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The Best Dining Table Brands (We Asked the Experts!)

Beautiful dining room set up with wood table and chairs

Choosing the Perfect Dining Table 

I don’t know about you, but meal time has always been a very important time of the day in my life. I was raised in a household that had dinner together every night. I remember on special occasions it was always my responsibility to get the extra slats out of the closet to extend the dining room table to accommodate extra guests. 

Sharing meals is truly one of the greatest things that we humans can do together, and having a proper dining table is a great way to facilitate that! Now that I live in a one bedroom apartment, my dining room table often sits empty, but I am so happy when I have the opportunity to fill it with loved ones. 

If you’ve been on the hunt for a new dining table to host fondue parties, games nights, or romantic meals for two, you have come to the right place. We’ve had the opportunity to get some quality recommendations from expert interior designers from all over the world who have plenty of experience choosing the perfect dining room table for all sorts of different folks. 

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How to Pick the Perfect Table 

Though every human is entirely special and unique, the one thing that we all share in common is the love and necessity of eating. Meal time can be made very special if you give yourself the perfect space to have a solo meal or to share a meal. 

There are so many different styles, shapes, colors, materials, and sizes of dining room tables out there, so it can quickly get overwhelming trying to decide which one will work best in your living space. Here are some helpful questions that you can ask yourself to help you decide!

Gorgeous sunny home with lovely dining table set

How much space do you have?

This is the most important factor when deciding what type of dining table to get. Say you live in a studio apartment in NYC that’s 300 square feet, chances are that a 6 person hardwood table won’t really be appropriate for that type of space.

Smaller spaces are cozy, and so they deserve cozy furniture! Choosing a high top, smaller table is a great way to make places seem bigger while still having a table to sit at. If space isn’t an issue for you, then you can start to get a little bit more creative about shapes and styles.

Round tables are awesome for hosting dinners to games nights, longer tables make for a great formal style meal time, or maybe a table that has removable slats is more your style. Whatever type of living space you have, there is a table out there for you. 

How many people can you host? 

Now we all would like to invite all of our friends over whenever we host a dinner party, but I simply don’t have enough space to accommodate that many folks! Just because you have the space to host everyone you know, doesn’t mean you have the means.

For example, I like to host noodle lunches at my place on Sundays. Though my table is big enough to host 10 people, I actually only have enough cutlery and dishware to host 6. I can always make do, but sometimes I wish I hadn’t gotten a table that was so big! 

Decide the maximum amount of people you could have over for an evening, and then go from there! That way the size of your dining room table is appropriate for the amount of people you should host.

Who will be sitting at the table?

Now depending on who will regularly be sitting at the table may also determine the material that it is made from. Lots of dining room tables are made from hardwood, but hardwood does tend to show regular wear and tear.

If you have young family members who are prone to spilling, banging their cutlery around, or other tomfoolery, then you may want to consider alternative materials so that the table continues to look brand new for years to come.

The Best Dining Table Brands (According to Budget) 

Everybody is working with a different budget, and that’s the way it should be! When I’m picking out a new furniture item, the first thing I consider is price before anything else, but every once in a while I’ll splurge if the piece is one of a kind and I can’t resist. 

Everyone deserves to find their perfect dinging room table, and so we’ve organized the following section according to different budgets. This way you can use certain sections as inspiration, and others for realistic browsing options. 

The information in the following section has all been provided by those wonderful interior designers that I mentioned earlier. If you’re curious about them or their services, head on over to The Best Sectional Sofa Brands where we introduce each of them thoroughly!

The Best Low Budget Dining Table Brands 


Gorgeous light room with dining table made by Castlery

Samuel Grout is an amazing interior designer who works for Bocote Design. We’ve been working with Samuel for a little while now, and I’ve never met someone who speaks so eloquently about furniture. He knows to judge a furniture piece, and he most certainly knows how to sell one to you.

In this case, Samuel has recommended the furniture brand Castlery when it comes to purchasing a low budget dining room table. Castlery does all things cozy and practical. They’ve got timeless designs at reasonable prices, and they’re known for having marvellous customer service to boot! Here’s what Samuel has to say about Castlery’s dining room tables: 

“For those searching for a practical dining table that doesn’t break the bank, you need not look beyond Castlery’s collection. They offer some differing designs with many finish variations and styles. Whether it be circular, oval, rectangular, or something in between, they have got it covered.

We especially enjoy their use of marble for top surfaces, something that is relatively uncommon in the marketplace. While the forms of some of their tables will seem awfully similar, we would invite you to look a bit closer.

