy the evening air while still remaining in a comfortable interior setting. A large sliding curtain can be pulled out of the wall to create a barrier for this dining room.

The dining room features subtle texturing on the walls and ceiling, with a unique chandelier hanging over the massive purple-rimmed table. A set of a nail head trim Parson chairs wraps the table over a floral print rug for high contrast.

This dining area features a marble top dining table with cozy seats. It also has a glass linear chandelier and a high vaulted ceiling with lights.

This dining area has a rectangular dining table with a comfy chair on the hardwood flooring. It also has a gorgeous chandelier and a door that leads to the balcony.

This dining room has a round dining table with gray chairs on the stylish rug. It also has hardwood flooring and candle chandelier.

The breakfast nook offers a round dining table with a cozy chair. It also has a stunning chandelier and hardwood flooring.

This formal dining room features dark wooden dining set lit by a stunning chandelier and it also had a fireplace and landscape painting on top.

This dining room features a wooden dining set brightens by gorgeous candle chandelier and a hardwood flooring.

This dining room has a cozy dining set and chairs match the flooring. It also has a high vaulted ceiling with exposed wooden beams and antique vases.

The dining area has a circular wooden dining table set and chairs on the carpet flooring and vaulted ceiling.

The formal dining area features a dark wood dining set lit by a crystal drum chandelier. This room also has wooden storage.

This formal dining room has huge windows and a wooden dining table set lit by a stunning chandelier.

This formal dining room features the round dining set on the rug lit by can stunning candle chandelier.

This dining area with a small round dining table with a cozy seat on the dark hardwood flooring.

This elegant dining room offers a wooden dining table set brightens by stunning candle chandelier and it also has a fireplace.

This formal dining room dressed up with elegant candle chandelier and classic tapestry. The dining table set is on the rug.

This dining area features a dark dining table set that perfectly matches the brown leather seats.

The dining room is equipped with a charming dark wood cabinet and a rectangular dining table with leather seats on the rug.

This dining area features wooden table elegant upholstered chairs that have wooden legs to match the flooring.

The dining area has a wooden table and chairs on the rug and lit by a brilliant candle chandelier.

A formal dining room highlighting a dark wooden table set on the carpet. It also has wooden furniture and impressive chandeliers.

This dining area has a huge glass-top dining table encompassed by light beige padded seats to match with the light tone of the walls and coffered roof.