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4-Bedroom Traditional-Style 2-Story Home (Floor Plan)

This is a charming two-story Traditional-style home with textured exterior beige walls to pair with its earthy roofs. The house is bordered with low stone walls that match the exteriors complemented by the colorful flowering shrubs of the gorgeous landscaping.


  • Sq. Ft.: 6,465
  • Bedrooms: 4
  • Bathrooms: 4.5+ – 5.5
  • Garage: 3

Welcome to photos and footprint for a 4-bedroom two-story Traditional-style home. Here’s the floor plan:

This is the detailed main level floor plan of this Traditional-style home. You can see here that there are several rooms surrounding the great room that aims to maximize the floor space with functionality.

Main Level Floor Plan


This is the second level floor plan that has a smaller floor space as the main level. The space of the second level is mainly dedicated to bedrooms.

Second Level Floor Plan

This Charming two-story Traditional-style home has slight influences of French in its aesthetic. It has an almost rustic textured beige exterior walls made of bricks that go perfectly with the surrounding low wall. These are then complemented by the colorful contribution of the lovely landscaping surrounding the house with flowering shrubs and medium-sized trees with various potted plants.

The main level floor plan of this home showcases a dedication to functionality with its multiple different rooms that maximize the floor space of the main level. It starts with a foyer, that has access to the different sections of the house that has an almost maze-like look. And then it ends with a charming covered patio in the back.

The second level floor plan shows the smaller space of the second level of the house. Most of this home is dedicated to the bedrooms and bathrooms. The rest of it are open spaces that allows for an overlooking view of the lower level through indoor balconies.

The best part of this charming home is the beautiful covered patio at the back of the house. This area has a clear view of the beautiful landscaping of the backyard filled with flowers. The covered patio also has an outdoor dining area and a sitting area that are warmed by a fireplace in the middle.

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