Take the “Vincent” table for instance; at first glance the tapered and angled legs can seem over played. If you were to take another look, you’d see that the actual profile of the legs, an oblong oval shape, is awfully unique and complements the subtle curves seen on the top surface very well. Their connection point to the top surface seems to end short of any supporting frame- very interesting. And starting at around $600 these very durable designs are sure to add character to you space.”


Modern and stylish white dining table made by Modway

Ahmet Can Ozkara is a fantastic interior designer who has a ton of experience designing furniture himself, he even has a furniture design shop where he lives! This type of experience probably inspires him to seek out more unique furniture when purchasing for clients. 

That’s why I always get excited when Ahmet recommends something to us, because he knows all about smaller companies that have super unique and well made pieces. This time he’s recommended Modway, here’s what he has to say about them: 

“Products of this brand often have a modern and luxurious look. Modway often uses stainless rose-dry metal, tempered glass and natural stone marble to make their dining tables. They have a ton of options for bigger tables where 8 people can sit comfortably. They skillfully hide the joining details, but this can make their assembly is a bit complicated and requires a lot of attention.”

Crate & Barrel 

Gorgeous round glass table made by Crate and Barrel

You’ve likely heard of Crate & Barrel, but if you’re anything like me you forget about them from time to time. What a shame that is! This is a wonderful furniture company that just does so many things right. They’re affordable, stylish, with great customer service to boot.

Andrea Zivic just gives the best furniture brands recommendations, and she has come through again with recommending Crate & Barrel to us. She’s even included her favorite model of dining table to us, which now that I have seen, I will probably never forget: 

“The choice of dining table must suit your space! In addition to the dining table, the dining chairs must also suit you and your lifestyle, so choose carefully in order to have a functional space and the possibility of communication between the rooms.

The Tate model from the Crate & Barrel collection has a fine design, wonderfully adapted to modern, Scandinavian, boho and other styles. Round tables in the interior can give a very nice look. They present a feeling of openness with their modern mix of wood and glass.”

Hometown Furniture 

Gorgeous wooden dining table set made by Hometown furniture

Okay, wow. I had never heard of Hometown furniture before now, and I’m so glad that Artur Baja has introduced us to this fantastic furniture company. If you’ve got a large family and you’re into creating a personalized dining room set up, this is the company for you.

Artur is used to working with folks who have a tighter budget but don’t want to sacrifice quality or style, and Hometown furniture does that perfectly. They sell a ton of high quality dining room sets so you get an entire dining table set up (chairs and all) at a superb price. Here’s what he has to say about Hometown: 

“Though Hometown isn’t a company that I use all the time, it is still a good choice for a minimalist style for the environment we are decorating. The dining tables in HomeTown are designed mainly from quality hardwood, but there are a ton of other options, too. They truly have something for everyone in every style.” 

McGee & Co 

Amazing wooden dining table on white background made by McGee Co

McGee & Co is a very cool company. What started out as a furniture company has become and entire lifestyle brand. McGee & Co not only has their original furniture company, but they’ve expanded into everything life and home, from home accessories, clothing and accessories and much more. They even have their own show on Netflix! 

Tina Martindelcampo gave us this recommendation. Tina is a real classy lady and her taste reflects that quality in her. She really understands how to create an elegant and timeless room, and McGee & Co can help you do that, too. Here’s some specific styles that Tina recommends: 

“I really love wood dining tables and you don’t have to search very far to find some amazing options like the tables at McGee & Co. They have so many different shapes and styles that will pair well with frankly any design style and with any dining room chair.

My favorite happens to be the Feodore Dining table which boasts a mid-level price point. It is made from solid pine and has a really organic feel to it, but also looks very refined at the same time. There is this elegant woven cane paneling on the base part of the table, which is like art itself, and then it’s paired with a simple yet solid pine wood top.

Another favorite table of mine from McGee & Co. is their Patrick Dining table, which you will find at a more high-level price point. What I love about this table is that it has this absolutely stunning fluted base that is made with solid marble along with a solid marble oval top. It’s inspired by Italian design and gives off an organic and contemporary style along with a totally elevated look. The only downside to this gorgeous marble dining table, is that there is an additional handling fee along with shipping, because of its weight, but it is worth it in my opinion.”


Bright and sunny home kitchen with wood Seno round table made by Article

Even though we’ve been introduced to a ton of new furniture brands throughout all of these furniture articles, there are a few king pin companies that get recommended pretty frequently. Article is one of those top choices for interior designers. 

Mairead Belcher is one of these interior designers who really appreciates what Article does. They are reasonably priced, they follow the trends while still staying true to classic looks that just work, and they’re popular enough that you don’t have to wait forever for an order to arrive in the mail. Article does it all. Here’s what Mairead has to say about them: 

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Article doesn’t compromise on quality! So, when it comes to finding a low-budget solid wood dining table, it is usually pretty challenging to find anything below $1000.

Article’s Seno round table is reasonably priced under $1000, and its mid-century design with slim legs is simple and clean. The piece, of course, is made of solid wood, so generally, speaking it should last way longer than a veneer dining table. Clients have said the top tends to scratch easily, so definitely something to keep in mind, but this can also add character.”

The Best Moderate Budget Dining Table Brands

Rove Concepts 

Modern white round table in show room made by Rove Concepts

Something great about writing these articles is that I get paid to basically drool over furniture. What a deal! When I was first introduced to Rove Concepts, I literally gasped. The sense of style that this brand’s designers have it just ridiculous.

When you first visit their website you may get the impression that items are unattainably priced, but you will be so so pleasantly surprised. Samuel Grout – who we mentioned in the first section – seems to be just as giddy as me over this brand, and he’s included a couple of his favorite dining tables to us:

“Rove Concepts is a go to for any type of furniture. Don’t be fooled by their Wayfair-esque website, these guys are the real deal. They have a knack for pinning furnishing and accessory trends in the modern era.  At a steadily mid-range price point, you can be sure that your design will last a lifetime as well and stay relevant stylistically throughout it.

Currently, this reviewer is lusting over their Winston dining table. First, the base is in a conical shape, which is not necessarily unique, but nonetheless is just done right. They complement this with a tapered top, which is rather distinctive. The top tapers to nearly nothing at the outer edge of the circular form, creating an optical illusion which is very tasty.

Not to mention- this top can come in a variety of materials from wood to marble. Marble is a great choice for dining table for the same reasons that granite makes a great kitchen work surface. It cleans easily and prevents things like mould. You’d also be missing out if you don’t take a look at their Athena table, which is similar though departs with a straight cylindrical tamboured base. It comes in black!”

Vig Furniture Inc.

Amazing white dining table set on orange rug made by Vig furniture

Vig Furniture is a name that you’re going to want to remember! This is a wholesale furniture brand that specializes in creating furniture with European designs at a wonderfully affordable price point. This combination of qualities is hard to beat!

Vig Furniture brand has so many different designs and styles of dining room tables on their website, meaning that any client of any background will likely find something that suits them. Ahmet Can Ozkara recommended this company to us, and this is what he had to say about them: 

“Products from Vig Furniture often have a modern and luxurious look to them. They often use stainless rose-dry metal, tempered glass and natural stone-marble. Usually 8 people can sit comfortably at their tables. They skillfully hide the joining details. Their assembly is a bit complicated and requires a lot of attention.”

West Elm 

Lovely dining room set up with wood table and black chairs made by West Elm

West Elm is just one of those go-to companies. They do it all. They do style, class, elegance, functionality, convenience, affordability, and incredible customer service. The piece you order will arrive incredibly fast, the people who deliver will also assemble it your piece, and you have 30 days to try it out to see if it fits your fancy! 

Andrea Zivic has recommended West Elm to us more than once, so it’s clear that they are a company that she trusts. And we trust her, so what else are you waiting for! She’s recommended a specific model to us, go check it out: 

“The combination of black color and wood is increasingly in demand in interiors. We love pieces of furniture that bring warmth to the space. That’s why we decided on the Campbell Plinth table by West Elm brand when it comes to the middle class.It is excellent in lighter interiors because it achieves contrast and adds an accent that gives it elegance.”

Pottery Barn 

Sunny kitchen table set up in wood with big windows made by Pottery Barn

Oh Pottery Barn, we just love you. Pottery Barn is just one of those super reliable furniture companies that you can rely on to provide you with excellent customer service and high quality pieces of furniture that are likely to be the last that you ever need to put in your living space. 

Mairead Belcher is loyal to Pottery Barn, since she’s had nothing but positive experiences with them when it comes to choosing furniture for her clients. No matter what table you choose on their website, it’s sure that the cozy level of your space will be increased! 

“Pottery Barn’s traditional Farmhouse dining table is perfect for that classic rustic farmhouse feel. This beautifully crafted solid table with clean lines and simple x-shaped support in the leg detail is an ideal centrepiece for the home dining experience.

I love using distressed wood in my designs. It brings character, and a vintage feels to the space. This piece truly needs ample dining space to be hosted in as the piece is quite large. This table works perfectly for large families and gatherings and can be paired with Pottery Barn’s bench seating.”

The Best Luxury Budget Dining Table Brands

New Collar Goods 

Incredible wooden table with stools made by New Collar Goods

Oof! Can I use the word “sexy” on here? Who cares, I’m going to. New Collar Goods is just darn sexy! These folks really understand simplicity. And sometimes the simplest of things are also the most appealing. They use incredible materials combined with incredible craftsmanship to create some amazing dining tables.

We have Samuel Grout to thank for this fantastic recommendation. If money is no object for you, make sure to keep New Collar Goods’ website bookmarked, because you gotta get something from them. Here are a couple kind words on NCG from Samuel: 

“New Collar Goods has always held a dear place in this reviewer’s heart. For an owned and operated business, their creations are astoundingly prolific. Using CNC cutting methods, the angles and subtle curves in their dining tables show a remarkable amount of accuracy and edginess.

Though they use CNC cutting, their tables are hand worked and assembled; bespoke if you will. Joinery methods, especially when they mix material (which seems to be often) are front and center, and rightfully so. As a result, these tables are all sure to last multiple lifetimes.

We especially enjoy the “Jack” and “Hudson” tables in their line of dining tables. These designs are modern and geometric, but not distractingly so. These forms are sure to compliment your space and equally lighten it. This is even more true when you realize all the different wood species and finishes that they offer.

It’s also likely that if you treat the operators nicely, they might consult you on a custom piece! Their off-the-shelf designs run a little bit pricey, as does any handmade furniture companies, but then again you really do get what you pay for with this group.”


Black marble dining table in dining room made by Tableworld

Tableworld is a really small furniture company but as you can guess from their name, these folks know tables. It’s always a smart idea to support a company that does one thing and does that one thing really well, and that is what Tableworld is all about.

Now you may not be used to using smaller companies, but a few things are guaranteed if you do. You’re surely to get a super high quality piece of furniture, and have direct contact with the folks responsible for creating it. Ahmet Can Ozkara is a big supporter of the smaller companies (which we love), and this is what Ahmet has to say about them: 

“Tables from Tableworld have surprisingly futuristic wooden designs. Tableworld uses only the best of the best for their craftsmanship and they make all of their products by hand. This dedication produces real works of art using real hardwood. They usually produce their products from oak wood which is dried for days before use so that the wood used is minimally affected by climate, which can decrease longevity for wood furniture. The wood is coated with epoxy and slightly aged to showcase its unique patterns, cracks, and imperfections.”


Gorgeous sleek and modern dining table on white background made by Poliform

You know when you can just tell when something is a fancy place simply because of the font that they use? Well, Poliform is one of those companies. But they aren’t just fancy, they are classy and absolutely oozing with style and elegance. 

Sometimes you get what you pay for, and in this case, you are going to get an absolutely gorgeous dining room table that is crafted by experts using only the best materials, incredible customer service, and this table is likely to last you for the rest of your days. Andrea Zivic has done it again with an incredible recommendation, and this is her favorite model they make: 

“Poliform is a brand that creates pieces of furniture that inspire us with their appearance. A graceful metal frame in brown nickel or champagne tones with finishes such as glass and marble make this model luxurious and unique.”


Beautiful country home with Arhaus dining table all set up

Arhaus is a luxury furniture design company that only the best of the best use. One of which, is Mairead Belcher. It must be really fun having clients with no budget in sight, meaning that you can choose the most gorgeous dining room table that you see. Arhaus can provide that. 

The particular table in question that Mairead has recommended to us is just the epitome of a farmhouse style table. It inspires coziness and nothing but good times. Arhaus combines nostalgia with quality craftsmanship, top notch materials, and impeccable customer service. Here’s wait Ms. Belcher has to say about Arhaus: 

“The Arhaus Francis dining table reminds me of the dining table in my family home, the beautiful spindle legs, a detail commonly found in traditional design but lost in contemporary. The Designer can incorporate the Francis dining table crafted with beautiful distressed reclaimed pine into the current boho design style that is very much trending.

Arhaus artisans organically make these tables, each unique in colour and texture. The variations of colour grain and texture will differ in each table, so be mindful of that when ordering.”


And there you have it! Even just writing this article and seeing photos of all of these gorgeous tables has inspired me to up my dining table game! Like I said before, meal time is truly the most important time of the day. It’s an opportunity to feed both your body, your heart, and your soul, and you deserve a table that can bear witness to such a beautiful event, over and over again. 

Thank you for reading and thank you to all of those fabulous interior designers who continue to inspire us with their impeccable taste. Hopefully you have found your dream dining room table, and we wish you the best fondue nights, co-working days, birthday party dinners, impromptu Sunday brunches, and of course just the casual every day family dinner.